Muggo Temperature Control Smart Travel Mug


  • Muggo is a smart portable cup that can keep your coffee or any drinks warm and maintain a temperature of anywhere between 35 – 65°C or 95 – 150°F.
  • Muggo has LED display lights and uses touch technology to set the temperature.
  • Muggo has a revolutionary, magnetic, detachable battery that keeps the heating element warm for 5 hours.
  • There is also a convenient charging coaster with a USB port that can be used in your office or at home. Set the Muggo on its coaster to keep it fully charged and warm for as long as you need.
  • Muggo’s design and sleek appearance make it great for everywhere-carry, from the home to the office, outdoors, and on the car.

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Believe it or not, coffee has an ideal drinking temperature. It isn’t a fixed unit, but for most people, just a 5° deviation in their coffee’s temperature can be the difference between liquid gold, and an undrinkable gruel. Integrating the ability to carry your coffee around with the ability to keep it exactly at the temperature you desire, the Muggo Smart Travel Mug comes with its own heating unit, battery pack, and a display system that makes it much more advanced than your regular to-go coffee cup.

The idea with coffee (or any beverage, if you think about it) is that the tools exist to make sure that the taste is calibrated exactly to your liking. You can choose your own beans, decide how much they need to roast, grind them to the exact fineness, and even decide brew-time. The Muggo extends that control by allowing you to also decide what temperature you want to consume your coffee at. Available in a black avatar with stainless steel construction, the Muggo allows you to set the temperature you want your drink at (right to the degree). The self-heating cup comes with a construction that makes it easy to carry around. It fits in the palm of your hand, and into traditional cup-holders, and comes with a detachable battery unit that snaps to its base, giving you the power to heat on the go.

The Muggo also features a coaster that not only prevents careless coffee-rings on your desk but also acts as a power-dock for your Muggo. With two slots, you can not only supply power to your self-heating mug right at your desk, but you can even use the free slot to charge Muggo’s battery pack, which conveniently snaps on using powerful neodymium magnets when you’re ready to make a move, so you can have the perfect hot mug of coffee, tea, or milk quite literally anywhere.

They developed a patented conductive wireless charging technology that is both convenient and efficient. Just place the Muggo on the coaster and let the neodymium magnets do the work!

The battery module is detachable and can be charged separately or with the cup connected. There are 4 LED indicators, and one cup can be matched with one or more batteries.

Their battery makes use of cutting edge of Lithium-Ion battery technology which can be easily removed and recharged by a standard 12v charger.

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