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Head Massage Benefits For Headaches

Head Massage Benefits for Headaches & Migraine

Severe migraine headaches are understood only by those who suffer from them. Talking about the head massager for headache treatment can be useful for those who struggle with this problem; Especially if there is no one to massage your head, you can do it yourself with the help of a good massager.

The benefits of a head massager for headache treatment

Various devices can be found in the market that are designed and manufactured with the purpose of massaging the body. Some of these devices are made specifically for the head area. Some of them exist for scalp massage, whose role is to strengthen hair roots and increase their growth. One of the benefits of a head massager is to help treat headaches by relieving and treating headaches.

In order to know what kind of function these devices have and whether they play a useful role in relieving pain or not, we must first know that massage can play an effective role in the treatment of various headaches, including relieving and relieving migraines, or is it ineffective in this field?

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Head massage and feel good

Head massage creates a wonderful feeling in people. I clearly remember that in a party that started in the evening and was supposed to continue until late at night, one of my friends, who had to present an important matter in public, came in pale and feeling pain, which was caused by a headache.

After watching her suffer for a few minutes, I asked her to let me gently massage her head and around her temples for a few minutes. I wish I had a head massager with me to treat headaches.
In the busyness of the party, we did not have a suitable space; So I asked him to rest his head very slowly and comfortably on the back of the chair as he is sitting on the chair and close his eyes and I started massaging his head with my fingertips and very slowly with gentle circular movements. I also did this on the temples.

When I was done, he didn’t want to open his eyes and was so pleased with how good he felt that he insisted I continue, because both his headache was gone and he felt good.

The effect of head massage on the body

In addition to creating a pleasant sensation, head massage also helps reduce headache symptoms. Another effect of this work is stress reduction; Head massage is also mentioned as a factor for increasing hair growth.

“Sarah Monreal” is one of the activists in the field of treatments that use massage and has the license to do so. He says that the advantages and benefits of this work depend on the type of massage that is applied to the head; For example, he applies cranial and sacral massage therapy, a gentle massage technique that focuses on the central nervous system of the head, spine, and sacrum. If it is possible to use different types of head massagers to help treat headaches, we will see its effects in the following cases:

  • Relief from nervous tension
  • Migraine and headache relief
  • Reducing stress
  • Increased relaxation

However, Monreal points out that even if you don’t have access to a professional massage therapist, any type of massage you can do at home can help reduce stress and tension, condition the scalp, and improve circulation in the head and neck area.

head massage benefits on the body

Other benefits of head massage

In addition to the above, head massage services have other advantages and benefits, some of which are:

1. Promote hair growth

If you have thin hair or its thickness has become thinner than before, think about massaging your head and try this way as well. In a 2016 study, participants saw an increase in hair thickness after 24 weeks of daily scalp massage. This study seems to be enough to tempt you to buy a head massager for headache treatment!

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2. Lower blood pressure

No matter how strict and sensitive you are, you probably won’t deny the effect of massage in reducing stress and maintaining peace. These features are especially important for those who suffer from high blood pressure, and their blood pressure rises with the slightest stress and worry. Some research shows that 15 and 25 minute scalp massages can reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure in women.

The researchers of this study believe that the reason may be that head massage helps improve blood circulation and relaxes blood vessels and neck muscles; Therefore, if you are a housewife or a working woman who does not have the opportunity to receive massage services from service centers, maybe using a head massager to treat headaches will help you.

3. Reducing tension headache symptoms

Tension headaches, which are formed due to muscle contractions, usually cause pain in the head, neck, and behind the eyes. According to the report of the American Massage Therapy Association, skin massage has a positive effect on reducing the intensity, duration and frequency of these types of pain, which may be due to the relaxing effect of head massage on the neck muscles.

Does the head massager for headache treatment help to get rid of migraine?

Migraine pains have different types and intensity among the types of headaches, and in some people, they last for several days. Unfortunately, its driving factors are also very diverse and wide. Any way to reduce these pains will help those who suffer from this problem. Now the question is whether massage can be effective in this field as well?

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Massage for migraine

Massage may be a useful and complementary way to treat migraine in some people; But it definitely cannot cure this disease. However, its beneficial effects in reducing the symptoms or frequency of migraine headaches should not be denied. These services can enhance people’s relaxation and help those with migraines of neurological origin to manage the course of the disease.

