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7 Gadgets Every Mobile Gamer Should Buy in 2021

We all know that nowadays, smartphones have become gaming devices and support too many big games, and many of us also become real mobile gamers.

It doesn’t matter you are going to play PUBG or other shooting games, but you must have some mobile accessories and gadgets that every mobile gamer should have to improve their gaming skills.

No one can indeed sit in front of the TV for many hours to play games, but this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy games; in this article, we are going to tell you about the best gaming accessories that every mobile gamer should buy.

Read the complete article to learn about all these unique gadgets that provide you with the console gaming experience and improve your gaming skills.

Flydigi Finger Sleeve 2:

Flydigi Finger Sleeve 2 600x400 1 300x200 1

If you are a gamer and want to have an excellent gaming experience, you surely need Flydigi Finger Sleeve 2. They will aid you in having an incredible gaming experience.

In its manufacturing, silver metal fibers are used, which is the latest technology of yarn spinning. It is as good as it makes these Finger Sleeves 30% more conductible than any normal.

It is mainly designed for games like Blade, Call of Duty Mobile, Combat, PUBG mobile, Survivor Royal, and many more FPS core games.

The Flydigi Finger Sleeve 2 is very comfortable and sensitive to the mobile screen. It not only helps in the improvement of the gaming experience, but you will also experience having a soothing and impressive game.

Additionally, this Finger Sleeve contains high elasticity and flexibility. That’s why it is useful for all gamer’s finger sizes because it can fit small or large fingers. Besides this, it has fused locking technologies that do not allow stitch-off lines.

If we talk about this Flydigi Finger Sleeve 2, then do not consider it as big as a textile kind finger cot. These are smaller in size and easy to carry anywhere, anytime. You can place them into your bag or pocket can use them where you need them.

It is an incredible product that can keep away the contact between screen and hand sweat. Not only this, it is breathable, slip-resistant, and oil resistant.

You will find it completely reasonable and reliable. After putting on this Flydigi Finger Sleeve 2, there will be no fingerprint on the screen. Besides these, it is more precious and helps you to prevent operating errors while playing.

Key Features:

  • It is made up of densely woven 0.3mm nanosize carbon fiber
  • The Flydigi Finger Sleeve 2 is thin and powerful
  • It can be fitted with all fingers elegantly
  • It feels breathable and refreshing and all thanks to its vast area for air and evaporation.

Flydigi WASP 2 PRO Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Gamepad

Flydigi WASP 2 PRO 600x400 1 300x200 1

The Flydigi WASP 2 PRO is the 3rd updated version by Flydigi-Xiaomi.

Since it came into being, it never disappoints the users. Along with the Xbox, you will have a great ALPS rocker.

After buying, a long journey with Flydigi WASP 2 PRO waits for you. You can activate it by a Built-in Xiaoyou type C activation line.

The Flydigi WASP 2 PRO is designed explicitly with a stylish color scheme of black and blue combination. These colors honestly give your product an elegant look, and it seems dynamic and very youthful.

It comes with a generous width of approximately 86mm clip design, which able the handles playable for almost all smartphones.

Additionally, the handles of this Flydigi WASP 2 PRO can recharge the phones with a Type-C cable help.

Besides this, it is designed explicitly with Joystick, which is of the same shape, just like the Analog-stick on the handles. These sticks make the grip more comfortable and compact.

The Flydigi WASP 2 PRO comes with 360-degree rotation technology, which helps the gamer to move more precisely and accurately with hands.

In this way, dual keys are present on it, A and B for arbitrary functions. Not only this, there is a double trigger, which is L1 and L2. These triggers enable you to map the keys according to user demand.

Having a four keys button on the map gives your game a refined touch than ever before.

In addition to many other features, the most wonderful is its gyroscope, which significantly enhances the handle sensitivity for accurate control.

This 6-axis gyroscope gives you a more comprehensive view and helps the gamer to keep an eye on the map to detect an opponent in games. Some specific games for which this gyroscope is extremely beneficial are MOBA games.

The performance of the gyroscope proves useful in FPS games like Call of Duty and PUBG. It aided the player to have better focus and attack on opponents.

Key Features:

  • The Flydigi WASP 2 PRO is suitable for Android and iOS.
  • It is more comfortable with physical keys as compared to have a touchscreen.
  • Its map keys are based on the Bluetooth map
  • It has a 300mAH battery

Flydigi WASP Wing Phone Cooler Fan

flydigi wasp wing 600x400 1 300x200 1

The Flydigi WASP Wing is a specifically designed phone cooler that comes with an exquisite and portable design.

The most incredible advantage of this small bee wing-like body is that it will not interfere with your hands after the installation. So you will experience a smooth touch screen.

Besides this all, as the name explains itself, it has three gears and three wind levels that reach up to 4.9cm. Because of these wings, the machinery will not warm up at all.

