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The 6 Best Smart Watches for Men To Buy in UAE

When smartwatches first reach the market, the early devices were complex, yet limited, even though the ideal technology companies like Samsung and Apple were jumping onto the bandwagon. It’d have been difficult to generate a set of those”best smartwatches for men,” because ancient smart-watches were essentially the same, with just a few exercise features.

Now, you can find many smartwatch variations it might be tough to pick one, which explains why I have compiled this list of the best smartwatches for men. I’m here to allow you to select the very best possible apparatus or the best possible gift for a guy in your life. In the end, Christmas is coming up, and trust me I understand how hard it is to decide on a present for someone, even in the event you’ve known them for a long time. In any event, I give you the very best of their best smartwatches for both iPhone along with Android users.

I’ve researched top of the line fitness smart-watches for bodybuilders and fitness center fanatics, and also the best activity trackers for people simply wanting to remain healthy. I have reviewed some of the very classy looking smart-watches to compliment your most useful office lawsuit, and also those with the very finest potential specs for the most exacting tech nerd. Irrespective of what or whom you’re interested in, this list has something for everyone.

1. Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2

Level up Using Fitbit Versa 2™ Special Edition. You get two looks at one with a jacquard woven group and also an extra classic silicone ring, along with personalized health and fitness guidance using a 3-month free trial of Fitbit Premium*. Love all the features of Versa two –Amazon Alexa built-in, Sleep score, innovative gym features, 5+ day battery, Fitbit Pay™, and much more –for a smartwatch that’s ready for anything. **

*trial offer may only be triggered with device activation. Valid payment procedure required. Trial offer must be activated within 60 days of device activation. Cancel before the free trial offer finishes to prevent subscription fees.

**Spotify subscription demanded. The app is unavailable in all countries. Battery life varies with use and other factors. Third-party accounts and programs could possibly be required. Amazon Alexa not available in all nations, see Payment accessibility at

Product Features:

ALL-DAY ACTIVITY TRACKING – Fitbit Versa™ 2 monitors all-day activity like steps, space, busy seconds, and minutes burned to demonstrate how every part of every day makes you closer to your objectives.

SWIMPROOF – Fitbit Versa™ 2 is water-resistant to 50 yards, this usually means you are free to wear it in the pool, in the shower, at the beach, and also beyond.

Heartbeat TRACKING – Use 24/7 heart rate tracking to better track calorie burn off, optimize attempts during workouts, find out your resting heart rate trends and cardiovascular exercise level from the Fitbit® program.

NOTIFICATIONS – 4 Get alarms for texts, calls, calendar events, and apps like Gmail and Facebook–and send quick answers and voice replies from the wrist. Works when your mobile is local; quick replies and voice replies on Android only.

SLEEP TRACKING & SLEEP SCORE – Watch the standard of each night’s sleep in the Fitbit app by measuring heart rate, time sleeping, time awake, time in deep and REM sleep, and restlessness.

6DAY BATTERY LIFE – A day lasts 2-4 hours. Versa 2 provides you with much more than that. With a 6+ day battery lifetime, Fitbit Versa™ 2 monitors your morning, night & everything in between without having to avoid a charge. Varies using other & use factors.

THOUGHTFULLY CRAFTED DESIGN – With polished curves, polished glass, and a superior aluminum finish, Versa 2 embrace an elevated cosmetic. The velvety silicone ring is lightweight and comfortable to use every single day and nighttime.

Always On DISPLAY MODE – With an always-on display style, everything that you wish to watch is just a quick glance away — understand your exercise stats in real-time & check enough time, even if both hands are full. Turn the mode off to be discreet. The choice is yours. The always-on display takes more frequent charging.

AMAZON ALEXA – Use Amazon Alexa integral to acquire quick information, weather, and info, set bed-time alarms and reminders, control your smart home devices, and more–just by speaking to a watch. Amazon Alexa maybe not for sale in all countries, see

FITBIT PAY™ – Purchase with no wallet and keep earning reward points by publishing your credit card and making secure purchases from the wrist. See accessibility at

ON-SCREEN WORKOUTS – fit in more fitness together with onscreen work-outs that tutor you through each movement and provide you real-time statistics onto your own wrist.

