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Buying a portable printer scanner

A portable and mobile printer scanner is a printer that has very little weight and therefore it can be easily moved or transported.

Currently, the purchase of portable printer scanner has increased significantly and many people and business owners prefer to use these small printers to print their desired images and information. However, they may not have enough information about them.

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Important factors when buying a portable printer

Before buying a portable printer, like other purchases you make, you should pay attention to some points and consider some things to choose the best and most suitable product for purchase.

Especially, these types of small printers are currently designed and produced in different types and types, and various manufacturing companies produce and market these printers with various features.

1. Choosing the type of printer

One of the most important points before buying these devices is whether you want your printer to be a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Keep in mind that inkjet printers have a lower price. However, their maintenance costs are relatively high. For this reason, they do not seem to be a good choice for home use.

Laser printers have a higher operating speed and are suitable and practical for printing many pages. If you want to use a printer for normal purposes and black and white pages, laser printers are a good choice.

Important factors when buying a mobile printer

2. What is your workload?

Before buying a mobile printer scanner, you should be careful about your usage and expenses and know whether your workload is high or low. Then, choose and buy the right type of equipment.

3. The life of the portable printer

Another important point before buying a portable printer is to pay attention to the monthly working capacity of the device so that the desired printer has a long life and durability and its parts do not face high work pressure and damage.

4. Features of your desired printer

Before buying, pay attention to the possibility of double-sided printing of the printer, paper capacity, type of connections, display, brand and manufacturing company, etc.

Comparison Table of portable printer scanner

CriteriaHP OfficeJet 250Canon Pixma TR150Epson WorkForce WF-110Brother PocketJet PJ-773
Print TechnologyInkjetInkjetInkjetThermal
Print Speed (ppm)10 (black), 7 (color)9 (black), 5.5 (color)6.7 (black), 3.8 (color)8
Print Resolution (DPI)4800x12004800x12005760x1440300x300
ConnectivityUSB, Wi-Fi, BluetoothUSB, Wi-FiUSB, Wi-FiUSB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Paper Handling50 sheets, No ADF50 sheets, No ADF20 sheets, No ADFSingle sheet, No ADF
Scanner TypeFlatbed, ADF---
Scanner Resolution (DPI)600---
Special FeaturesMobile Printing, ADFMobile PrintingMobile PrintingMobile Printing
Compatible OSWindows, macOS, LinuxWindows, macOS, iOS, AndroidWindows, macOSWindows, macOS, iOS, Android

What are the advantages of buying portable printers?

The main feature and advantage of buying portable printers is the possibility of moving them due to their lightness. In addition, the use of this equipment also brings other advantages, some of the most important of which are mentioned below:

A) Having a display

Most manufacturers use a display in the construction process and structure of portable printers. So users can find out about the status of the device with the help of this section and get the information they want.

B) High print quality

Portable printers have high print quality. So you can solve your needs with the help of these systems in the most convenient way possible and with ease. Be aware that the printing quality of these small printer is affected by factors such as the manufacturer or brand, and the type of ink is also effective in this factor.

C) Storage space of mobile printer scanner

Most handheld printers on the market today support a memory card. This feature can be considered one of the most important advantages of buying a portable printer. If you consider these products for purchase, you don’t have to constantly change the information stored on your device.

D) High-speed printing

One of the most important points that you should pay attention to before buying a portable printer, and it is considered one of the important features of these products, is the high printing speed. Be aware that the higher the speed of information printing by these devices, the more expensive they will be.

However, buying a portable printer with a higher speed seems affordable and suitable. Because it can save your money in the long run.

advantages of buying portable printer scanner

Types of Mobile Printer

Portable printers are specially created for printing photos with dimensions of 6 x 4 or for printing documents, documents, and information. So they can be placed in two main categories, which are:

  •  Printers for photo printing
  •  Small and portable printers for document printing
  • Portable thermal printers

A) Printers for printing photos

Features of Printers for printing photos:

  • Compact and smaller dimensions than other models
  • More affordable price
  • Having zinc technology

What is the Zinc technology?

Usually, these systems use zinc or dye sublimation technology. In zinc technology, which is also called zero ink, special paper is needed to print photos and images. Paper that can hold ink. These products make more movements on the printing paper to increase the clarity and quality of the photos.

Using portable printers with color sublimation technology, you will get images that are resistant to water and humidity penetration.

B) Printer for printing documents

Another type of these devices are printers for printing documents and information, which help you to make quality prints of the documents and information you want.

Features of portable printers for printing documents

  • Very compact dimensions with the possibility of putting them in a bag
  • Having inkjet technology

C) Portable thermal printers

At present, very advanced thermal portable printers have been designed and produced, which require temperature-sensitive papers. Papers that change color immediately with the help of heat and when exposed to heat.

What are the unique features of portable printers?

in the following of this guide, we introduce you 4 unique features of any portable printer that you should consider in purchase time:

1. No need for electricity:

These small printers use batteries and therefore do not need direct electricity to perform their activities.
The presence of this feature helps users to use these devices in any situation even in places where there is no access to electricity.

On the other hand, the existence of a battery helps these devices to perform better. As the battery capacity increases in these devices, it will be easier to use them continuously.

2. Considering the price

One of the most important points before buying any product is to pay attention to its price. This issue is also raised when buying a portable printer and it is very important. The point that you should pay attention to is that the price of a portable printer is not a fixed rate and it is not possible to consider an exact figure for it.

To calculate the price of these products, attention should be paid to several factors, the most important of which are the type of printer, manufacturer, printing capacity, etc.

3. easy usage of mobile printer scanner

Ease of use can be considered one of the most important features of a portable printer. These products do not require special settings. So you can work with these devices in the most convenient way possible without the need for training.

4. Multi-language support

Portable printers can support one or more languages depending on their structure. So, you can use a portable printer with the ability to support your desired language according to your needs and uses.

FAQ – portable printer scanner

Inkjet printers use liquid ink sprayed through microscopic nozzles onto the paper, while laser printers use a toner cartridge filled with fine powder and a heated fuser for printing.

Flatbed scanners are ideal for scanning delicate items like photos or books, while sheet-fed scanners are better for high-volume document scanning.

 DPI stands for dots per inch and refers to the resolution of a printer or scanner. The higher the DPI, the more detailed the print or scan will be.

 While some printers allow the use of third-party cartridges, it’s recommended to use genuine cartridges to ensure compatibility and quality.