Nitecore NU05 Mini Headlamp Rechargeable

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  • Model: Nitecore NU05,
  • Max 35 Lumens,
  • Red & White Safety Light,
  • USB Rechargeable,
  • Compact & Lightweight,
  • Simple Charging Kit.

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The Nitecore NU05 Headlamp Mate is an excellent safety light that can be added to your headlamps, backpacks, or straps, and wherever else you can think of to immediately alert other people that you are there. With red and white outputs and various modes, you’ll have endless options to utilize the NU05. The white output of 35 lumens could be used as a primary light source in emergency or backup situations.

Five Modes to Choose From

The Nitecore NU05 is turned on using the one-button interface. The switch should be pressed again after 3 seconds to change between different modes.

  • Red Indicator (20 hours)
  • Red Slow Blink (4 lumens/9 hrs)
  • Red – Rapid Blink (4 lumens / 9 hr)
  • White The Slow Blink (35 lumens, 2 hours and 15 minutes)
  • White The best (35 lumens / 2 hours and 15 min)

After three seconds of inactivity, pressing the power button will place the NU05 into standby mode.

Nitecore NU05 can be Easily Attached to Any of the Following

  • Headlamps
  • Wristbands
  • Backpacks
  • Pet Collars
  • Waistband
  • Bicycles

Built-in USB Charging

Utilize the USB charging cable for charging your flashlight quickly and easily. Connect it to the Nitecore NU05 as well as any USB energy source. The indicator light for charging will flash while charging and then turn green after completion—the estimated time of charging is 2 hours.

Battery Power Indicator

You will always know how much power remains with the built-in power gauge. Hold and push the switch to turn off power for one second when on standby. The indicator will flash in the following manner:

  • Three blinks signify that the power is greater than 50%.
  • Two blinks mean the power is lower than 50%.
  • One blink represents it’s time to charge the NU05

Lockout Mode

The NU05 is in lockout mode to extend the life of the battery. Press and hold the power button for one second to start the lockout. Press and hold it for three seconds until you exit the lockout. The indicator light in red will gradually blink.

For night-time security and signaling

From cycling, camping, and all the rest, The NU05 is the ideal security light with white and red outputs and four different flashing modes.

Nu headlamp series

This line of headlamps is a highly compact, rechargeable, hands-free light solution for shakers and movers.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

Max Output

35 lumens

Max Runtime



250mAh Li-ion Battery

Beam color

White light, Auxiliary Red Light


Red Flashing / White Flashing / White Flashing



Power Source

Micro USB charging


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