Rock Universal Stretchable Car Headrest Mount Tablet Holder

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Have you ever felt pain in your wrist by holding your iPad for a long time? Or neck pain if you look down too much while holding it with your hands? This is the solution for these cases. As time goes on, we can use more and more elements that offer us more comfort. This IPad standard is very useful for every tablet user.

The best comfort

It is healthier for your children not to stare down constantly when they watch a movie in the car. This is not good for their body and often very awkward. If they want to make good use of it you can make it as healthy as possible for them. When they are in the car you can certainly take care of this. Attaching this tablet stand to your headrest allows them to look at their device at eye level instead of in their lap.

Durable, adaptable, and easy to wear!

This tablet stand is very easy to attach to the headrest of a car seat. He is also easy to pick up so that he will not rattle when you are driving alone in the car. It is also designed to prevent scratches on your tablet during use, making it look like new for longer! Adjust the angle of your tablet according to your wishes!

So if you are looking for an ergonomic option for your children to play with a tablet in the car, then this standard is perfect for you.


This tablet standard is guaranteed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product, you will receive a return. Furthermore, there is a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on this product.

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