PeriPage A2 Portable Thermal Printer

AED225.00 inc. VAT

  • PeriPage A2: Portable thermal printer.
  • High-quality prints, and wireless connectivity.
  • Powerful battery, on-the-go printing.
  • Max paper size: 58mm x 30mm.
  • Label printing supports various paper types.
PeriPage A2
PeriPage A2 Portable Thermal Printer AED225.00 inc. VAT

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PeriPage A2 is a portable thermal printer that offers high-quality printing solutions to users who are always on the go. This printer is designed to be compact, lightweight, and efficient, making it ideal for individuals and businesses that require printing services while on the move. With its powerful battery and wireless connectivity options, the PeriPage A2 thermal printer ensures that you can print anywhere, anytime.


The PeriPage A2 thermal printer boasts a high resolution of 203dpi, which guarantees that every print is clear, crisp, and of excellent quality. This printer is ideal for printing text, graphics, barcodes, and QR codes.

Print Media:

This thermal printer uses thermal paper to print, which ensures that you get long-lasting prints that are resistant to fading, water, and smudging. Thermal paper is readily available, and it’s affordable, making it an economical option for businesses that require printing services regularly.

Powerful Battery:

The PeriPage A2 thermal printer comes with a 1200mAh battery that ensures you can print up to 10-12 rolls on a single charge. This printer’s battery is powerful, and it takes approximately 2 hours to charge fully, using a 5V/1A Micro USB charging port. Additionally, this printer supports charging through a mobile adaptor.

Printing Max Paper Size:

This thermal printer can print a maximum paper size of 58mm*30mm, making it ideal for printing notes, stickers, labels, and photo paper.

Product Dimensions and Weight:

The PeriPage A2 thermal printer is compact and lightweight, with dimensions of 82x64x55mm and a net weight of 235g. This printer is designed to be portable, making it easy to carry in your backpack or briefcase.


The PeriPage A2 thermal printer comes with 1 Peripage machine, 1 Data line, 1 Packing Box, and 1 Manual, making it easy to set up and use.

Wireless Connectivity:

This thermal printer supports Bluetooth and USB connectivity, allowing you to print from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The PeriPage A2 printer works seamlessly with Windows, ensuring that you can print documents, labels, or photos with ease.

Printing Speed:

The PeriPage A2 thermal printer has a maximum printing speed of 7mm/s, ensuring that you get your prints quickly and efficiently.

Paper Rolls:

This printer supports paper rolls with a maximum width of 56mm and a diameter of 30mm. The paper rolls are easy to load and replace, ensuring that you don’t waste any time during your printing sessions.

Label Printing:

The PeriPage A2 thermal printer comes with label printing functionality, making it ideal for businesses that require printing labels for their products.

Paper Supported:

This thermal printer supports various types of paper, including note paper, stickers, labels, and photo paper, ensuring that you can print whatever you need.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg





Bluetooth Connection or USB connection to Windows

Printing Speed

Max 7mm's

Paper Rolls

Max 56*30mm

Label Printing


Built in Battery


Battery Capacity

Support 10-12 Rolls

Charge Time

Around 2 hours@5V/1A

Charge Interface

Micro USB

Charge Spec

5V/1A, mobile adaptor recommend

Paper Supported

Notes Paper/Sticker/Label/Photo Paper


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