Rock Universal Adjustable Desktop Stand Suspensible


  1. Compatible with most smartphones and tablets (4.5 to 10.5 inches)
  2. The width of the devices: from 12.5 cm to 18 cm
  3. Made of high-quality materials (aluminum, ABS, and silicone)
  4. Silicone non-slip pads that stabilize the entire device
  5. Elegant and very stylish
  6. The extendable arm can be adjusted over 180 degrees
  7. 360-degree rotating head
  8. Increases the comfort of using the device
  9. Packed in the original manufacturer’s box

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Rock Desktop Stand is fully compatible with most smartphones and tablets (from 4.5 to 10.5 inches). The handle is made of high-quality materials that create an elegant and stylish gadget that will be an indispensable element of every trip and will facilitate everyday work. The stand is made of a thick layer of strong aluminum, which on the bottom is supported by non-slip pads that prevent the stand from moving (no possibility of slipping). The great advantage of the handle is the adjustable arm that can be adjusted to suit your needs in the range of 180 degrees and the 360-degree heat, which increases the comfort while using the device.

The stand offers a wide range of possibilities, we can use it both to watch movies, video calls, read, play, or also while cooking because tablets/smartphones are increasingly replacing the traditional cookbook, and thanks to the stand, our electronic base will always be where it is currently we will need her. The set with the stand includes a special holder that allows you to attach the stand to the wall. The handle on one side has a strong 3M strap that will support the weight of both the handle itself and the device attached to it. A durable, aluminum handle dedicated to the home.

The wide base allows you to place the tablet in a stable position on the desk, and two articulated joints allow you to easily adjust the angle. The adjustable arm has a 360 ° range of motion, making it perfect for any location. The set also includes a bracket for mounting on the wall (by screwing or using 3M tape), thanks to which there are 2 ways to use the bracket, The handle arm is 19 cm long and the head is on a ball joint. An extremely convenient solution for home and office, thanks to which we can use the phone or tablet without using our hands. The handle will be perfect in the kitchen, bedroom, or workshop, wherever you want to use materials mobile while having both hands free.  

Additional information

Weight 0.523 kg
Dimensions 23 × 8 × 7 cm