Classic Anti Theft Clutch Handbag with Fingerprint Smart Lock

AED175.00 inc. VAT

  • Classic Anti Theft Clutch Handbag with Fingerprint Smart Lock made of high-end leather,
  • Fingerprint technology locks zipper to protect items, innovative design,
  • Quick recognition with a powerful processing chip, unlocks in 0.5 seconds,
  • Enhanced security with seamless zinc alloy body construction, low chance of misjudging,
  • Dustproof, waterproof, fits up to 7.9″ tablet, lightweight, and practical for travel.
Classic Anti Theft Clutch Handbag with Fingerprint
Classic Anti Theft Clutch Handbag with Fingerprint Smart Lock AED265.00 AED175.00 inc. VAT

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Classic Anti Theft Clutch Handbag is equipped with the Fingerprint Smart Lock, composed of high-end and stylish leather. With fingerprint technology, that locks the zipper and protects your items. A simple and stylish business clutch bag. Unique and excellent design. Innovative, carefully chosen soft leather. Fingerprint unlock – your finger can unlock. A powerful processing chip that speeds up recognition and one-touch opening instantly. With a strong belt. Lightweight and practical. Simple to carry, secure for travel. It is dustproof and waterproof. It can fit on a tablet size of 7.9″.

Your Fingerprint is The Key

Smart fingerprint lock padlock uses fingerprint recognition to unlock/lock. You don’t need spare keys or remember an entry code; you just need to use your finger or the finger of the owner of this lock.

Unlock in 0.5 Second

The technology of quick recognition, security Lock for Locker, and support for fingerprint recognition to detect your Fingerprint at a quick 360-degree angle. If the Fingerprint is in an empty state, it is possible to use your finger to unlock it. The Fingerprint is unique to you.

Enhanced Security

The lock is designed with a seamless zinc alloy body construction. Locks that are digitally locked protect from being crushed, pried or cut. Locks with fingerprints are ideal for lockers with capacitive scanners. High penetration, excellent recognition, low chance of misjudging

Classic Anti Theft Clutch Handbag with Fingerprint

Additional information

Weight 0.607 kg
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 7 cm




Anti Theft Bag

Lining Material


Closure Type

Zipper & Hasp


Fingerprint Lock




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