Enabot EBO Air Pet Robot | Smart Robot Companion for Your Pet

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  • Capture, Record and Play
  • Autonomous movement
  • Self-Return to Charging Dock
  • Activity Tracking Collar

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Enabot EBO Air is an interactive and smart pet robot. Due to its ingenuity, it has been lauded by the most reputable design award panel. It has been awarded the RedDot Award Winner 2020. The small robot cannot only increase the interaction between pets and toys but also allows pet owners to immediately check if their pets are secure and healthy while on the move, providing innovative ways to care for cats. EBO Catpal is also a camera for surveillance and allows operation in Wi-Fi-connected environments.

The lens’ high-definition 1080p resolution can capture high-definition video footage. Additionally, the fuselage comes with 16GB of internal memory that can be used to store low-quality video clips. To prevent injuries when pets are in contact when they interact with EBO Catpal, EBO Catpal can perform a 360-degree scan of the lens to make sure there’s enough space and safety to be able to interact with cats and protect cats.

AI Feature & 1080P Night Vision

EBO Air can intelligently recognize animals or humans and allow them to be able to move indoors. When EBO Air detects human animals or any suspicious activities, it will send an alert to your phone. Night view and self-charging let you see your home throughout the day.

2 Way Talk & Companion Playmate

EBO Air makes companionship and never love absent. Open the EBO APP to view or talk to your family and pet anytime, anywhere. Built-in TOF sensor that can automatically identify and avoid obstacles. Additionally, the tumbler’s design lets you not worry about your pet tripping over.

Quieter & E-Pet

The new brushless motor wheels help your EBO Air move more silently while you sleep, securing your home without disrupting the sweet dream. You can also control it remotely. The device to sleep mode via the EBO APP. It will temporarily cease to function until you turn off your sleeping mode. Let your pet have a separate pet and turn on the function for E-pet, Air will display its abilities, and its head Air can be placed into various DIY tools.

Wider View Angel & Multi-user & Privacy Policy

Built-in FOV 118deg wide-angle camera Viewing field is wider. EBO App supports multi-user usage. You can invite your family to utilize the app together (Involving privacy, so please make sure you ask your family members with care). We value the security of our users and privacy. EBO APP DO NOT have any access to access the user’s data. All the data is stored on an SD card, which means there will be no cloud fees.

Compatibility & Customer Service

EBO app works with iOS and Android versions 10.0 and 5.0 and higher; windows and MAC systems are currently not supported and are only supported in the WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz. We offer a one-year warranty starting at the time of purchase. If you experience any problems, you should contact us, and we will respond promptly within the next 24 hours.


Access Anywhere

Ebo can be connected via WiFi, allowing you to watch your cat’s activity via HD video and sound through the mobile application.

Capture, Record and Play

Ebo comes with an HD camera that is 1080p. Make videos and photographs or interact with your cat through live streaming.

Autonomous movement

Ebo wheels roll and dance independently and come with sensors for collisions.

Interaction in real-time

Ebo’s eyes and movements simulate real-life activities, making your cat more engaged daily.

Social sharing app

The Ebo app has a lot of editing options and social functions to let you communicate your flurry to the world.

Self-Return to Charging Dock

Ebo automatically goes back to the dock whenever it needs charging. There isn’t one thing.

Set a Schedule

Programming Ebo to wake you up and sleep when you’re most comfortable. Ebo can be programmed to work around your timetable.

Activity Tracking Collar

Keep track of your cat’s health indicators using Ebo, the activity monitor.

Present in Ebo Pro Artificial Intelligence

In Ebo Pro, AI algorithms determine your cat’s mood and adjust to your cat’s unique sound and play style.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg



1080p @ 30fps


1920 * 1080


1.6m/s Max

Front detection range

50mm — 1500mm





Battery life

60-120 minutes


6-axis IMU



Age Group



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