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Apple iPhone 14 Complete Review

Apple iPhone 14 Complete Review If You Just Want a Huge Screen

Apple offers four brand-new iPhones that will be available in 2022. There are two regular models as well as two Pro models. In contrast to 2021, where we saw a smaller iPhone mini alongside the standard 6 inches iPhone 13, this year, the iPhone 14 is joined by the enormous Plus.

iPhone 14, the iPhone 14, and the iPhone 14 Plus are the same in every way except for their physical dimensions and battery capacity. It’s similar to the previous year’s iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13. It’s the same with iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max were also launched this year.

So, is the standard iPhone 14 remains the iPhone for all, or is this the year when the more expensive Pro is the one that gets the spotlight and is the best option to purchase?

Our quick take

The Apple iPhone 14 plays it safe with its design and hardware; this will choose to go on an iPhone 14 Pro this year more appealing than it would have been in previous years.

There are certainly some improvements – you’ll receive a better primary camera, a new front camera, and a small battery charge compared to iPhone 13. The design is the same with no significant increase in performance; however, it’s an excellent design and an incremental performance boost in the same way.

For those who have iPhone 13 or earlier, the iPhone 13, though, the iPhone 14 is more of an “S” upgrade, but it does not have a brand new chip. It is more sensible for those with older iPhone 12 or older to purchase it, as the changes will be more obvious.

But this year, more than before, it’s an even more compelling reason to purchase this model than the iPhone 14 Pro model – or go for it instead of the iPhone 13 Pro if the older model is from your budget.

Similar design

  • 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.8mm, 172g
  • Five colors: Blue, Purple, Midnight, Starlight, (Product) Red
  • IP68

The Apple iPhone 14 shares a similar design and style to its predecessor that was its predecessor, the iPhone 13. It features an aluminum frame that is aerospace-grade over the Pro’s surgical-grade stainless steel body, as well as the flat edges that we’ve observed from it, was the iPhone 12 models; the only difference in the surface of the iPhone 2021 version is the addition of new colors available.

Apple iPhone 14 Complete Review

It’s not necessarily a bad thing but. The old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” phrase applies. While we’d love to see the notch goes away for an all-screen look or, at a minimum, with the same display layout as the Pro models, The iPhone 14 remains a tremendous aesthetic device.

On the rear are two cameras again. They’re placed diagonally within the square camera housing of frosted glass and offset by the back’s glossy finish. The transition is seamless from the rear panel to the camera housing, like in the iphone 13. iPhone 13, which creates a remarkable continuity.

The left edge has the iconic silence switch, together with volume buttons. The right edge has the power switch. A SIM tray is on the left – in all countries except the US. It’s because the iPhone has gone eSIM exclusively that way, and there is no physical SIM slot replaced by the frosted portion on the right side.

Speakers are placed either on either side of the Lightning port – and yes, it’s still Lightning and not USB-C, and the speaker is over the notch at the top of the gadget.

We mentioned that it’s the iPhone 14 comes in five colors, including a new purple variant – which is breathtaking – as well as blue (our test version), Starlight (silver), Midnight (black), and (Product) Red. Similar to its predecessors, the iPhone 14 is water-resistant and has MagSafe. The aluminum frame makes this iPhone 14 relatively much lighter than its Pro counterpart, and those smooth edges make it a pleasure to hold.

There’s not much that’s changed in comparison with the iPhone 13, but there’s plenty to be loved here.

Same display

  • 6.1-inch, OLED
  • 2532 x 1170 pixel resolution, 460 PPI
  • 1200nits

The Apple iPhone 14 features an identical display to the iPhone 13, but it’s an excellent one. It’s a 6.1-inch display with a 2532 x 1170 pixels resolution and a resolution of 460 PPI. This is an OLED panel, and you’ll also get punchy and vibrant colors and highly black shades of black. The brightness is also good at 1200nits, but there’s no way to match the brilliance of the iPhone14 Pro’s maximum intelligence of 2000nits.

Apple iPhone 14 Complete Review

Apple technologies like True Tone and Haptic Touch are included, but we’ve different features for both should you wish to learn more about what they are. It also supports HDR is also available as you’d expect from a top smartphone.

We hoped to get 120Hz refresh rates for the iPhone 14, but that was not the case this year. Instead, the iPhone 14 has the same regular 60Hz refresh rate as iPhone 13. iPhone 13, and there isn’t an Always-On-Display like on the iPhone 14 Pro either, as well as no Dynamic Island.

The Always-On Display is the biggest flaw in the iPhone 14 as it works perfectly when combined with its Lock Screen customization options in iOS 16. However, you won’t know what you’re missing on the Always-On Display or the Dynamic Island until you’ve used it on the iPhone 14 Pro, so for most people, there won’t be any issue not having the feature.

The iPhone 14 still offers an outstanding display; it’s not as thrilling as its Pro sister.

Hardware and specifications

  • A15 Bionic chipset, five-core GPU
  • 128, 256 or 512GB storage options
  • Up to 20 hours of battery

The Apple iPhone 14 runs on the A15 Bionic chipset, just like its predecessor, the iPhone 13 – marking the first time that Apple hasn’t upgraded its processor in the launch of an updated phone. Does it cause any issues? It’s not an issue, and it’s just not being used. This A15 is a powerful chipset, and the iPhone 14 is a compelling phone with excellent performance throughout.

