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5 Lighting equipment for vloggers

5 Lighting equipment for vloggers

How much do you know about the impact and importance of lighting for vloggers? What are the best lighting equipment for vloggers? Lighting equipment for vloggers, including soft boxes, all kinds of photography umbrellas, ring lights, etc., will bring them closer to being more professional, making huge changes in producing original and attractive images and videos, and ultimately to more success. To start vlogging, you need a few essential pieces of equipment to make sure your photos and videos are high quality and visually appealing.

One of the important aspects of vlogging is lighting; Because it can greatly improve the overall look and feel of your photos and videos. Investing in lighting equipment is essential for vloggers to ensure that your photos and videos are visually and visually appealing. Good lighting can make a significant difference in the quality of your videos and make them more professional and attractive. Depending on the budget and different needs, there are various options in choosing lighting equipment for vloggers.

One of the popular options is the ring light, which provides uniform and diffused light. Ringlights are easy to set up and can be adjusted to different brightness levels. It also allows you to achieve the desired lighting effect. Another option is a softbox lighting kit, which is used to create a well-lit environment.Another important thing is that staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technological advancements in lighting equipment for vloggers can help you look more professional.

For example, LED strip lights have become increasingly popular due to their high energy efficiency and versatility. LED strip lights are available in various sizes and can be easily adjusted to create different lighting effects. Lighting equipment for vloggers, from ring lights to softbox lighting kits, will greatly enhance the quality of your photos and videos and make them more attractive to viewers.

1. Introduction of softbox

Softbox is a type of light modifier that diffuses and softens the light and creates a more natural appearance. Soft light means a gradual shade. Softboxes are often used in portrait photography. However, the softbox is one of the most essential lighting equipment for vloggers. Vloggers use this tool to eliminate harsh and angular shadows and also create a more attractive look on the subject’s face. Softboxes come in different sizes and shapes. However, the appearance of most soft boxes is square or rectangular. Of course, this device is designed and produced in 8- and 6-sided models, as well as round and long shapes. Softboxes are versatile because they produce soft light and are used in a variety of photography contexts such as portraits and more.

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Softbox applications include:

  • Soft light production
  • Reduction of harsh and angular shadows
  • Creating lighting with flat and wide coverage

Introduction of softbox

2. Introduction of photography umbrellas

Another one of the most important and cheapest lighting equipment for vloggers is the photography umbrella. The most important feature of photography umbrellas is their portability and affordability. Photography umbrellas produce soft and controlled light as well as more directional light. While soft boxes and photography umbrellas both produce soft and wide light, they differ in terms of direction and extent of light.

A) photography umbrellas types

Photography umbrellas are designed and produced in two types:

  1. Reflective: In these umbrellas, the flash of light is embedded inside. The light is behind the subject and due to the reflection of the light on the reflective surface of the umbrella, it leads to lighting up the subject and creating a soft shadow.
  2. Transparent: In the structure of this type of umbrellas, white and transparent fabric is used so that the light of the flash can pass through it. The most important feature of this type of photography umbrella is to widen the light source and increase its softness.
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B) Size and shape of photography umbrellas

In addition to considering the type of photography umbrellas, be sure to pay attention to their size and shape. If you want to have a softer quality of light, you should go for bigger photography umbrellas, but your light source should also be very strong. Photography umbrellas are one of the most important lighting devices for vloggers to record video indoors.

photography umbrellas

C) The color of photography umbrellas

Another important point is the color of this tool. White transparent photography umbrellas are ideal for photographing group subjects. The reflective umbrella is available in silver, white and gold colors. Silver color is used to have the maximum power of light and create dramatic portraits that have cooler colors. If you need neutral and less light for photography and filming, the white reflective umbrella is more suitable because it produces maximum output light and makes it softer.

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3. Introducing Ring Light

Another lighting equipment for vloggers is the ring light, which is ideal for face lighting. Ring light is the best tool to eliminate shadows and create a ring light that makes the light not concentrated in the center of the face. For this reason, the subject looks dynamic and attractive. The most important feature of Ring Light, as one of the most practical light equipment for vloggers, is creating uniform and constant light with excellent quality. By not focusing the light in the center of the face and creating a ring-shaped halo inside the eyes, ring light can be a very efficient tool for producing makeup video blogs.

What are the important features of ring lights?

  • Ring lights are designed and produced in different sizes.
  • Uniform and soft light distribution as well as uniform light
  • Portability
  • Ability to control light intensity
  • The best tool for photography and filming in low light and closed environments
  • The presence of various ring lights with different light powers

What are the important features of ring lights?

Important points when buying ring light

What points should be considered when buying the right ring light with the best features for the vlogger industry? In order to maintain your audience and attract new audiences by creating a variety of attractive, dynamic and quality videos and photos, be sure to pay attention to the following important points when choosing an ideal ring light.

  • The size of the ring light: buying a ring light of the right size can help you in making attractive photos and videos. When choosing the size, pay attention to its portability and the possibility of exposure in the right volume.
  • Professional ring light options: the ability to change the color temperature, the quality of the produced light, and the ability to adjust the amount of exposure are the most important features that you should pay attention to when choosing an ideal ring light.
  • Low consumption and portability: other features of a suitable ring light for vloggers include low consumption, remote control, equipped with adjustable movable base and suitable weight.
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4. Introduction of linear lights

Linear lights are also one of the most important lighting equipment for vloggers. These lights are one of the most important equipments for creating modern lighting with high flexibility. Flexibility means that you can install them in different environments such as walls, ceilings, etc. The light color of linear lights can be customized. For example, to increase the dynamism and attractiveness of the subjects and create various shadows, you can benefit from the benefits of cold white colors to warm sunny light. On the other hand, these lights usually come with the ability to adjust the light, so you can increase or decrease the amount of exposure according to your needs.

All kinds of linear LED lights can help vloggers in distributing light in a completely uniform way. As a result, due to the uniform and constant distribution of light, the light source will not be focused on the specific subject and will not create strong shadows on it. Another type of linear lights is pendant, which you can use to shine light directly on the subject’s face to photograph in more detail.

linear lights

5. Introduction of led strip

LED strip lights are one of the most essential light equipment for vloggers as an excellent light source to create an attractive background. You can easily install LED strip lights on the wall, around tables and chairs, and all the backgrounds you want. One of their most important advantages is their diverse colors, which you can change to create different feelings for your photos and videos.

led strip

FAQ – Lighting equipment for vloggers

  • Material and fabric used to make it. The material of the fabric should be tarpaulin and its outer part should be black. It should also be made of aluminum inside.
  • Softbox size: If you need this tool for portrait photography or photography in large spaces, it is better to have a larger softbox to compensate for the lack of light.
  • Shape and appearance: As mentioned, soft boxes are designed and produced in various shapes. Rectangular soft boxes are suitable for changing the angle of light and mirroring it. The octagon type is chosen to send more natural light to the subject.

Choosing the best lighting equipment for vloggers depends on your goal and budget. If you have a limited budget, you can go for ring lights. All kinds of ring lights can provide soft light. Also, they are very easy to move and create a very beautiful and attractive effect on the face.

Yes, but you will have more restrictions. Without optical equipment for vloggers, if your window is sunny, you can only use sunlight. To create a shadow or change the direction of the light, you can only touch the curtains. You should use lighting equipment for vloggers to change color temperature, light intensity, create bright shadows and many professional tricks.

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