KiCA Foot Massager Portable Electronic Cordless Percussion

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  1. Cordless and portable foot massager for on-the-go relaxation.
  2. Dual percussion modes for customized massage intensity.
  3. Eight magic magnets promote blood circulation and metabolism.
  4. Six massage rollers stimulate foot muscles for total relief.
  5. Intelligent protection with auto standby and power-off features.

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Introducing the KiCA Portable Electronic Cordless Percussion Foot Massager, the ultimate solution for tired and achy feet. Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, this foot massager offers a simple control system, cordless portability, dual percussion massage modes, magic magnets, and intelligent protection. Let’s explore the features in detail:

Simple Control with One Foot

The KiCA Foot Massager is equipped with a speed control wheel conveniently located in the middle of the device. With just one foot, you can easily adjust the speed of the massage heads according to your preference. This intuitive control system allows you to personalize your massage experience effortlessly.

Cordless and Portable

Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited mobility. The KiCA Foot Massager is designed to be cordless, allowing you to use it anywhere without the hassle of finding a power outlet. Its compact size and all-around design makes it highly portable, enabling you to enjoy a soothing foot massage at home, in the office, or even during long car rides.

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Dual Percussion Massage Modes

Experience the power of dual percussion massage modes. The high-frequency percussion mode offers an invigorating massage, perfect for relieving foot fatigue after long periods of standing, working, or hiking. Alternatively, you can choose the gentle clapping mode for a more soothing and relaxing massage session. Select the intensity that suits your needs and let the KiCA Foot Massager melt away your foot discomfort.

Eight Magic Magnets

Unleash the power of magnets for enhanced well-being. The KiCA Foot Massager features eight magic magnets strategically placed within the device. These magnets generate magnetic flux and energy, known to be beneficial to human cells. By using the massager, you can improve blood circulation, boost metabolism, and promote overall vitality.

Six Massage Rollers

Experience deep foot stimulation with the six massage rollers of the KiCA Foot Massager. With each movement, these rollers stimulate your foot muscles, providing a rejuvenating massage experience. By lightly moving your sole, you can trigger your acupuncture points, targeting specific areas for comprehensive relief from foot fatigue.

PD Quick Charge and Long Battery Life

Enjoy uninterrupted foot massages with the built-in battery of the KiCA Foot Massager. The device features a long battery life of up to 18 hours, ensuring extended usage before requiring a recharge. Additionally, the Type-C charging port simplifies the charging process, allowing for quick and convenient recharging whenever needed.

Intelligent Protection

Your safety is a top priority. The KiCA Foot Massager incorporates intelligent protection features to prevent any potential injuries from prolonged use. After 20 minutes of continuous operation, the massager will automatically enter standby mode. If there is no operation for 3 minutes during standby mode, the device will power off automatically, ensuring your peace of mind.

A Healthy Life Begins with Your Feet

Discover the ancient wisdom of foot massage that dates back more than 4,000 years in Chinese traditional medicine. The bottom of the feet contains over 60 acupuncture points, each corresponding to various organs in the body. Regular foot massage can promote the flow of qi and blood, bringing balance, harmony, and overall body conditioning.

Deep Stimulation of Reflex Zones, Awaken the Body’s Potential

Drawing upon centuries of restorative traditional massage techniques found within Chinese medicine, the KiCA Foot Massager employs a repeated striking motion on the acupuncture points of your feet. This deep stimulation awakens the body’s potential, improving overall well-being, health, and fitness.

Magnetic Power Boost, Double the Magic

Unlock the double magic of magnetic power. Each massage head of the KiCA Foot Massager contains four magic magnets that generate magnetic flux and energy necessary for healthy human cells. Acting under the skin, this magnetic power induces vasodilation, increasing blood flow and

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