Imalent R60C 6LEDs 18000LM Super Bright Powerful 21700 Flashlight

AED780.00 inc. VAT

  • Long Beam Distance 1038 meters
  • Water-Resistance Material
  • Light Weight, Easy To Carry
  • High-Quality Aluminum Alloy
  • 18,000 Lumens Super Bright Light
  • 6 Modes For Different Occasions

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Imalent R60C
Imalent R60C 6LEDs 18000LM Super Bright Powerful 21700 Flashlight AED780.00 inc. VAT
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The incredible Imalent R60C is a flashlight the size of a can that has a blinding light output of 18,000 lux and an enormous range of 1038 meters.

Deciding between a flood or the spotlight is no longer necessary. With the R60C, you use both as the form of a search and rescue light shorter than 5 inches. With 18,000 lumens and more than 3400 feet of throw, a light as large as a soda bottle is unimaginable. Only the R60C’s mind-blowing power can offer this amount of spot and flood light all in one.

The only flashlight of this type could even produce 10,000 lumens at 1km of beam distance, yet the R60C can do this and more. The IMALENT R60C achieves this by using six of the American-made Luminus SST 70 LEDs. They have a life span of 50,000 hours. When on turbo, they generate the astonishing 18,000 lumens.

Powerful Brightness

The powerful brightness and the impressive beam distance within just the size of your hand make the R60C IMALENT the ideal flashlight for searching and rescue. With the R60C, you can brighten up an entire space close to you and see more than a half mile away. With the same size as a pop can, you can carry the IMALENT R60C to any outdoor pursuit, from hunting and fishing to caving and exploring. The R60C has three batteries.

These 21700 Li-ion cells drain and provide the R60C with the required power. The R60C can last 30 to 40 hours due to the capacity of 4000mAh in the cells. If the IMALENT R60C’s battery indicator is red, its easy and convenient USB charge port can recharge the cells to their total capacity.

A simple click will give you access to the fantastic 18,000 lumens turbo mode. The Immediate R60C features five other brightness levels and provides an easy-to-use strobe feature and a lockout feature to ensure it’s secured from kids and traveling. The anodized aluminum alloy offers 1.5m impact resistance and IPX8 waterproofing up to 2m. The IMALENT R60C flashlight is a non-compromise flashlight and the only one with a tremendous flood light and a powerful spotlight that fits in a hand-sized flashlight.

Super Bright

With six high-performance LEDs(50000-hour duration), Imalent R60C can deliver up to 18000-lumens of brightness. Also, it has a maximum of 30h of runtime when in low mode.

5 Modes for Flashlight and Convenient Power:

There are five lighting modes with mode memory, turbo, strobe, and strobe, all of which can be activated by pressing the switch button to switch off/on. The flashlight will recall the last time you used the mode. The next time you start your flashlight, the light will be lit up in your selected setting. It is not necessary to change flashing modes to alter the intensity.

5 basic brightness modes: 6000Lm/3300Lm/2000Lm/1200Lm/300Lm. 2 emergency modes: Strobe/25000Lm, Strobe/25000Lm. The different modes this flashlight has worked for various every day or emergencies.


Made with the most advanced IPX-8 Waterproof Certification, Imalent R60C can be used for accidental submersion below 2 meters. You don’t have to worry about being dropped accidentally (Impact resistance of up to one Meter). The knurling with anti-slip technology is hand security in the most extreme circumstances.


  • Utilities 6-pieces comprised of American LEDs. The LEDs’ lifespan can be up to 5000 hours, and the maximum output of 18000 lumens.
  • Three rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 4000mAh and 21700 Li-ion.
  • Instant turbo output via double pressing the power switch when you triple press the switch to power will achieve the most output.
  • High-efficiency constant power circuits that will keep the same brightness
  • The built-in thermal control module automatically adjusts the brightness output based on the state of work and external temperature
  • A combination of toughened ultra-clear crystal and anti-reflective glass coating.
  • Aluminum OP reflector
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body resistant to wear Type III hard-anodized treatment for the surface
  • IPX-8 is the standard waterproof(2 meters submersible)
  • 1m impact resistance
  • Tall stand capabilities

Package included:

  • 1 * IMALENT R60C Flashlight
  • 1 * USB charging cable
  • 3 * 4000mAh 21700 Li-ion bettery
  • 1 * D-ring
  • 1 * Holster
  • 1 * User manual

IMALENT R60C Tactical Flashlight 5

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg


18000 Lumens

Beam Distance






6* LEDs


3 * 21700mAh



LED Lifespan







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