CLOCK FACES – With a huge number of clock-face layouts, you may very quickly switch your appearance from classic to modern and rear or go for something totally exceptional with your own photo.

WORKS ON ALL PLATFORMS – Fitbit Versa™ 2 automatically syncs with computers and 200+ i-phone and Android devices to clearly demonstrate your stats, trends, and progress onto your own Fitbit® dashboard.

5 PERSONALIZED REMINDERS – Get the nudge that you need to stay on track with personalized reminders that allow you to move more, stick to a sleeping schedule, and much more.

ACCESSORIES – Produce endless looks with Fitbit Versa™ 2 accessory bands, for example, a exclusive collection from Kim Shui. Sold separately. Versa two accessories may be worn with almost any watch in the Versa family room.

EXERCISE MODES + SMART TRACK – Pick from 15+ physical exercise manners to get real-time statistics during your workouts–or let SmartTrack® automatically comprehend and record your exercises.

FEMALE HEALTH TRACKING – Know your body better by using your watch and the Fitbit® app to log spans, listing symptoms, gauge childbirth, and discover patterns in your cycle.

REAL-TIME PACE & DISTANCE – Know more about your runs and hikes by connecting to a phone’s GPS to see real-time pace and distance on display, and find a map of your route at the Fitbit® program.

CARDIO FITNESS LEVEL – Get a better comprehension of one’s exercise level and learn how you can improve as time passes with a personalized Cardio Fitness Score.

APPS ON YOUR WRIST – Download countless programs for both fitness, sports, finance, and pleasure –from Strava into United Airlines to Weather.

GUIDED BREATHING SESSIONS – Find minutes of calm in every daily life with two – and – 5-minute guided breathing sessions that are personalized based on your heart rate.

FITBIT APP – out of sleep and activity into nutrition, resting heart rate, and group battles, it is possible to track all of your advancement in the free Fitbit® program.

TWO BANDS – This exclusive edition jacquard woven ring includes a bold geometric design and tender, dimensional texture. Additionally included is an extra classic band made of swimproof, stain-resistant silicone.

3-MONTH TRIAL OF FITBIT PREMIUM – Get more out of your own Fitbit encounter with Premium. Turn your stats to personalized health and fitness guidance that will help you achieve your goals. *

*trial offer might just be activated with apparatus activation. Valid payment method demanded. Free trial must be activated within 60 days of apparatus activation. Cancel until the free trial offer ends to avoid subscription fees.

2. Inch. Garmin Vivoactive 4


We’re starting this list strong using one of their very used androids watches for guys, because the Garmin Vivoactive 4 is what you would want as a smartwatch. It’s fashionable, durable, and perfect for a gift. As for me, I bought it for my brother a few months back, and then he was on the moon.

As somebody who’s really — and I mean, really — into technology and gadgets, even he had been impressed with its features and design. Up to now, he spent the remaining part of the afternoon playing and tinkering with the opinion, discovering everything it had to offer you.

But enough about geeky brothers. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty. The very first thing I want to say is that this bad boy was designed for ordinary wear, and also it shows. It’s a number of clean, slightly muted colors that go with everything. Whether you’re on your way to a business meeting in a suit and tie or so are carrying walk-in casual wear, this round smartwatch can look good on you no matter what.

Now while I said it had been designed for everyday use, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 is still chiefly a sports smartwatch designed to help accomplish your exercise objectives. In case you live a busy lifestyle, then this smartwatch will probably soon be especially powerful.

It has more than 20+ sports apps already installed and also an array of health stats that will track every single bone in the body so you can stay as safe as you possibly can and get the most out of your exercise. This watch can be ideal for those who would like to start exercising but don’t know how to start; using its integral workout cartoon, you won’t ever need to check just how exactly to do a Rear-Foot-Elevated Split Squat’ again.

But that is enough tiring exercises; let’s look at all the other features of this watch. Like most high-end apparatus, this really is a smart watch that could respond to calls when it’s attached to a smartphone. When paired with a compatible Android phone and it has to be Android, it is possible to even respond to messages straight from the Garmin Vivoactive 4.

Another remarkable feature is Garmin Pay, which may let you generate contactless payments only from your wrist when you pair this up with your banking accounts. Let me tell ya, this is only one of my brother’s preferred features. I have never seen him look so satisfied as when he realized he didn’t need to carry an uncomfortable wallet around anymore.

