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Apple iPhone 15 Design

New Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 15 Design Shock

iPhone 15 from Apple’s iPhone 15 range is tipped to undergo major internal and external changes, but this is the first time a shocking design update has been revealed.

According to a reputable analyst, Ming-Chi Kwuo, Apple plans to replace physical Power and volume buttons on the premium iPhone 15 models with solid-state (immovable) buttons that offer feedback through haptic motors. We already know the codename.
In the last month, an anonymous leaker ShrimpApplePro posted on Twitter that Apple is working on an iPhone with no physical buttons. The project codename is ‘Bongo’..” The absence of any context about the date resulted in it being largely ignored and dismissed by many as being a long time away. However, Kuo transformed all that.

“My latest survey indicates that the volume button and power button of two high-end iPhone 15/2H23 new iPhone models may adopt a solid-state button design (similar to the home button design of iPhone 7/8/SE2 & 3) to replace the physical/mechanical button design,” Kuo says. Kuo.

Kuo states that Apple will include Taptic Engines (the company’s branding for haptic motors) on the new iPhones on the internal left and right sides, which will provide input “to make users feel like they are pressing physical buttons.” It’s interesting to note that Kuo says that he anticipates premium Android phones to be able to use this technology soon.

Update 10/31: in his most recent Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has thrown his support for USB-C’s arrival on the iPhone 15 range and explained how Apple would introduce the new feature to users.
“While Apple appears to be bitter that a government is intervening in its product roadmap, the move from Lightning to USB-C is actually a good thing for consumers,” says Gurman

Although Apple did not specifically state that it would add the USB-C port for the new models of iPhone, Gurman claims that they will be available in iPhone 15 versions, suggesting that they will be available for all models, not just Pro/Ultra exclusive as some leaks suggest.
“You can bet that when Apple announces the iPhone 15, the change won’t be described as government intervention,” Gurman says. “It will be presented as a way to simplify charging across iPhones, iPads, and Macs.” This is certainly true, even if it’s a bit naive, because Apple could have made the switch to convert iPhones to USB-C long ago. After the fact, Apple was involved in developing the standard.

Apple iPhone 15 Design

When Lighting was first launched in September 2012, its small size and reversibility were the reason for its introduction over the flimsy micro-USB. However, that argument has become less persuasive since USB-C became ubiquitous on iPads and Macs, leading to an unintentional fracture in the company’s charging options.

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Apple’s Taptic Engine on the iPhone 7 Minature Taptic engines might be back in an upgrade to the iPhone 15 … Apple Although the idea may sound strange, however, it’s logical. Apple has lots of experience working with haptic motors. They succeeded in executing this deceitful trick using MacBook touchpads in 2015. Apple also trimmed its haptic motors and introduced “3D Touch” in iPhone 6S. However, it failed to make the feature worked on iPhone 6S failed to make the feature intuitive and eventually ended the feature on iPhone 11. iPhone 11.

It was a rare instance of Apple producing great hardware but failing to develop an application that could be used in software, so its return seems appropriate. Moving parts are also at greater risk of failure. Therefore the change should improve the product’s reliability and reduce repair costs. The technology could also improve water resistance. The technology could even be expanded to provide the DualSense experience in games, as there will be motors in both phones.

There are some questions to be answered regarding how cases will function (cutouts may feel weird). However, it sounds like a great move overall. This is in conjunction with reports that claim Apple will launch the iPhone 15 Ultra featuring an extremely strong titanium chassis, dual cameras on the front as well as a Thunderbolt 4-powered USB-C port along with a brand new design for the standard iPhone 15 models, and it appears like the excitement will return to iPhones in 2023.

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