Smart Mini Scalp Massager Head Spa Gold

AED199.00 inc. VAT

  • Dustproof and IP67 waterproof.
  • Two sets of massage heads.
  • Three massage frequencies.
  • Lightweight and small size.
  • Four-finger kneading massage and red light therapy.
Mini Scalp Massager
Smart Mini Scalp Massager Head Spa Gold AED199.00 inc. VAT

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Dustproof and IP67 waterproof

Both the charging port and body of Mini Scalp Massager are IPX67 water and dust-resistant. The entire body can be immersed in water, and it will still function normally. There is no risk of water seepage, which could cause performance to suffer. It can be used in the shower to soothe itching and nourish your scalp.

Two sets of massage head

There are two sets of silicone massage claws, each with a different softness. They can be swapped out and used in a wider variety. The soft and thick brush massage claws are suitable for a full-body massage. The 100 points of contact on the fine-bristle brush massaging claws are medium-soft and firm for those with more stamina.

Three massage frequencies

  • Level 1 is gentle, slow kneading. This is ideal for daily care to relax tight head muscles.
  • Level 2 is fast and powerful kneading that can be used to relieve fatigue, release stress, and deeply relax the scalp.
  • The third Level involves alternately kneading frequently and quickly to soothe tired muscles, help you fall asleep quickly, and sincerely care for your body.

1m shock and fall resistance

Use shampoo to massage your scalp and rinse off.

Lightweight and small size

It is only 35mm thin and weighs about an apple. The ultra-thin body will not feel heavy over time. You can scratch and knead as much or little as you want. It is portable and cordless, so you can give a massage anywhere, anytime.

Food-grade silicone massage head

FDA-approved silicone massage head. This silicone massage head is excellent for sensitive scalps without chemical irritants or allergies. The massage head is soft and powerful and touches the scalp like a human hand, preventing scalp injury and hair entanglement.

Large-scale directional kneading massaging with four-claw linkage

The joystick can be rotated around 360 degrees by controlling the spacing of the scratching angle. This allows for kneading. It can expand the massage area and relax the tight scalp.

One charge gives you about a week’s worth of battery life.

The battery can be charged for up to a week and used daily for 15 minutes. The head massager can be used multiple times during business trips. Intelligent automatic shut down, power saving, and safety for 15 minutes

Four-Finger Kneading Massage

With 100 individual nodes, this electric scalp massager/head-scratcher has multiple modes and is easy to use with just one button.

Red Light Therapy Light

It has eight red light beads that can stimulate blood circulation and be used for scalp massage.

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