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How To Choose Floor Lamps For Living Room?

how to choose floor lamps for living room?

Lampshades are known as one of the most attractive home decoration items that have a direct impact on the appearance of a home. You need to know, lampshades have different types and are also used in different parts of a house. The standing lampshade is one of the most practical ones, which is known to be a more ideal option to buy compared to other lampshades. This type of lampshade can be used in different parts of a house and this has had a direct effect on its popularity.

In the past years, various centers and collections in Iran have tried to sell lampshades through different methods. These centers believe that choosing a standing lampshade for the living room and other parts of the house should be done with the utmost care. Paying attention to different criteria for lampshade arrangement and its selection is considered a sensitive and very important issue. Many people reduce the quality of their purchase due to not paying attention to the mentioned items and ultimately do not get their ideal product.

1. Assess your lighting needs

The first thing to consider when choosing a floor lamp for the living room is the lighting needs of the living room. As you know, the living room is a space where family members gather to talk, watch TV, etc. In this regard, the light required for this part of the house should be very favorable. Maybe during the day there is no special need for unnatural lights and you can benefit from sunlight. However, as the weather gets darker, your need for lighting will increase.

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In such a situation, choosing a standing lampshade for the living room should be done with the utmost care to provide the light you need. In fact, the placement of the lampshade should be in such a way that while providing uniform and favorable light, it creates a favorable atmosphere for you. In many situations, it has been observed that the use of non-standard lamps has not provided good conditions. Therefore, after checking the lighting needs, pay attention to the place of their radiation and the type of lamp, direction of radiation, etc. The back of a chair or a sofa is one of the most suitable places to meet your need for light.

Assess your lighting needs

2. Consider room size and layout

One of the important issues in choosing a standing lampshade for the living room is definitely the size of the room or its arrangement. Many decoration activists believe that the size of the room has a direct impact on the location of the lampshade. Also, these people say that the lampshade can have better efficiency for smaller spaces. Many people, regardless of criteria such as the size of the room and its arrangement, only intend to choose a standing lampshade for the living room. This issue will definitely cause various errors in your selection process.

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In addition to this, the arrangement of the lampshade is a more difficult process that should be taken into account by you. The exact location of the lampshade should be such that your space does not benefit from additional lights. Note that it is definitely necessary to use a lampshade with a low light level in smaller spaces. Paying attention to these important points will allow you to prepare a new reception lamp according to the standard principles.

Consider room size and layout

3. Choosing a lampshade according to your decoration style

One of the important and sensitive points related to choosing a standing lampshade for the living room is related to the style of home decoration. As you know, different households decorate their homes according to their interests. However, the arrangement of home decoration is not outside the modern, classic and traditional modes. In many situations, some lampshades can be used in all three decors. Of course, you should know that despite the wide variety of these products in the market, the option chosen by you must be in accordance with the ideals of your home. In the following, we will get to know some suitable lampshades for any decoration.

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Due to the fact that today the majority of homes benefit from modern decoration style, it is natural to see the production of modern lampshades in a wide variety. Choosing a standing lampshade for the living room with a modern style is the easiest thing that the members of a family can do. Modern style lampshades are often made with metal, ceramic, clay, stone, etc. structures.

The necessary diversity in the material used for these products has enabled families to make an ideal choice. Some of the mentioned lampshades can also be used in classic decoration. Also, in homes that have traditional decoration style, using lampshades with wooden structures along with inlays and traditional decorations can be a suitable option. Paying attention to the smallest points while choosing lampshades can have a great impact on the final result.

Choosing a lampshade according to your decoration style

4. Evaluating lamp options

Today, with extensive advances in technology, various lamps have been made by electrical and electronic companies. This has also influenced your selection of standing lampshades for the living room. There are various lamps that have become more efficient compared to the past, and this issue has also been effective in increasing the sales of various lampshades. Some lampshades, due to their special structure, only one type of lamp should be used in their construction. However, we are going to introduce some of the best lamps for use in lampshades.

  • CFL lamp is considered as the first category of lamps used in today’s lampshades, which has many fans. This type of lamp has benefited from a very low price and this issue has also increased its popularity. Also, cfl lamps can be known as a better option compared to incandescent lamps. It should be noted that these products are in the category of low consumption lamps.
  • LED lamps are among other suitable options for use in modern and classic lampshades. These types of lamps are known to be a more energy-efficient option compared to the previous model. Of course, the price of LED lamps is higher than CFL lamps. The lifespan of LED lamps is also longer and they have the same optimal light distribution.
  • Halogens are among the other desirable options for lampshades that produce light similar to incandescent lamps. It should be noted that the energy used in halogen lamps is similar to incandescent lamps. For this reason, these products cannot be introduced as a suitable option for saving electricity consumption.

Evaluating lamp options

5. Attention to budget and quality considerations

All the mentioned items are known to be effective factors in choosing a standing lampshade for the living room. Budget is one of the important factors in choosing lampshades, which has a great impact on the options you can choose. Since nowadays lampshade manufacturing companies have succeeded in supplying a special variety of different lampshades to the markets of Iran, these products benefit from a wide variety of prices.

As mentioned, the materials used in making lampshades are different and you should finalize your purchase according to the quality of these products. Quality is one of the most important factors in the preparation of these products, and neglecting it can cause heavy losses to you. It should be noted that many collections seek to make a profit from the people of our country by deceiving people in this way and offering low-quality products. Therefore, considering this important point and choosing a reliable center in this field, increase the quality of your purchase.

Attention to budget and quality considerations

FAQ – FLOOR lamp Purchase guide

Since standing lampshades benefit from a larger size, it is suggested to use them for reception and living room.

In addition to its lighting aspect, the standing lampshade also affects the appearance of your home due to its structure. Due to the production of these products in different structures, you can implement different decors by means of lampshades.

Shades of lampshades, while protecting the lamps of the lampshade, are also effective in giving the produced light.

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