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Best Fast Charger for Android phone

Best Fast Charger for Android Phone

There is almost no person who is not familiar with the capabilities and features of mobile phones and does not use these products. We all know very well that mobile phones are an important part of everyone’s life. However, one of the problems of using mobile phones is that they run out of charge. When the cell phone charge ends and as a result they turn off, a bigger problem arises for the person. Many people cannot wait for hours to charge their mobile phones due to time constraints. However, the most ideal possible option for these people would be to use the best fast charging adapters.

There are various companies around the world that have the ability to make the best fast charging adapters. However, some of these companies, due to the newer technology they use, can offer products in accordance with global standards and extraordinary capabilities. For this reason, people who suffer from the mentioned problems should familiarize themselves with such products before anything else. Identifying the best fast charging adapters can help you a lot in the process of buying these products.

6 Fast Android Phone Charger List

Knowing the best fast charging adapters will allow you to charge all Android phones in a very short time. In this regard, we intend to examine the best fast charging adapters for Android phones. Using the fast charge charger buying guide will be effective in your purchase. Identifying each of these adapters will allow you to get a product that meets your expectations. In this regard, paying attention to this important issue can help you a lot in the process of buying this product.

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1. Anker PowerPort PD1

Anker company is considered as one of the giants in the production of mobile accessories, which has many capabilities in this field. One of the products produced by the Anker brand has been the Anker PowerPort PD1, which has received good feedback from people around the world and has succeeded in gaining the satisfaction of many people. Anker has used the most powerful features in the design of this charger. This product has a power of 18 watts, which is suitable compared to other fast charging chargers. Anker company has used special protective layers for this product so that it does not harm the mobile phone and the user in case of unfortunate events. Note that this product has a USB-C charging port. Therefore, to use it, you must have double-ended usb-c cables.

anker power port PD1

2. Wall Charger 20 Watt Somos Tel Model SMS-ER20

Somos brand is one of the other manufacturers in the field of mobile accessories. One of the best Somos fast charging adapters is definitely the SMS-ER20 model, which has an output power of 20 watts. This charger has POWER DELIVERY. If you are among the people who are looking for the best Samsung phone charger and other brands, this wall charger can be the right product for you. The extraordinary speed of this charger makes it an ideal choice compared to other competitors.

wall charger 20 watt somostel

3. Denman Wall Charger Model DC07

Denman brand is one of the brands that may not be as well known as other companies. However, the structure of Denman DC07 fast charger is amazing. This charger also has fast and optimal charging capability and can charge your mobile phone in a short period of time. In addition, Denman DC07 charger has SMART-ID capability. This feature allows the output intensity to be regularly adjusted and managed. Note that this charger is one of the 18-watt chargers, which can also charge Android tablets due to its 3.6 amp output. The body structure of this charger is made of ABS material, which increases its resistance to various impacts several times. Denman believes that this product has the ability to resist fire.

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4. Mcdodo CH-792 GaN Charger

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the best charger for Xiaomi or Samsung phones, Mac Dodo brand will always be among the ideal options for you. This charger has three output ports, the first port has a power of 65 watts and the other outputs have a power of 30 watts. McDodo company has used Gallium Nitride in making this product, which is called GaN for short. With this charger, you will no longer need other fast charging chargers. This McDodo product is one of the best fast charging adapters in the world, which will give you the ability to charge several mobile phones at the same time.

Mcdodo CH-792 GaN charger

5. Baseus Mirror Lake CCJMHA Wall Charger

Baseus or Baseus is known as one of the best fast charging adapters in the world. This charger has two output ports that allow you to charge two mobile phones at the same time. It should be noted that the Baseus charger is one of the luxury chargers that has more capabilities compared to other models. The first feature of this charger is having a digital screen that displays all the information related to mobile phone charging. It should be noted that this product is one of the 18-watt chargers in the market. The manufacturing quality of this charger is excellent and this issue has had a direct impact on its sales.

baseus mirror lake CCJMHA wall charger

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6. Xiaomi Mi 33W Wall Charger

Another one of the best fast charging phone adapters, which is known as the flagship of Xiaomi chargers, is the Mi 33W Wall Charger model. You can use this charger to charge Apple products in addition to Android products. The USB-C output of this charger helps you to charge your mobile phone with 33 watts of power and also benefit from fast charging. Also, this product has PD technology, which is one of its main features.

Xiaomi Mi 33W Wall Charger


Searching for the best phone charger in the world is considered as a difficult and intensive process. The existence of the best fast charging phone adapters in the market has made us face a wide variety of these products. Each of these products have similar capabilities and there are small differences between them. However, everything depends on you and only you can prepare one of them according to your expectations from a charger. In such a situation, the quality level of your purchase will definitely be much higher.

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