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Portable projector vs Traditional projector

Portable Projector vs Traditional Projector

Video projectors are known as practical equipment all over the world. As you know, video projectors are used in various situations. These products were initially released only in the simple version. Over time, the companies producing these products succeeded in making a variety of video projectors. Two examples of the best versions available in the market are the portable video projector and their normal version. In this regard, the majority of buyers compare portable and regular video projectors before making their purchase. Identifying both products allows you to finalize your purchase with additional information.

In the past years, many centers and collections throughout Iran have sold and compared portable and Traditional video projectors. However, different buyers should get the necessary information regarding all the basics related to these products in order to have a better experience with their purchase. In such a situation, these people can proceed with more knowledge about finalizing their purchase.

Brief introduction of portable and ordinary video projectors

Before anything, you need to have a brief acquaintance with each of these video projectors. In such a situation, you can compare portable and regular video projectors in a better way.

A) Introduction of portable video projectors

Portable video projectors, or pocket models, often have dimensions smaller than 8 * 8 * 4. The accuracy of these products is much higher and they do not need precise settings like the fixed model. Also, the smooth design of these products makes it possible to place them on any smooth surface. It should be noted that the pocket type of these products has many advantages.

portable video projectors

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B) Introduction of conventional video projectors

Conventional video projectors are known as the first version of video projectors that have made many improvements. Conference halls, cinemas, etc. are usually equipped with this product. It should be noted that the structure of these products is more complex. Also, video projectors that are of the large lamp type can have a lifespan of more than 2000 hours. In the latest manufactured products, this number has increased to 50,000 hours. In this regard, these products provide you with proper lighting in all conditions. These products also have specific capabilities and features.

Introduction of conventional video projectors

Advantages & Disadvantages of Normal & portable video projectors

Regular ProjectorPortable Projector
High image resolutionRelatively high maintenance costsLower costsDim images with low contrast
Bright imagesNot portablePortableLow visibility
Precise image control settingsRelatively difficult and compact installationEasy installation and wiringLimited image control settings
Longer lifespanNeed to replace lampRechargeable batteryShort battery life
Larger imagesNeed for audio speakersLightweight and slim designFewer inputs

Traditional VS Portable Video Projectors in price

One of the most important factors in comparing portable and conventional video projectors is the price of video projectors. In general, the price of video projectors depends on various factors such as the manufacturing company, features, structure, etc. However, the price of portable video projectors is lower due to the way they work.

In fact, the normal type of these products are known as a more advanced version. For this reason, they benefit from a complex structure, which has made different buyers recognize it as a professional video projector. In this regard, it can be seen that portable or pocket projectors have a relatively lower price compared to the normal type of these products due to their lower efficiency.

Portable VS Normal Video Projectors in application

In the comparison of portable and normal video projectors, the use of these products is also carefully examined. In general, video projectors have various uses, each of which is very important. When regular versions of these products were released to the market, their use in cinemas, various conferences and classrooms became popular. Of course, you should know that the use of ordinary projectors is not limited to the mentioned cases and it is used in many other places.

However, comparing portable and normal video projectors in terms of use, we see the use of portable models less. Although portable models have many advantages, they cannot be used in all situations. These products are often used for home theaters and cases where the number of viewers is less. It should be noted that although portable projectors are an ideal option in terms of price, they cannot be used in all situations. For example, due to the fact that these products have a rechargeable battery, they are not considered a suitable option for screening movies in cinemas. Therefore, the use of portable versions is more limited than other versions.

Portable VS Normal Video Projectors in application

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Portable vs Traditional projector in Performance

Comparing portable and conventional video projectors in terms of performance can also help you during your purchase. In general, the performance of portable video projectors is very favorable compared to the structure they have. Most of these products have small dimensions and despite these conditions, they still have stable and ideal performance. However, the regular versions of these products show better performance due to the new and more powerful technology they have. In fact, the performance of normal versions is almost fantastic according to their specifications.

Regular versions are much more capable of displaying the smallest details. This is despite the fact that the performance of portable projectors is not like this.
LCDs equipped with simple single panels are often used in portable projectors. This means that some of these projectors can display a screen with the quality of a mobile phone screen. In such a situation, the light of these projectors will be less.

Of course, some of these products are equipped with DLP technology, which have a wonderful screen. Projectors equipped with DLP technology are considered as an ideal option for purchasing a portable projector. Of course, due to the powerful lamps they have, the regular versions can produce more light and are also a more suitable option in larger situations.

 Normal VS Portable projector in Durability and Longevity

In general, the comparison of portable and normal video projectors in terms of lifespan allows you to use your purchased product for many years. Each of the lamps used in normal versions have a lifespan of 2 to 10 thousand hours. Note that these types of lamps are quite common. In many common video projectors, by using special and advanced lamps, the lifetime of the projector can be increased up to 50,000 hours. Of course, this process requires relatively large costs that you should pay a lot of attention to. Many people refuse to buy advanced lamps for regular versions due to not paying such costs.

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One of the points we encounter when comparing conventional and portable video projectors is the relatively good lifespan of the portable projector lamp. Portable versions benefit from LED or laser lamps in their structure. Usually, the lifespan and durability of these lamps is equal to 20 thousand hours based on the experiences gained. Despite such conditions, the choice of each of these products will be completely up to you. In order to be able to choose a more ideal projector for yourself, you need to choose your desired product according to the type of user. In such a situation, you can get a better projector and use it more optimally according to the user you intend to use it for.

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FAQ – Portable vs Traditional projector

In general, this issue is completely dependent on the type of your application. In fact, your desired user can have a direct impact on the type of video projector selected.

No, all video projectors produced by different brands have different capabilities and specifications. This issue also makes shopping easier.

Definitely, the portable video projector is a good option for home use due to its lower price and good quality.

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