Breo iNeck Air Neck Massager & Travel Pillow

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  • Inflatable travel neck pillow that doubles as a neck massager.
  • 3D nodes relieve stiffness resulting from a long-time still posture.
  • Can be deflated and compressed for compact storage and is portable.
  • Buckle to keep pillow fixed, PU handles for adjusting massage intensity, and smooth suede outer cover.
  • Cautionary instructions and not suitable for certain individuals.

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When you travel by air, train, or bus, falling asleep in your seat is no problem, but waking up at the end of the trip with a stiff neck, numb-ish lower back, or a headache almost certainly will be. There are endless pillow products out there to provide the plushy reinforcements you need to sleep better by once you’ve reached your destination. But most of them just care about your nap comfort instead of your neck muscle relief. We understand that you actually need not only a nap on the way but also a rejuvenation upon your destination. And this is why Breo iNeck Air Massage Pillow comes out.


  • iNeck Air is basically an inflatable travel neck pillow that gives your neck all-around support for comfortable napping on the seat. After fully inflated, pick Air also turns into an innovative C-shaped neck-around massager that gently massages the trapezius muscles of your neck with its 3D nodes rolling rotation to relieve the neck stiffness resulting from a long-time still posture.
  • With its deflation option, iNeck Air can be compressed to 1/2 of its original size for compact storage, which makes it so portable and convenient to travel with.
  • The buckle helps the pillow fixed around your neck to avoid head over-leaning forward or inclining and to keep your neck in a natural posture. The PU handles enable you to pull the neck massager forward for a stronger massage intensity; you can also hang your arms on them to set your hands free.
  • Single-button to start inflating and it completes in only 90 seconds. Massage instantly starts once the inflation completes.  2 pairs of massage nodes working in clockwise/anticlockwise rolling rotation, target the trapezius muscles of the neck with its 3D shiatsu kneading, gently loosening and relieving the muscle stiffness. The distance between 2 pairs of nodes is 3.2 inches which fit most neck sizes.
  • The pillow height of 4.7 inches is in accord with the neck vertebra height which gives your neck perfect support. Open the air valve to deflate for a compact fold and storage. After fully deflated, iNeck Air can be compressed to 1/2 of its original volume, and the storage carrying case size is just the same as a makeup bag, so you can easily fit it into your suitcase or bag on travel. The outer cover made of smooth suede material is breathable and anti-allergic to the human skin.
  • The 2-hour lasting battery capacity will make your travel, whether from New York to Los Angeles or from New York to Paris easy and relaxed. One button to start inflating and it completes in only 90 seconds. Massage instantly starts once the inflation completes.
  • Please do not use the massage site without permission, if you need to use it, please follow the doctor’s undefined advice.
  • Massage sites with skin damage, swelling, inflammation, congestion, and other uncomfortable symptoms do not use.
  • Patients with heart disease, acute disease, skin disease patients, malignant tumor patients, and abnormal bodies according to the doctor’s undefined orders to use this product correctly.
  • People with slow movement, physical and mental illness or mental retardation should not use it without authorization. If you need to use it, please advise your doctor.
  • People with blood circulation disorders, hemorrhagic tendency, osteoporosis, soft tissue, and stroke do not use it.
  • This product is designed as an electronic health product and is not suitable for diagnostic, therapeutic, and other commercial purposes.
  • Long-term body deficiency, pregnant women, and menstrual women are forbidden to use this product. 8. Fasting, full, drunk, or strenuous exercise after the use of this product.
  • Do not use this product while driving, and comply with safe driving rules.

Additional information

Weight 1.026 kg
Dimensions 19 × 20 × 12 cm



iNeck Air

Charging port



Built-in 2300mAh Li-ion battery

Charging time

4 hours

Working time

3 hours continuously


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