It can handle multitasking with no issues. We didn’t encounter any extreme heat while running Call of Duty Mobile. Therefore it can take the stress without a problem.

We’re disappointed the standard models aren’t not running identical hardware to the Pro models, however. The iPhone 14 has been upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro’s five-core GPU instead of an iPhone 13’s quad-core processor, which means you’re using the identical hardware used in last year’s iPhone 13 Pro model. However, it’s not as good as the iPhone 14 Pro this year.

Apple iPhone 14 Complete Review

There’s 5G connectivity similar to iPhone 13, but it’s not as fast. iPhone 13, though the iPhone 14, also offers Emergency SOS through satellite if you live in North America. The details of what this means are in our feature on the subject, and there’s an Accident Detection feature available on iPhone 14, which we have explained in our separate part. iPhone 14, which we have a detailed explanation of, but we’re hoping you never require it.

The storage options begin at 128GB and can go up to 512GB. This is identical to the regular iPhone 13 models. There’s an increase in battery though it is iPhone 14 claiming to last for a longer time. iPhone 14 is said to last an hour longer than the iPhone 13, meaning up to 20 hours.

Based on our experience, the battery life of the iPhone 14 is excellent. We usually stopped charging it around 6 AM and hit the 20 percent mark at around 11 PM or 10:30 PM, which is a good performance.

The iPhone 14 Plus is likely to perform better, just as it is more powerful than the iPhone 14 Pro Max and does better than its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro. But even the iPhone 14 gave us the entire day and night without worrying about it.

New cameras

  • Two rear (12MP f/1.5 + 12MP f/1.8)
  • 12MP front camera, autofocus

The Apple iPhone 14 opts for dual rear cameras that consist of a primary 12-megapixel sensor and an ultra-wide 12-megapixel sensor. It’s the same configuration we’ve seen since iPhone 11, with the regular models missing out on the additional telephoto lens provided by the Pro models.

The resolution is similar to that of the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13; however, the iPhone 14 has had an upgrade to the primary sensor, which has an f/1.5 aperture as opposed to an f/1.6 gap. The same sensor those iPhone 13 Pro models had in 2021. It results in a slight increase in low-light photography. It also has a Photonic Engine on board to assist in low-light shots. The ultra-wide sensor is identical to the iPhone 13 model at f/1.8.

Overall all, it appears that the iPhone 14 offers some excellent outcomes from the dual cameras. With good lighting, photos are clear and well-balanced. Color balance. It’s not as detailed as you would with the iPhone 14 Pro, but the iPhone 14 is still excellent in its ability to point and shoot and achieve outstanding results, and there’s a lot to be said about it.

It’s worth noting that the iPhone 14 performs well in low light conditions as; well it has Night Mode kicking in faster than it did on iPhone 13 and slightly better pictures compared to the iPhone 13 overall. It’s an excellent camera all-around, and while there are some reasons to consider using the iPhone 13 Pro instead if you want to use iPhone 13 Pro instead of the iPhone 14 so, you get the benefits from the lens that telephotos, and you’ll still see some outstanding results with iPhone 14. iPhone 14.

In terms of features, there’s a sensor-shift stabilization feature as a feature that was added in new iPhone 13 models – which is designed to improve low-light photography. Additionally, there’s Smart HDR 4, Portrait Mode that features advanced bokeh, depth control, and Night Mode with Deep Fusion.

There are also Photographic Styles as well as Cinematic Videos. Cinematic VideoVideo has been upgraded to support the ability to record in 4K with 24fps or 30fps on iPhone 14. There’s also a brand new feature known as Action Mode, designed to provide a more stable VideoVideo while moving, and it works great. However, there weren’t any significant variations in our tests.

The front camera of the iPhone 14 is a 12-megapixel sensor. It also comes with features like Night Mode, Deep Fusion, and Photographic Styles. It’s also got a bigger lens than iPhone 13’s iPhone 13 though at f/1.9 and has autofocus to allow it to take better selfies, placing it on the same level as iPhone 14 Pro models. iPhone 14 Pro models.


  • iOS 16

The Apple iPhone 14 runs iOS 16, introducing a range of brand-new features you can learn about in our own article. One of the most significant modifications is to the Lock Screen. Lock Screen, though.

Apple iPhone 14 Complete Review

With iOS 16, you have an array of personalization options, including the ability to change fonts, colors, images, and widgets. It gives a modern appearance on every model that runs the app, even if they don’t all are equipped with the hardware needed to take full benefit from it. Lock Screen, like the iPhone 14 Pro models do with their Always-On Displays.

Additionally, there are excellent features, including Live Activities, that allow you to keep track of live events in real-time and select a different focus on each Lock Screen and make significant changes to Messages photos, Messages, and Photos.

Indeed, you do not require the iPhone 14 to experience the iOS 16 software as it is compatible with iPhone 8 and later; however, there are a handful of features only available only to the iPhone 14 range, including Car Crash detection, which you will learn about in our part, as well as Action Mode on the camera.

To summarize

The Apple iPhone 14 plays it safe with its design and hardware, which means that it’s iPhone 14 Pro is the more attractive choice this year than it was in the past. There are improvements – you’ll get an upgraded primary camera, a new front camera, and a tiny battery capacity increase over earlier models like the iPhone 13. The design is similar, however, and there’s no considerable improvement in performance. Even though it’s a good design and implementation, this year it’s more than the previous is a better reason to get this model. iPhone 14 Pro model.

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