Dinox Scope Kid’s Microscope Dinosaur for Age 5-12 Kids

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  • Dinosaur-themed microscope for kids aged 5-12
  • Glass optical lenses provide clear imaging and prevent chromatic aberration
  • The adjustable LED light source for protecting eyes and preventing fatigue
  • Includes all necessary tools and a mobile phone holder for easy observation and sharing
  • Designed with ABS material for durability and ergonomic use.

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Dinox Scope Kid's Microscope
Dinox Scope Kid's Microscope Dinosaur for Age 5-12 Kids AED295.00 Original price was: AED295.00.AED210.00Current price is: AED210.00. inc. VAT

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The dinosaur kid’s microscope can be an effective tool to facilitate communication between your children and you. Through the phone stand, you can look through and interact with your child. This way, you can interact with your child and increase the understanding of the science of your child. It will allow you to become a “good teacher” in your child’s mind and lead your child on a path of exploration of the small area!

This kid’s microscope runs on two AAA batteries (batteries included in this item) and is highly portable. Kids can bring them to school or their house to share their observations with their peers and enjoy the pleasure of science-based experiments. In the meantime, you will be able to interact and collaborate with your classmates and show the ability to create friendships for youngsters.

The microscope for small dinosaurs uses glass optical lenses that are not commonly used on kid’s microscopes. Compared to plastic lenses, the glass lens provides clarity, lacks blurring of the chromatic image, and may aid in relieving eye fatigue. The focus knob was made to be simple for children to grasp. The lens barrel is constructed with an angle of 45 degrees, which helps alleviate the fatigue of the cervical vertebrae. The clamp on the platform is fixed and sturdy to ensure the stability of biomechanical samples throughout the observation process.

Arouse Kid’s Interest in Exploring the Microscopic World

Small cells can be seen in the microscope of children. The magnification range from 40X to 400X allows kids to experience the microworld fully, stimulate their fascination with science and fill them with curiosity and interest. Desire is an excellent instrument for children’s science and enlightenment.

Clear Imaging & No Chromatic Aberration

This kid’s microscope uses the all-glass optical lens that has a better light transmission and colour reproduction than lenses made of plastic! Wide-field 10X eyepieces don’t just offer a more comprehensive vision and clear images but also safeguard children’s eyesight. Don’t use any other lenses for your microscope that are inferior to yours. The image blurs and has chromatic aberration, which could cause irreparable harm to the child’s vision.

Designed for Kids

The microscope for kids uses ABS, the material used in aircraft production that is durable and sturdy with no sharp edges or corners, meaning there’s no reason to be concerned about your child being scratched. The focusing wheel can precisely adjust the focus, specifically designed to fit in the palm of a child’s hand. It is simple to use and simple to turn. The 45deg inclination angle of the barrel of the lens is ergonomic, caring for the children’s cervical spines and making watching simple without causing fatigue.

Adjustable Light Source Design

In comparison to the brightness of the light source, it is not adjustable by a single button. This microscope kit has an LED adjustable dial that can not only alter the intensity of light sources but can also adapt to various situations to suit the various light situations; it also can assist in protecting your eyes and preventing fatigue. This monocular microscope comes with 2 AA batteries and is not restricted by the surroundings as it is free of the dangers of electric current.

Package Content

The microscope kit for beginners includes Petri dishes, Tweezers droppers and glass slides, test tubes and more. There is no requirement to buy other tools! The mobile phone holder lets you magnify images to make them easy to observe and share. A thorough user manual will aid your child in performing more successful scientific experiments. The microscope is constructed and ready to be put into use after receipt. It is a great gift idea for children’s science kits!

Additional information

Weight 4.9 kg


Magnification Ratio

500X & Under




Biological Microscope




Adjustable disc diaphragm


2pcs of AA battery


Revolving triple nosepiece



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