I-MU Portable Mixer Electric Juicer Blenders with USB Charger


  • New Portable Mixer, small in size, portable and multi-use
  • Great for traveling, shopping, and outside sports
  • This product has magnetic switch protection
  • Micro USB Cable, DC 5V, Charge 4 hours, Work 5-6 times

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New Portable Mixer, little in size, versatile and multi-use, can use as a typical cup and squeeze blender, can blend sorts of products of the soil. incredible for voyaging, shopping, and outside games.

Convenient juicer size: 9.44 inches high, 3.07 creeps in breadth, 3.54 inches cord. Sensible size won’t take up a lot of your portable suitcase space, you can likewise make your own number one juice whenever. Or then again help mix the espresso, making smoothies drinks.

Family to share the cup, 4.72 inches high, 3.07 creeps in distance across. Simultaneously to two individuals to do brief cups, can likewise be collected into a customary cup.

Miniature USB Cable, DC 5V, Charge 4 hours, Work 5-6 times. Working current: 10-12A. Working voltage: 7.2V. 18550 Li-particle battery. Engine speed: No heap 22000 rotating speed/min ± 15%, Load 15000 spinning speed/min ± 15%.

  1. Cut the organic product into little pieces for about 1.5 * 1.5 cm little pieces. Eliminate the nut, the thick strip, and the hard coat.
  2. The fluid-filled ought not to surpass 70% of the absolute capacity(380ml) of the cup.
  3. Put the juicer on a level surface after the engine turns overworking till it is finished.
  4. If you don’t mind stand by 5 minutes till the engine chills off prior to utilizing the juicer for the subsequent opportunity to keep the engine from overheating for constant activity.
  5. Try not to wash the entire item with water straightforwardly. Try not to drench the base part introducing with the engine in the water if there should arise an occurrence of electronic segment harm.
  6. Safe plan: the engine will quit working while parts removal exists.

Recommended makes it…

  • vegetables, apples, celery.
  • cucumber, kiwi, honey.
  • bananas, lettuce, lemon, honey, ice cubes.
  • grapes, lemon, honey.
  • Cabbage, carrots, apples.
  • honey, milk, bananas, apples.
  • celery juice, cabbage, oranges, carrots, apples.
  • spinach, cabbage, oranges, carrots, apples.
  • fresh ginger, oranges, apples.
  • apple, radish, milk, honey.
  • mango, coconut, banana, honey, milk.
  • pumpkin, lemon slices
  • lemon apple, carrot.
  • tomatoes, apples.
  • carrots, orange juice.

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