Nanoleaf Triangle Mini Starter Kit 5 Pack

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Nanoleaf Triangle Mini Starter Kit 5 Pack AED450.00 inc. VAT
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If you a looking for a minimalistic smart lights starter kit for home décor, go for the nano leaf triangle mini starter kit w a 5 pack.

Plenty of colors to choose from

The nano leaf triangle mini starter kit offers you a choice of 16 million-plus colors. You’ll have a color for every occasion and a décor theme.

The connect and layout detect technology

These LED shapes are embedded with connect plus technology that enables the shapes to work together for creating unique mosaics of light. The layout detects technology that uses color animations and enables them to flow intelligently between the light panels as per the setup.

Dynamic response

Nanoleaf triangle mini starter kit has light panels which dynamically respond to touch. You can also play interactive games and control the lights as per requirements.

Modular light panels

These triangle light panels are modular and have an ultra-thin sleek design that is perfect for statement wall décor and high-tech ambiance. You can customize scenes and designs in addition to using the pre-embedded variants.

Screen mirroring

You can enjoy the screen mirroring technology in these light panels. The screen of your connected device can be displayed on the panels. It will add amusement to an overall entertainment experience.

Create your own design With this light puzzle, you can arrange the panels as you like to create the design of your dreams.
Combine the shapes. The Nanoleaf Shapes light panels are modular and have a Connect+ function that allows them to be compatible with the future shapes of the shapes.

More than 16 million colors. Create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion with your favorite colors or different shades of white.
Sync with your music. Rhythm scenes let your lights dance to the rhythm of your favorite music.

Touch function The Nanoleaf Shapes panels allow you to create immersive tactile experiences, the plates respond to your touch, and allow you to play interactive games.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 13 × 14 × 13 cm




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