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Apple announces Self Service Repair Program For User

Apple unveiled a Self-Service repair program on Wednesday, which will allow customers to purchase parts for themselves iPhones and Macs. The program first enables iPhone owners to swap out their battery, screen, and camera. There will be other components to be added later.

The move could be an enormous victory in the eyes of “right-to-repair” advocates and is an alteration for Apple. Lobbyists and repair shops who favor repair reform have urged legislators to establish a range of regulations that give more access to official manuals and parts. However, Apple has opposed the possibility of allowing customers to repair their own devices throughout the years, particularly about security or performance issues that come to that result from parts supplied by third parties. Apple also offers the membership AppleCare+ service for its products, offering repairs to customers at a lower price than those who do not subscribe.

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It will soon be made available for both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 in the U.S. Later; the company will offer parts that allow users to repair their Macs which run with Apple M1 chips. Apple M1 chip.

The news was announced on Wednesday. Williams welcomed Apple’s move that it will give “customers even more choice if a repair is needed.” Williams also noted that the company “has more than increased the number of places that can access Apple original parts, equipment as well as training.” Now we’re also offering an option to customers who want to do the repairs themselves.

Apple will not divulge the costs for its parts once the program is officially launched next year. Apple announced that it would charge individuals the same price it is currently charging independent repair companies.

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