The room looks extra vibrant and beautiful with the addition of light in it. Decorative lighting enhances the beauty of your house and are also used outdoor.

At parties and in different functions, lighting is done. Decorative lighting increases the beauty of parties and functions. Decorative lighting is used in the houses which brightens the walls.

It has become a style to have decorative lighting in the bedrooms and living rooms.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit- 15 packnanoleaf rhythm pack

It is a device that gives brighter and vibrant light to the wall of the house and increases the beauty of the wall.

This Nanoleaf rhythm edition is controlled with the help of the application. The application of nano leaf is compatible with android devices, apple, and windows.

It can be controlled and adjusted from the distance. It is controlled by the use of the remote. It can be used to produce gorgeous symmetric or beautiful art on the surface of the walls.

The usage of the Nanoleaf rhythm is very easy and simple. It does not require any drilling for its installation. It is considered a Yoga and Meditation booster. It is controlled through the Nanoleaf App, voice, and touch. You can control this device through Wi-Fi.


  • This Nanoleaf is controlled by app, voice, and touch.
  • It is a simple and easy setup.
  • You can adjust it in any room.
  •  It is considered a Yoga and motivation booster.

Nanoleaf Hexagon Smarter Kit – 15 packNanoleaf Hexagon Smarter Kit pack

This beautiful Nanoleaf hexagonal can produce brighter and vibrant pixel art on the surface of the house. The attractive lightening of the Nanoleaf hexagonal makes our mood pleasant.

It can be used in the studio and house where you can enjoy music. It is considered a meditation, workout, and Yoga booster. By the use of the application, you can adjust the shape of the illumination. With the help of the WIFi, smart control can be done,

The application of the Nanoleaf hexagonal is compatible with androids, apple, and windows. The light produces in the Nanoleaf hexagonal can react to any kind of touch.

It is easy to set up this beautiful illuminator. Drilling of the surface is not required for the installation of the Nanoleaf hexagonal.

It consists of a double-sided mounted tap which could easily mount it on the surface of the wall.


  • It is easily set up.
  • It is controlled by the application.
  • It can produce up to 16 million colors.

Nanoleaf Canvas Light Squares Smarter Kit – 9 PackNanoleaf Canvas Light Squares Smarter Kit

The Nanoleaf canvas light produces vibrant light which feels so appealing to the eye. It has an LED light which can produce many kinds of designs.

This is a good decoration light which produces many colorful lights. With the touch, this light square is going to be operated

It is your choice to create any kind of light masterpiece with the help of these light squares.

This device has audio sensors which can respond to any kind of music and sound. So you can enjoy any kind of music with these vibrant light squares. You can easily create many kinds of designs with its LED.


The light produced by the light squares reacts to the sound.

Any shape can be designed with a mechanical linker.

Unique color can be created in these types of light squares smarter.

Nanoleaf Smarter Kit Rhythm Edition – 9 Pack

This amazing Nanoleaf light is used for the creation of any color palette and scenes according to your mood and wish. With the help of the app, you can control it and make a beautiful lighting system.

According to your well, you can adjust your desired light and its intensity. You can adjust it anywhere on your wall. This nano light panel is operated so easily with a button.

You have to turn on and turn off the button when you want to select any preloaded scenes. This light panel has a unique lighting system of having 16.7 million colors. With the help of the app, these amazing colors can be chosen.

The temperature of the light is 1200K to 6500K. The power it consumes by a panel is 2W. It is connected through WiFi. 100Lm is the luminous flux of this light panel.


  • The temperature of the color is 1200K to6500K.
  • 2W is the power of the panel.
  • It is connected through WiFi.

Cololight Pro Plus Smart LED Light PanelsCololight Pro Plus kit

This LED light has 19 LEDs and creates more vibrant and illuminated light. It has 16 million colors that are produced and are appealing to the eye.

This LED light panel can be controlled by a touch sensor and app. You can change the color of the light panel according to your desire with the help of touch sensors.

The light of the panel changes according to the rhythm of the music and you can enjoy music. This type of panel can be adjusted anywhere. You can fix it in your room and studio. It is connected by USB. The power consumption of this light panel is low.

The energy generated by this device is low which saves the energy. This light panel can be installed on the wall and can be placed on the table.

The unique feature of the device is that it can change its color with voice and music. Hub is not required in these types of panels. Color light can be control with the help of the controller.


  • It can produce 16 million colors.
  • It has 3 mode selections.
  • It has a flexible design.
  • With sound, the color of the panel changes.

Cololight Pro Smart LED Light PanelsCololight Pro Plus led kit

This light panel has 19 LEDs with three selection modes. Multiple colors are created by this panel. It produces 16 million colors. It can be controlled by touch sensors.

When any kind of music is playing, this light panel changes its color. This light panel can perfectly fit anywhere from your room to the bathroom, you can easily fit it.

This is a perfect piece for decorating your house. These types of light panels are easily controlled by a free app.

You can change the ambient at any time with the help of 3 mode color selection. This 3 mode selection includes dynamic, manual, and customized which change the ambient.

It can be connected through USB. The power consumption by the light panel is low. It is an ideal panel for any kind of party. It can react to music and sound and change the color which further enhances its beauty.


  • The weight of the panel is 52.5g.
  •  The operating temperature of this type of light panel is 5 to 45 degrees.
  • The operating humidity of the panel is 5 to 45%.
  • The material used in the panel is ABS.

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Smarter Kit – 9 Pack

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Starter Kit Pack

This panel creates vibrant color and is connected to one control panel. This hexagonal smarter is lighter in weight.

The one control unit is enough to control the 500 hexagons and one power supply is enough to power up the 21 hexagons. The color of light in the Nanoleaf changes with the sound of music.

The power of the panel can be controlled, its power can be up and down and can be on and off.


  •  It is connected wirelessly.
  •  Some features in this panel require internet, so internet access is required to entertain from its features.
  •  AC and external power supply is the source of the power supply.
  • The height of the Nanoleaf is 7.75 in. / 20 cm.
  • The length of this Nanoleaf is 0.24 in. / 6 mm.
  • The width of the Nanoleaf is 7.36 oz. / 208 g.