Lumbar Massager for Lower Back Pain Relief Heated

AED395.00 inc. VAT

  • Curve Design
  • Auxiliary Board
  • Auxiliary Infrared Heating
  • Intelligent Dynamic Traction
Lumbar Massager for Lower Back Pain Relief Heated AED395.00 inc. VAT
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Automatic stretching:

Utilizing the controller, the lower back pain stretcher continuously will push the waist upwards and down by the dynamic expansion and contraction of the airbag (Amplitude is 1.6inch-4inch or 4-10cm, with an additional base plate). There is no need to move around; the stretcher will aid the lumbar spine in performing active stretching exercises. It will alleviate pressure from the spine of the lumbar region and relieve lower back pain.

Effective Traction:

An ergonomic lumbar spine traction machine aids in widening the interspace between spinal vertebrae in the lumbar region, eases the lumbar spine that is oppressed, and facilitates the lumbar spine’s physiological curvature restoration. Be aware that it can cause discomfort first due to the traction. Utilizing 3-4 times every day for 15 to 25 days relieves long-term lower back pressure tension, tension, and muscle spasms.

Double Motor Vibrating Massage:

Two powerful 3000RMP motors give ample power. A suitable vibration frequency can  help relax the muscles  of the waist and ease stiffness and spasms. Additionally, it helps relieve the discomfort caused by traction and helps improve the quality of your satisfaction. Note: This product’s primary function is to provide dynamic back stretching. The vibration massage is an additional purpose.

The Comfortable Heating Therapy

3-level constant temperatures 131, 140, 149(45, 55, 65). The device utilizes infrared heating therapy to remove the cold in the lumbar spine. It also provides heating for muscles to reduce soreness and relax the spinal column. It is a distinctive design that conforms to the natural contour of the spine to increase the heating effectiveness.

User-friendly and Flexible:

One button to activate 1 or 2 functions by using the controller. When you are in Manual mode, users can select to turn on the entire set of functions or only one feature. The 15-minute timer feature lets you forget about lifting and massages that are too much when you are asleep while using the.

Lumbar Massager for Lower Back Pain

Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg

Working current

200- 2000MA

Input voltage

DC12V— 2A


38° ~42° ~44°




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