In case of practice, communication, and banking apps are not enough for you, why don’t you download them anymore? Garmin’s Link IQ store permits you to download various eyeglasses, widgets, and even apps for your watch, even though the Garmin Vivoactive 4 doesn’t have everything you are interested in, it offers you a means to believe it is. I have Id state, that’s pretty amazing.

These apps and features are all wonderful. “However long could it survive me should I use it daily?” You could be wondering. While not the best battery life on this list, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 needs to last up to 8 days in smartwatch mode. In GPS mode, it could survive 1-5 hours — with music on, only 6.

If you’re thinking about buying a swim or taking the lookout at the shower with you (for whatever reason), you then don’t need to be worried. With a water evaluation of 5ATM, the watch will be perfectly nice even if fully submerged.

Even though this smartwatch has some great benefits, you can find some areas where it’s lacking. The Connect IQ I mentioned earlier is somewhat slow, and it takes a little while for programs and watches faces to install and download. And even though it is possible to answer calls irrespective of what, you may only respond to messages if you have an Android phone attached. Sorry, iPhone users.

Last, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 has onboard music storage for approximately 500 songs and allows you to download from third-party services. As you can utilize Spotify to listen to and download music, it’s perhaps not as user-friendly as it may be.

So would I recommend this smartwatch? Short answer — yes! The slightly longer answer: even with its wide range of features, the smartwatch limitations might make some of the other options in this list a much better fit for you personally.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one of three Samsung smartwatches on this list, but it doesn’t mean I am partial to Samsung. Each one of the watches with this list has advantages and disadvantages, including that one.

In case Garmin Vivoactive 4 has been a Toyota or Honda — a good car that has everything going for it and a few dislikes- afterward the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is considered a Porsche. This powerhouse of a wristwatch combines the latest applications along with side hardware that is impressive.

Once we did before, let’s first consider the plan. The Samsung-galaxy Watch 3 is a curved Smart Watch with a small number of colors such as Mystic Bronze, Mystic Silver, or Mystic Black. Samsung prides itself on this being their first ceramic smart-watch, but there is really just a non-titanium (and cheaper) option as well.

Users may browse the Galaxy Watch 3’s app easily with its rotating bezel, which may be either 45mm and 41mm in diameter. Its large display and thinner frame make it far lighter and more comfortable than conventional watch designs. With premium-quality cloths, such as the Dutch calf leather strap, then this even matches comfort with durability. This elegant yet contemporary design really shouts’sports car’, for a certain reason. Or is it just me?

This opinion doesn’t always look, however; in addition, it has state-of-the-art apps, including exceptional features for practice. As is standard, it could capture your ECG for as many as 30 seconds, but the watch also has a remarkable integral feature to immediately notify your emergency contact for those who get tough autumn during your workout. In addition to it, it has all the tracking features you would expect from an intelligent apparatus of this quality, for example, sleep tracking and SpO2 measurement.

Samsung presents such a diverse product line that you can hypothetically pair all your smart apparatus together. So, you can select a good workout video onto your Samsung mobile, broadcast it on your Samsung TV, and track your pulse on your Samsung watch. While the Galaxy Watch 3 can work along with other brands like Apple, it’s better compatible with Samsung products.

Perhaps not limited to fitness, the Samsung-galaxy Watch 3 offers an assortment of suitable programs, for example, its unique chat. When you get a brand new message, the device will automatically show your conversation history, including any graphics you and your friends have sent. (for me, this is excellent for sending memes.)

Yet another chat feature that I’m still on the fence around is its smart reply’, which enables you to send ready-made answers Samsung believes are appropriate for the dialog. However, I’m more convinced of the easy ability to ship a Bitmoji sticker from your wrist. (You could use this to communicate worldwide human feelings such as love and despair, or again, you can personalize your exchange of memes).

So, where are the disadvantages of the sports-car of a watch? Some features might just work with a Samsung mobile; the battery life leaves something to be desired, and it’s rather pricey. For those who have the means and willingness to make use of this particular watch to its fullest potential, then do it. This smartwatch was designed chiefly with Samsung buffs in your mind, however, it may be worth purchasing even in the event that you take advantage of a variety of smart device brands.

