Head Massagers

There are various massagers in the market that have different features and provide various services to users. Fortunately, it is possible to buy a head massager with different models through the As2 online shop. In the following, you can see the popular head massagers in the market below:

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Types of head massagers

Head massagers, which are produced in various models, have different applications and functions, in such a way that some of them focus only on the soles of the head, while others are suitable for massaging the neck and ear areas.

To identify the best device and buy a head massager, one should know their types; In the following, let us introduce the above types of devices.

Brush head massager

1. Electric Head-massagers

Electric models are one of the most widely used head massagers. They connect to the city electricity system and have no restrictions or problems in energy consumption; Therefore, there is no need to use the battery and charge it.

This device can be used in many places; like beauty salons and any other place where there is city electricity; But in places like airplanes and anywhere else where there is no electricity, this device remains unused.

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2. Rechargeable model Head-massager

Rechargeable massagers work without direct connection to electricity; Therefore, if you need to relax due to fatigue and worry etc., this small and light device is very effective; Because it serves you for a considerable time without needing electricity.

3. Gun Head massager

These models, which are designed in the shape of a gun, have different series and are useful for massaging different parts of the body. Gun massager is not recommended for scalp and face.

4. Massager with a wire shape

The head of this massager is wire-shaped. The wires are connected to a central part and are pulled over the head with their round and small part. They are not assisted by any power or electronic system.

5. Head Scalp massagers

The small head of these devices is like a brush and has large teeth that move on the scalp and stimulate blood vessels and dilate them, thus helping to increase and improve blood flow.

Head Scalp massagers

6. Head-Massager with silicone head

These new massagers are similar to brush-like models, only they are made of silicone and work without electricity.

7. Heat massager

Thermal massagers are more effective and heat the head with the help of special elements and electrical energy. This leads to relaxation of nerves and softening of blood vessels.

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Benefits of head massager

Providing effective massagers that can be purchased in Dubai; They have many benefits, some of which are:

  • Helping to have healthy and strong hair: massage helps to stimulate and grow new hair and makes them stronger and healthier; They are also effective in increasing hair thickness and help to activate hair follicles. If you plan to use natural oils for the scalp, they will also help spread it.
  • Increasing blood flow: With the help of a massager, you can increase the blood flow around the head and cause better hair growth.
  • Removing dead skin cells: By buying a head massager and using it, you can exfoliate the dead skin from the scalp, relieve scalp itching, and eliminate dandruff.
  • Improving the absorption of hair care products: Scalp massage helps to thicken hair strands by dilating blood vessels while using serums or treatment products.
  • Treatment of headaches and migraines: head massagers are effective in reducing and sometimes eliminating headaches and migraine pains.
  • Reducing insomnia: Using a suitable massager helps to relieve insomnia, feeling relaxed and experiencing deep sleep.

The best head massager for stress

One of the serious benefits of massage is relaxation and stress relief. Some head massagers are more effective in this field, one of which is the Valentia head and body massager. Some of the features of this device are:

  • Stimulation of acupuncture points on the scalp
  • Untie knots
  • Improve and accelerate blood circulation
  • Reduce headache
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Stimulation of hair follicles
  • Having 4 series
  • Can be used for the whole body
  • Has a strong lithium battery

The best head massager for stress

The best head massager for hair growth

Buying a head massager, which is one of the most effective for hair growth, the Olina model from the Italian brand Myotost, helps hair growth. This device is known for the following features:

  1. Use of 3D technology
  2. Improve blood circulation
  3. Creating relaxation and eliminating stress
  4. Can be used for different areas of the body
  5. Very effective in preventing hair loss

The best head massager for hair growth

The best head massager for headaches

To get help from massagers that help relieve headaches, it is better to refer to electric models. As an example, we introduce one of them:

HZ-HEAD-1 model from Hezhang brand

This model with 4 massage bases is suitable for head, foot, shoulder, hand and neck areas. Its power is provided by a rechargeable battery (lithium ion) with a capacity of 800mAH and it works up to 2 hours with a full charge.

HZ-HEAD-1 waterproof massager uses silicone series to massage with two modes.

What is the best type of head massager?

Despite the variety of head massage devices, it is difficult to introduce the best type, however, some of them are more popular that we mention a few models to help you buy a head massager:

1. Breo iDrem 5S

The above device is in the form of a hat that is placed on the head and its size can be adjusted. This model, which uses smart pressure technology, is also effective for eye massage.

Breo iDrem 5S head massager

2. Smart Head Spa

To use a mini and small model, go for this waterproof and 5W Smart Head Spa device, which is powered by a 1200 mAh battery and massages with silicone arms.

Smart Head SpaSmart Head Spa

3. Xiaomi Mini M2

These small colored devices are compatible with the environment and massage the head with 6 modes.

4. Head, temple and eye massager

It is possible to massage the head, temples and eyes at the same time using this hat. This massager is made with the best materials and is of high quality and allows you to listen to your favorite music!

5. MZ-HM155

An excellent model for different ages that can be easily used anywhere. This device uses magnetic waves to reduce headaches and anxiety.



Head massage has many benefits and effects that help to relieve headaches, migraines and reduce hair loss and increase the thickness of hair strands, which does this by stimulating the follicles and increasing and improving blood circulation.

For this reason, buying a head massager, which has various types and can be purchased from Dubai markets, helps people effectively.

FAQ – Buy Head massagers in Dubai

Some massager models are suitable only for the head and others for different areas of the body.

There are various types of head massagers that can be obtained from importers in Dubai; For example: electric, rechargeable, gun, wire, brush-like head, silicone head, steel head, helmet head, thermal head.

Rechargeable massagers are effective for use in any environment.

By buying a head massager, you can help reduce headaches, increase relaxation and relieve stress, increase hair thickness, prevent hair loss, and reduce insomnia.

Among the various types of massagers, the following models can be mentioned: Breo iDrem 5S, Smart Head Spa, Xiaomi Mini M2, head, temple and eye massager cap and MZ-HM155