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We live in a time when laptops and smartphones have become indispensable for our everyday lives. Smartphones have not just become a way to communicate but also an instrument of entertainment and a constant source of valuable applications that make life easy.

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Remember that owning a portable power station does not mean you only get to power your devices while on the move because some offer models with AC outlets to charge any device or appliance that requires AC. Sure, buying the most durable and high-powered battery pack from a trusted brand will provide you with a lifetime of benefits. Here are some things to know about when purchasing the most helpful lifesaver you can have:

Power Capacity/mAh

There are many reasons to have a portable power station, from just powering your tablet or smartphone to perform your daily tasks to powering laptops for work. The massive use of your devices every day and weighing the power capability of a battery pack to ensure it’s adequate should be on the essential list of priorities.

The capacity of the battery is measured in milliampere hours or mAh. There are power stations that can be portably available that provide up to 24,000 mAh, which can power multiple devices simultaneously or charge your phone several times. Suppose you can find one with less capacity. In that case, you should consider purchasing a bigger power battery that can power multiple devices, and smaller appliances might be a better choice and more valuable and economical. One product that stands above other options is the PLUG (insert the link on the PLUG) by ChargeTech. It boasts 48,000 mAh of power and 2 AC outlets that can provide power to any electronic device reaching 250W.


There could be hundreds of power stations that can be used in portable devices on the market; however, only a few will endure the tests of time and use.

Like any other electronic device, the product’s durability should be considered a top priority. The quality of the material and the company in this respect is highly crucial. Purchasing from a reliable company committed to producing high-quality products will also give you the confidence that you’ll receive the best quality product.


If you have several devices, buying a portable battery equipped with enough ports to support the totality of devices is recommended. A portable power station or an energy bank with lesser than the required ports will not be helpful for you.


Although portable battery packs are small and practical to carry around, it is a consideration you should consider in your analysis. The greater the capacity, the larger the battery pack you can move around. For certain people, this isn’t an issue because the primary goal of the power station is to charge more than once and power as many devices as possible. However, some lean on purchasing pocket-sized batteries that fit in a pocket on jeans or in a carry-on size.

Input Current

Another aspect to consider is the time it will take to replenish the battery, which is determined by the battery’s input voltage. Most power stations can handle between 0.8A to 1.5A, while higher currents are typically found on larger capacity models. The small detail might decide if you see two identical power stations in the same price bracket.


In light of the numerous explosions and battery problems that plagued Samsung’s Note 7 and its predecessors, Samsung Note 7, one might inquire, is it safe to carry the battery pack that you carry around with you? While only a handful of instances of power stations have experienced explosions, choosing an established and trusted charging solution provider is an absolute must. They make high-quality batteries with safety features built inside the battery to prevent overcharging and overheating. This is the reason why explosions of batteries are sporadic.


Portable power stations are usually equipped with connector cables. Because they all operate using USB ports, you can connect the charging cables you already have. Verify that the wires meet your requirements if they come with connector cables. Ideal for iOS people, it is recommended that you could check whether the lightning connector included can be MFI certified. It is also possible to check the lengths of the cables since specific cables come in various sizes.


For some, the design may be an aspect that is not important in the choice-making process; however, you’ll most of the time select one that looks appealing. You don’t want a sloppy piece of furniture or gadget to be a part of your daily life. The color is another aspect as there are usually different colors for other models available on the market.


The cost of the power bank could be the deciding factor when you purchase. The cheaper battery packs break easily or have no after-sales services. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a product that will power your expensive gadgets, it’s a good idea to think about investing in a higher-priced alternative that you will be happy with over the long haul.


Along with other aspects to take into consideration, the brand is essential. You don’t want to purchase portable power stations that can create more problems down the way. Selecting a brand that is an innovator in the field of charging should be a top priority in your options – one with a solid track record of offering the most efficient charging solutions.

With the multi-tasking, multi-functional machines they are, they also come with the dreaded battery loss. You could be working on important work using your tablet, smartphone, or laptop, but then there is a sudden black screen, and all your work is lost as you try to locate your AC outlet. This is why Power stations can be the perfect companion for your device.