Brookstone Ultimate Foot Spa with Massaging Jets and Heat
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Brookstone Ultimate Foot Spa with Massaging Jets and Heat

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Enjoy a relaxing spa experience at home with our Ultimate Foot Spa. Massaging jets and heat ensure your stress will become a distant memory as your feet relax.

Step into the generously sized Ultimate Foot Spa and get ready to say goodbye to stress. With four powerful hydro jets, you’ll rejoice as your tight muscles and tired feet relax. Spa helps increase circulation and features both high and low heat settings so you’re comfortable and happy. Included are a pumice stone, brush, and water-resistant remote control—which are all stored away neatly in the compartment under the Ultimate Foot Spa.

Delight as manual rolling nodes provides a gentle kneading to your arches—a process that stimulates and soothes important reflexology zones. The oversized tub holds a full two gallons and has an integrated splash guard so you can use the Ultimate Foot Spa wherever you’d like without worry. Color-changing underwater LED lights – in red, green, and blue – add to the soothing nature of the spa. Tub drains easily when you’re finished—though you’ll probably want to keep the Ultimate Foot Spa out and ready to give yourself a treatment every single day.

Transport yourself to a place of complete relaxation with our Ultimate Foot Spa. So close to the heated massaging tubs you’ve seen in salons, you’ll almost feel guilty for pampering yourself so much. It’s a decadent and relaxing way to wash away daily stress.

  • Choose from three auto programs: Hydrotherapy; Pedicure; or Warm Soak
  • High and low heat settings allow you to adjust water temp up to 115°F
  • Four powerful hydro jets feature adjustable speed to help relieve tight muscles and relax tired feet
  • Roomy, oversized tub has a two-gallon capacity and an integrated splash guard
  • Heat and massage functions help increase circulation
  • Manual rolling nodes provide a kneading massage to your arches, stimulating important reflexology zones
  • The spa includes a removable brush, pumice stone, and a water-resistant remote control
  • Optional bubbler blows air bubbles up from the bottom of the tub to massage your soles and simulate a spa-like experience

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