4. TAG Heuer Connected

TAG Heuer

The TAG Heuer Connected is among the most classy android watches available for men on the marketplace. If you want a costly look that doesn’t compromise utility, this really is a fantastic choice. Designed for elegance, it also boasts the best hardware on the market. In spite of the fact that it is easily among the most high-priced watches on this list, it is the one I’d most want to buy for myself personally. Well, maybe someday when I have managed to get big.

This watch is still sports-luxury incarnate; its own modern face is protected with a scratch-resistant discriminated display. Having a ceramic bezel, stainless steel, and grade 2 titanium, this watch is built to remain intact through accidental scuffs and scratches. This opinion can make you look and feel like a classy gentleman.

The smartwatch has a variety of designs that’ll suit everything you’ve got from the cupboard. In the steel case/steel ring to a titanium case/rubber band, as well as color choices of white, blue, and black, I’m confident that you will be able to detect the design that suits you best.

In addition to its fashionable design, this watch also includes some terrific physical exercise features, including standard heart rate monitoring and activity tracking. Additionally, it comes with apps varying from golf to running to cycling. Track your sleep, the number of calories you have burnt off, and all the other functions which can come with a high-caliber smart-watch.

The most unique and striking characteristic of the TAG Heuer Connected is likely its own golf course. Naturally, this isn’t the only the first smartwatch to provide a golf course, but I believe that The TAG Heuer Connected may be the very best out of each of the others.

This app offers you a satellite perspective of over 39,000 courses, as well as both the 2D and 3D plans. Additionally, it is going to reveal to you the distance from all strokes and hurdles. Finally, when you add the incorporated scorecard and complex statistics, you will be sure to turn into a monster on the field.

Perhaps not restricted by fitness and golfing, this apparatus can also be your own personal translator, powered by Google’s Wear OS. Wherever you go, the TAG Heuer Connected will translate captured speech into whatever language you choose when you switch on the app. This really is ideal for frequent travelers, but the feature will not have its own pitfalls. By way of instance, the individual needs to speak either loudly or close to the mic so the app can catch it, as well as after that the accuracy of the translation may vary.

As this watch’s operating system is powered by Google, you can get most of the newest essentials, including Google Music, Calendar, Weather, Maps, and even Google’s very own contactless payment — Google Purchase. Still, your smartwatch will additionally support third-party apps like Spotify and Shazam, which will be available to buy through Google Play.

Do not worry iPhone users: since the watch can be appropriate for i-OS apparatus, it’s access to the AppStore in addition to apps such as Apple Health. You can download exclusive TAG Heuer watch dials on either the app store or Google Play and adjust the way in which your watch looks using your phone.

All things considered, I would say the greatest downsides of this TAG Heuer smartwatch are the weak battery life and the high price. It can not compare to the eight-day battery life of this Garmin Vivoactive 4, also with a price ranging from $1,800 — 2,500, it’s easily one of the costliest smart-watches out there. Still, when you consider its flaws and strengths, the elegant design, incredible hardware, and impressive programs will allow it to be a worthwhile purchase — if you are looking to pay $2000 for a real luxury smart watch.

5. Timex Metropolitan

Timex Metropolitan

Now here’s just a wristwatch that knows what it is and does it well. The Timex Metropolitan can be an affordable gift that will supply you with the exact grade of the product that you’re investing in. Pleasant to the eye and smooth to the touch, this smart device has what you need in a watch.

This smart-watch has a clean and classy style, with brown leather and ion mix strap that’s complemented by means of a metal case along with scratch-resistant glass. The gadget is actually lasting and the sleek smart-watch look means it goes with everything.

But good looks are not the only thing choosing this particular watch. In addition, it includes all of the fitness characteristics you would expect from a device similar to this, and it may also do a few of the basic principles better compared to high-end smartwatches.

But herein lies the situation (which I wouldn’t exactly consider a problem’ myself, however, it may possibly be a deal-breaker for some people): while the Timex Metropolitan does the basics well — and I am quite well — it has nothing particular proceeding for it. It’s just a standard, cheap, and attractive smartwatch. Its most impressive feature is its battery life this is easily among the longest battery lives in a smartwatch, at the least in regards to the list.