If we talk about the battery, then Flydigi WASP Wing consists of a Lithium Battery. This battery is of 700mAH capacity. It is durable and super useful.

There is magical light with fan blades that light up each other to give E-sport environment. Not only this, these magical lights will inspire the gaming potential of gamers.

Flydigi WASP Wing’s cooling system is silent in it and does not interfere with the voice calls. Its size is so compact, even of pocket size.

If we say it is compatible with other portable devices, then it will not wrong. Its compatibility is about 62mm or above. For this purpose, you have to press the strong suction.

Key Features:

  • It comes with the 700mAH Lithium battery
  • Its cooling system does not make any interference with voice calls
  • It is entirely compatible with other devices
  • It is durable and super good

Flydigi Wasp 2 Elite Edition One-Handed Gamepad

Flydigi Wasp 2 Elite Edition uae 600x400 1 300x200 1

The Flydigi Wasp 2 Elite Edition is the updated and single-handed controller for FPS games like PUBG mobile, Fortnite, and Call of Duty.

It is a single-handed and right controller for Android and iOS devices. This gamepad is mainly made for PUBG and many other shooting game players.

In addition to this, the gamepad comes with the feature of Bluetooth. This Bluetooth supports Android and portable iOS devices up to 86mm in width.

Besides this, the creative and removable button made of metal and present behind the pad can be conveniently removed and install.

The half touch screen and half gamepad hold your hand on operating keys. While playing PUBG and other shooting games, press the logo key for sprint purposes.

The Flydigi Wasp 2 Elite Edition is composed of a six-axis gyroscope. Not only this, it consists of adjustable sensitivity and somatosensory micro-operation.

To turn on, press LT. For somatosensory, again press LT. Now for an extended view, you have to shake the handles slightly. After this lock, your battlefield and have a precise sniper.

The Flydigi Wasp 2 Elite Edition comes with a select metal button that is removable and reinstallable. These buttons present on the back of the Gamepad.

You can play with four fingers instead of three fingers, can shoot and jump while walking.

This Gamepad has a big ALPS joystick, which provides you to have good gameplay.

Besides this, it has an innovative connection of Bluetooth technology, which supports Android and iOS with a width of about 86mm.

Key Features:

  • It comes with Type-C Activation Line
  • It consists of Big Joystick for easy holding
  • Removable metal Buttons
  • Best performance for shooting games

Rock Retractable Shooting Game Controller Triggers:

Rock Trigger 300x199 1

Nowadays gaming community is increasing day by day, and in this situation, every game needs a lot of practice to take a full grip on it.

So if you want to become the best gamer, then the Rock Retractable shooting game controller triggers are very useful for you.

These triggers come with the ergonomic design that always feels you more comfortable at the time of gaming. These triggers offer you an excellent grip and remain stable when playing games.

If we talk about the material, then these are made up of conductive material and very easy to install these triggers, which means you don’t feel any difficulty or don’t need any type of usage guide.

These triggers are lightweight and portable, the best option for the shooting games like PUBG, Fortnite, Call of duty Mobile and other games.

In our recommendation, these triggers work best with the 4 to 6.5-inch mobile phone; it doesn’t matter it is Android or iPhone.

Rock Retractable shooting game controller triggers are best for gaming; these are very convenient and sensitive; the best part of these triggers is that you don’t need any type of software or driver to use them.

These triggers will take your gaming skills to the next level, and you can easily play every game in competition or for enjoyment.

Key Features:

  • High sensitive buttons
  • Very lightweight
  • Best for gamers to improve their skills

Flydigi Shadow Stinger Vice FPS Game Controller Right Hand:

Stinger trigger flydigi

It is one of the best mobile gaming controllers that provide you the best gaming experience.

This controller comes with capacitor isolation mapping technology that uses the powerful second-generation chip to make the controller sensitive and improve the response speed.

The best part of this controller is that in every contact surface, the conductive silicone is added to ensure that every click is correctly performed.

Other than this for the recording of click frequency, the CapAir Mapping 2 comes with brand new hand speed recording functions.

With the top switch’s help, you can record the click frequency, and by long-press the button, you can go to the primary mode.

The primary and the secondary keys of this trigger come with a removable design like double keys or four keys; it’s all your choice.

However, the primary key of this trigger works separately to form a classic four-finger control, or you can also equip this with the help of a secondary key.

If we talk about the other features, then the trigger’s curve shape is specially designed for the finger position and very comfortable to hold these triggers.

It supports both Android and iOS phones that come with a maximum thickness of 10.5mm and 87mm wide.

If we talk about battery life, then it is very powerful because you can play games for 80 hours at full charge.

Key Features:

  • It supports both Android and iOS.
  • It comes with a curve design for a comfortable hold
  • Amazing battery life
  • Lightweight and portable
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