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shoot video with phone like a pro

how to shoot video with phone like a pro?

Today’s personal businesses have become more dependent on professional phone videography than one might think. Mastering the tricks and features built into phones and their various options has created golden and wonderful opportunities for high-quality video recording and filming.

cinematic recording with smartphones

Due to the strong interest of users in taking photos and videos with their smartphones, manufacturing companies try to make this part of their products with higher quality and gain more popularity and profit.
The built-in features of smartphones are sometimes so complete that they provide the conditions for professional filming with the phone. Getting to know how to set up phone cameras and install some applications will help every interested person create an efficient and professional personal media for himself.

1. Essential using gimbal for video recording

Preventing the camera from shaking during filming is one of the basic principles of professional filming; Therefore, if you plan to make a high-quality and attractive film, you need a device that will keep the camera steady for you; You can use gadgets like tripod, monopod and other similar things.
But one of the best options in this field is “Gimball”, which is also known as “Camera Stabilizer”. Gimbals are powerful tools that connect to your smartphone and allow you to record shake-free footage no matter how you move your camera; Therefore, it seems necessary to use them for professional video recording with a phone.

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Gimbal mechanism

The gimbal as an axial support allows the target object to rotate completely around an axis. Whichever way you shoot, the stabilizer supports your camera and keeps it steady with the help of its smart motors and sensors.
These features help Gameball to detect vibrations and vibrations and fix them. So feel free to run on rough terrains, go to heights and shoot videos while sitting in your moving car without worrying about shaking and blurring of your videos.

2. Provide necessary Equipment for mobile recording

There are many useful tools and equipment that will help you to produce a clear and high-quality film. These accessories are especially necessary for influencers and activists of virtual spaces; Because they help you to communicate more effectively and attractively with your audience. Some of these auxiliary equipment, which are not too expensive, include:

A. Mobile stand or holder

Sometimes you need to place your mobile phone in a fixed place to record the video, in these cases you need to keep your phone steady with the help of a tool; Also, when you are driving, cycling, riding a motorcycle or similar conditions, you need a tool to hold the phone.
This tool is a “stand” or “mobile holder” that will hold the phone at any angle, and to do this, it uses a clip or a magnet. If you need to shoot while moving, it also prevents strong shakes to some extent.
Some stands come with a charger, wireless and power bank, so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out during filming.

B. camera lens

One of the most important equipment needed for professional video recording with a phone is the camera lens, which by placing it on the phone camera, you can increase the quality of your videos to a significant level.
Different types such as wide lens, normal lens and lenses for more focus are found in the market. They have a special clip with which they are placed on the camera and remain fixed; You can also install filters on the lenses. Be sure to learn how to use lenses before spending money on them.

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C. Mobile spotlight

You must have noticed the weakness of cell phone flashes in creating enough light for photography and videography. Adequate and appropriate light is essential for high-quality film production; So you should think about providing an effective light source.
For this, you can go for rechargeable floodlights, which are not very expensive; But they have a great impact on your work. They can be connected to another source such as a power bank, some models can connect to the phone’s Bluetooth and charge in this way. In this context, you can use colored lights to create more excitement.

D. Memory card and connection cable

Those who are interested in professional videography with their phones need a lot of memory to save their videos; So you have to finish by installing a memory card on your phone. In this context, it is recommended to use memory cards that can be connected to the phone with a cable.

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E. Connection and conversion cable

Filming and photography do not end only with recording and taking pictures, but the essence of pleasure lies at the end of it; Especially if they can be viewed on a larger screen like a TV.
For this, in some phones that have the ability to connect wirelessly, you can easily use the Smart View feature; But if this is not possible, you should use connection cables known as HDMI. Another option is to use an OTG cable, which allows you to control the camera by connecting it to the phone.

how to shoot video with phone like a pro

3. Using other accessories for filming with mobile phones

In addition to the main and functional equipment that we mentioned, there are other useful devices and tools that help to perform the work better, some of which are mentioned below:

  • A. Waterproof phone protective case: This device is suitable for filming underwater and prevents the phone and lens from getting wet.
  • B. Lens adapter and converter: This tool is used to connect different types of camera lenses together, and this work provides new features for filming.
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4. Lighting Tricks & Tips

For professional filming, having the right light is the first word. When you plan to record a video using a mobile phone, the following tips will help you:

Choose a suitable place with enough light so that unnecessary shadows are not created. Using natural light will help you the best if you follow the principles.