Let us view it in greater detail. Even the Timex Metropolitan’s GPS tracking is really true, although there is a tiny lag, this is easily one of the greatest GPS smartwatches out there. Heart rate monitoring can also be very true, in addition to sleep tracking. The watch is in fact better than most at detecting whenever the body falls asleep so when it warms up.

The watch has more capabilities than GPS, heart rate, and sleep tracking naturally, but it’s also missing a few features. By way of instance, there isn’t any contactless payment in place or ECG capability. It’s also missing cellular connectivity and third-party program aid. What may possibly be the true deal-breaker, nevertheless, is that it doesn’t have any onboard music-storage. It ought to be stated that you can restrain the music onto your phone if it’s near, but ignore dating just your own watch.

So now for the last question: if you purchase this one? As always, this completely depends on what you are looking for. One final point to consider is the watch screen is difficult to read in direct sunlight. But this watch has a better battery life compared to many high-end smartwatches. With up to 14 days of battery, you should take advantage of this watch without charging it for some time.

I think It is ideal to think about this watch from a fancy sports group. While it’s missing some high-end features, you can still accept calls and also find your phone from this. Frankly, for the price it’s selling at, I think that it’s worth it if you are looking exclusively for a well-rounded smartwatch and maybe perhaps not something that is likely to make you the talk of the party.

6. AmazFit Bip

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Even when the solution is no, the AmazFit Bip continues to be among the best android athletic watches for men out there.

In the event the Timex Metropolitan offers the best value for its own price, then an AmazFit Bip could be the most affordable smartwatch while providing everything you’d need and then a number. Although perhaps not as fashionable as a few of the additional watches within this checklist, the AmazFit Bip has a particular futuristic charm for this.

And though such as the Metropolitan it is overlooking a few more high-end features, it does exactly what it was built to do and it does it all well. (While having the best smartwatch battery life available on the market.) But more on this later.

Its design, even though maybe perhaps not overly elaborate, still looks pretty slick. Despite the fact that I was not just a big fan of it at the start, frankly, it grew on me. With 4 pastel colors to choose from, I am sure that you will find something to match your tastes. Personally, I am partial to the Cinnabar Red.

Therefore with design out of this way in which, let us take an even more in-depth look at this pretty astonishing and affordable sports watch. And it’s really just what it says it is, an intelligent sports watch. Even though you can still accept calls and also view messages, the wise apparatus was mainly created for fitness enthusiasts, that will be clear in its weight of just 32 g (approximately).

The watch is really light and comfortable that you might even forget that it’s there throughout your exercise. As for fitness features, it’s everything you would expect. Together with its Sony 28nm low-power GPS tracking, the watch now supports a total of 4 sports styles, for example, Outdoor Running, Indoor Running, Cycling, and Walking. All of these modes have a comprehensive data analysis and a pretty accurate heart rate monitor as well as a PPG sensor.

This means that you may instantly know whether the exercise meets your standards or in case a form needs tweaking, and if your training routine is either aerobic or anaerobic. You could even set rate and heart rate reminders so you’re able to exercise more efficiently.

A wonderful bit of hardware would be the watch screen, which is always on. Its reflective surface usually means that the stronger the lighting is, the clearer the image. You won’t have some trouble seeing what you need to watch this watch, even if you were from the Sahara desert with the sun directly hitting on your face.

However, more astonishing than anything else is the watch’s battery, which beats all the competition with the battery life of any smartwatch. It’s possible to go for 2 whole months without having to charge it. This usually means that you can cross the complete Sahara and still have a battery left to save.

While the opinion is also water and dust resistant, ” I wouldn’t advise opting for a bath or a swim while still wearing it. I would not suggest opting for a wander at the Sahara desert either, with a lot of sand. I do not like it, it’s rough, demanding and it has everywhere.

So if you’re a sports enthusiast or know somebody who’s, I’d recommend this apparatus, as it’s easily among the greatest fitness smartwatches available on the market. Even if you are not just a hardcore fitness guy and only want to live a healthier lifestyle, then I would still recommend this watch. Great for watching and running your caloric intake, it’s affordable and it has everything you need in one simple package. Honestly, if I was not sitting on my bum all day long, researching and writing articles I would also consider buying it for myself.

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