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Best 6 Portable Projectors For Traveling In Dubai

Portable projectors are equipment that is compact and smaller in size. The portable is handheld devices. Portable projectors are lighter in weight but they are not enough light to be placed in the pocket.

A projector can project the image of the object onto some screen or surface. They are used to play videos, movies, or show pictures on a larger display so that more people can watch them. Portable projectors are connected by Bluetooth and WiFi.

The projector produces images directly onto the surface with the help of the lasers. The drawback of the portable projector is that it lacks the zoom lens, you may not change the size of the projected image. They are connected wirelessly. The portable projectors have innovative designs.

Wireless Smart Cube Portable Projector


Wireless Smart Cube Portable Projector Bluetooth Android

The Wireless Smart Cube Portable Projector is a game-changer in the world of projectors. With its small and portable size, it provides high-quality images that can reach Full HD resolution with 1200 marketing lumens (200 ANSI), making it perfect for both personal and professional use.

The projector’s Android interface is user-friendly and compatible with Apple products, giving you access to a wide array of applications from the Google Play Store, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Microsoft Office.

Setting up the projector is a breeze with its sophisticated installation options, including horizontal keystone correction and vertical. The Smart Cube Portable Projector can be placed anywhere and projected onto any surface, making it perfect for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

The projector’s comprehensive connectivity options allow it to connect to all devices external to it, including Android or IOS laptops, mobiles, PCs, tablets, and more. It also includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect external speakers.

The built-in battery makes the Smart Cube Portable Projector even more portable, enabling you to take it with you wherever you go without the need for a power supply from the mains. The projector comes with built-in batteries that last up to two hours and the capability to charge it via the power bank.

Volto 4k Portable Projector Android 9.0 Ray 401-01

Volto 4k Portable Projector 3D Video

The Volto 4k Portable Projector 3D Video Projector Android 9.0 Ray 401-01 is a must-have for movie lovers who want to enjoy a cinematic experience anytime, anywhere. This portable projector is packed with features that will enhance your viewing experience, including a 4K resolution, wireless connectivity, and long-lasting battery life. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to take with you on the go, so you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows wherever you are.

The picture quality of the Volto 4k Portable Projector is truly impressive, with its RGB 3 LED lights providing rich and vibrant colors. The Android 9.0 system provides 32GB of internal storage, making it easy to stream online content and download apps. Additionally, the built-in speakers and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity allow for easy music streaming.

The projector’s 3D capabilities provide a real home theatre experience, and its 5G Wi-Fi screen mirroring and wide compatibility ensure that it will work with any device you have. You can also place the projector anywhere you want, with its auto-focus feature, 4-point keystone correction, and projection area of 30 to 300 inches.

Volto Sky 117 Pro Projector Smart DLP 4k Supported 3D


Volto Sky 117 Pro Projector

The Volto Sky 117 Pro Projector is an exceptional projector that transforms any room into a home theatre. With a throw ratio of 1 meter and 39 inches, it projects stunning HD videos on any surface up to 100 inches. The 700 ANSI Lumens brightness of the projector ensures that the images are bright and clear, making it an ideal choice for watching movies, playing games, and much more.

With the built-in battery, you can take the projector anywhere and enjoy your favorite content for up to 2 hours without needing to be plugged in. The Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity allows you to connect your audio devices to the built-in duo 3W speakers, delivering crisp and clear sound quality.

The Volto Sky 117 Pro Projector is compact and portable, making it easy to use in any room or even outside. It also has a built-in app store, giving you access to thousands of applications, including pre-installed YouTube and Netflix apps. Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful, high-quality projector, the Volto Sky 117 Pro is an excellent choice.

Volto Projector Sky-010 Battery Outdoor Mini Projector

Volto Projector Sky 010 Battery Outdoor Mini Projector

The Volto Projector Sky-010 is an exceptional mini projector that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy movies, TV shows, or sports events on a big screen while on the go. With its built-in battery, you can use the projector without a power source and enjoy a seamless wireless experience.

Featuring a resolution of 854 * 480 pixels, the Volto Projector Sky-010 delivers a clear and vibrant display that enhances the overall viewing experience. The projector also comes with advanced features such as a built-in Android operating system, DLP-Link 3D technology, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity, making it easy to connect to various devices and applications.

The projector’s wireless connectivity also allows you to access various movie platforms, ensuring that you always have high-quality content to watch. Its 7800 mAh battery provides a working time of up to 4 hours, allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies and shows without worrying about running out of power. Overall, the Volto Projector Sky-010 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a compact and portable mini projector with advanced features and excellent connectivity options.

Volto Sky 116 4K 3D Smart Projector Android Mini Pocket

Volto Sky 116 4K 3D Smart Projector

The Volto Sky 116 Projector is a smart and compact mini pocket projector designed for ultimate home entertainment. With its 4K and 3D support, this projector offers a high-quality viewing experience. The 450 ANSI lumens ensure that the images projected are bright and clear, and with automatic image adjustment, you can enjoy a squared and stable image at almost any angle.

This projector is also equipped with a built-in speaker that delivers crisp and booming quality music, ensuring that you have an all-around entertainment experience. You can easily connect your audio devices via Bluetooth 5.0 to enjoy your favorite music. The Volto Sky 116 also has access to thousands of applications through the App Store and comes with pre-installed YouTube and Netflix apps, providing endless entertainment options.

With its lightweight and portable design, you can easily carry it around and project video from anywhere in your home. The Volto Sky 116 Projector is perfect for movie lovers, gamers, and anyone looking for an immersive entertainment experience at home.

HDP500 Mini Smart Projector

HDP500 Mini Smart Projector 4K HD 1080p

This is a portable projector which is convenient for connection through cable. It can also connect to the Nintendo, switch, and game soles. It produces a picture that is vibrant.

The playtime of this portable projector is 2.5 hours. You can use these types of projectors for different purposes such as education and business. It consists of a lens that is highly precise. The battery of these projectors is stable at 1000mAh.

You can use this portable projector as a theater projector in your home. The brightness of the projector is 240 Lumens. This projector is originated in China, Guangdong. The weight of the projector is 630 grams.


  • This portable projector is good for use for business and education purposes.
  • It can play video for 2.5 hours so you can use this projector as a home theater projector.
  • It consists of an LED lamp.
  • The projection distance in this type of portable projector is 1M to 5M.
  • The weight of this portable projector is 360g.
  • It consists of a highly precise lens.
  • The battery of the projector is 1000mAh.
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