Fireball Shooting Harry Potter Magic Wand

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Harry Potter Magic Wand
Fireball Shooting Harry Potter Magic Wand AED149.00 inc. VAT
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Incendio! Fool your muggle friends into thinking you’ve acquired wizardly powers with this fireball-shooting Harry Potter wand. At the push of a button, the wand will emit a steady stream of fire guaranteed to awe your audience.

This unique wand is the perfect gift for any aspiring witch or wizard to add to their collection. This will be the difference between super fan, and super fraud.


1) Can it work on any type of paper?

No, It needs Magic Paper. You can purchase it anytime from Local magic shops “magic paper”

2) How Many Fireballs Can I Launch?

As long as you have Magic Paper and a spell book, you can charge up and cast incendio!

3) How does it generate the fireball?

The wand has a built-in heater that can launch the magic paper ball and cook it within seconds (Just charge the wand to ensure it works!)

4) How do I use it?

By pressing the button! “Yer a wizard Harry.”

6) Is it safe?

Please ensure you only use this product in the presence of someone who is 18+ The magic paper is very safe and burns almost instantly, but you are completely liable for any damages and injuries. Please be careful and responsible when using this product.

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