The evidence showing the therapeutic effect of massage to reduce migraine pain is very limited; But studies show that it has benefits; For example, a 2017 pilot study found that massage may be effective in reducing:

  • Severity of migraine symptoms
  • Severity or duration of pain
  • Exposure to certain migraine triggers such as stress or neck pain

3 Massage types for Migraine and Headaches

Having said that, it will be very useful to know what kind of massages are more suitable to achieve these results and whether the use of a head massager for headache treatment is among them.

1. Traditional massage and aromatherapy

Traditional massage is a way to relieve anxiety and increase relaxation, which, if combined with aromatherapy, also makes you feel better. Research shows that lavender essential oil reduces stress and improves quality sleep.
One study found lavender aromatherapy to be effective in reducing migraine symptoms. Keep in mind that essential oils that seem natural and safe sometimes have negative effects, and some of them aggravate headaches or other symptoms in people who are sensitive to smells.

2. Trigger point massage

Some people relieve their headaches by massaging the trigger points of the head and neck. The explanation that can be given for the cause of this is that the presence of some problems in the skeletal muscle can lead to headaches; So when you release the muscles in this area, chronic headaches will also decrease.

Research on the role of trigger point massage in migraine relief is limited but promising. According to the results obtained from one of them, the treatment of trigger points along with the use of medicine is significantly more effective for migraine relief than the use of medicine alone. So think about buying a head massager for headache treatment sooner.

3. Reflexology

In this type of massage, the doctor applies pressure to different parts of the hand or foot. As with trigger point massage, the principle is that stimulating one part of the body can be a health and healing factor for other parts, and at the very least, it can promote a sense of relaxation. Relaxation is also very important to reduce migraines. Several studies show some specific benefits of reflexology as follows:

  • More peace
  • Improve sleep
  • Lower stress levels
  • pain relief

Thai massage for Headaches

Unlike regular massage, which is relaxing, Thai massage is more active and combines muscle compression, stretching, and shaking. The effects of this type of massage are related to the significant reduction of migraine pain. Do you think you can expect a Thai massage from a head massager to treat a headache?

Cold or hot stone therapy for Headaches

Hot and cold therapy using heating pads and ice packs has long been used to relieve pain and discomfort. Cold or hot stone therapy is done by very smooth heated or cooled stones.
The heat is a factor in creating relaxation, which is one of the key benefits of hot stone massage. Studies show that hot stone massage leads to better sleep in the long run. Cold stone treatment also uses cool and light stones that are placed along the person’s face and neck to reduce migraine pain. This method has not been specifically studied scientifically; But its good results can be seen in reducing migraine symptoms.

Can a person massage his head?

The answer to this question is definitely positive. Pressure point massage may help relieve migraine symptoms, especially if used with a head massager to treat headaches. According to Rachel Richards; New York State Board Certified Massage Therapist “The best time to perform this simple massage is when a person feels they are being exposed to triggers that trigger or aggravate migraines.” For this, you should pay attention to the amount of pressure you apply to the pain points, it must be firm; But never so much that you feel pain. To start, sit in a comfortable place, take a few deep breaths and relax your shoulders and massage your head with your fingers.


Massage therapy is expanding every day and various studies are conducted on its therapeutic effects. Various types of massage devices are also designed and produced for this purpose, one of which is dedicated to the head massager for headache treatment. Headaches appear with different forms and origins, and some of them are very severe, such as migraines. A number of scientific studies show that getting help from massage is effective and useful for reducing headache symptoms and treating some of their types.

FAQ – Massage for Headaches and Migraine

Various studies show that head massage can have the following effects: “relief of tension“, “relieve migraine and headache pain“, “reduce stress” and “increase relaxation“.

With the help of various types of head massager for headache treatment, it is possible to help reduce headache and migraine pain symptoms.

There are different methods for head massage, including “traditional massage and aromatherapy“, “trigger point massage“, “reflexology“, “Thai massage” and “cold or hot stone therapy“.

Getting help from head massage machines is considered as one of the personal ways or self-massage.

Using aromatherapy, if the person is not sensitive to smells, has a favorable and positive effect in reducing headaches.

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