  •  Do not point the camera directly at the light source.
  •  When filming in a closed space, take help from a fixed and non-moving lighting source.

In this field, the following equipment is suitable:

A. Using LED Ring Light:

This tool is in the form of a ring full of small LED lamps that, by connecting to the phone, creates a constant and uniform bright space and has an effective function for capturing photos from a close distance.

B. Use of portable LED panels

They are light and small devices that, by connecting to the phone or being placed on a tripod, create acceptable conditions in terms of brightness and color temperature.

C. Softbox lighting kit

The above kit consists of several soft boxes, a light base and a lamp and is useful for creating the required light for professional video recording with a phone.

5. Framing tips in filming

  •   To choose the right box, be sure to check the camera settings and activate its horizontal and vertical guide lines. To achieve the best conditions, with changes in these lines, do trial and error to reach the final result.
  •   It is recommended to fill the main box with the subject; It is also very helpful to observe the principle of the rule of thirds, in this way, the space is divided into 9 equal parts by grid division, you should try to place your important and main subject along a 3 x 3 grid or one of the points of one third.
  • The next issue in framing is paying attention to the final use of the film. The platform in which the video is displayed will be decisive in determining the ratio of the video frames; For example, the videos that are prepared to be shown on YouTube have different settings than the videos used in Instagram Stories or Rails.

6. The need to use a good wireless microphone

Don’t neglect the good, clear and clear sound quality, as well as the use of attractive effects when recording video with your phone. There is a wide range of microphones that give you great results with their functions. The types of microphones that can be used for this work are:

  •  Lavalier collar
  •  USB
  •  wireless
  •  Shotgun
  •  condenser

7. Installing popular and essential applications

There are other possibilities for recording professional videos with the help of a phone; Like using professional video recording software with a phone and getting help from suitable applications in this field. These programs allow the user to make manual settings, and in addition, they also have some other professional features that increase the quality of work. We mention the names of some popular applications in this field:

  •  Filmic Pro
  •  MAVIS
  •  MoviePro
  •  Open Camera (suitable for filming and photography)
  •  Camera MX (suitable for filming and photography)
  •  ProMovie Recorder
  •  LumaFusion video editor program

8. Important points in final film editing

When the filming is finished, the editing stage begins. Observing the main points in this field and using elegance and accuracy in it is considered as a part of the professional filming process with a phone. Use effective and efficient applications to get great output with decent quality; So increase your skill in this field as much as you can. Consider the following recommendations for video editing:

  •  Learning how to work with professional video and photo editing software
  •  Adding various fonts to the program
  •  Setting the appropriate size for the frame and video size
  •  Identifying the best video editing applications that are compatible with your phone model.

When the fault did not fall on the phone!

Before I learned how to shoot professionally with a phone, whenever the quality of my photos and videos was very poor, the first thought that came to my mind was to blame it on the phone; But this thought didn’t last long because it showed my lack of skill before anything else.
The reason was that the current smartphones have so many good and suitable facilities in this field that they cannot be blamed so easily.
With an honest judgment, to solve this problem, the best solution was to learn simple methods and follow practical tricks to record videos; For example, one of my common mistakes was recording videos vertically, which caused everyone to complain; As a first tutorial I learned to record horizontal videos.

The ever-increasing expansion of content production in social networks and its transformation into a business, the need to produce high-quality videos has increased, and many applicants and enthusiasts have turned to professional filming with phones. In order to achieve the desired and high-quality output, important tricks and tips should be observed in the field of clear sound, proper lighting, correct framing and proper video editing.

FAQ – pro video recordings with phone

All kinds of smart phones with suitable cameras provide very suitable conditions for preparing and recording quality videos at a professional level.

In order to achieve professional filming, you should follow tricks in the field of “using peripherals”, “effective lighting”, “correct framing”, “creating clear sound”, “helping efficient applications” and “film editing”.

Types of microphones for use in professional video recording with a phone include: “Lavalier collar”, “USB”, “Wireless”, “Shotgun” and condenser.

Some useful tools for professional lighting are things like “LED Ring Light”, “portable LED panels” and “softbox lighting kit”.

Some useful applications in this field are FiLMic Pro, MAVIS, MoviePro, OpenCamera, Camera MX, ProMovie Recorder, and LumaFusion Video Editor.

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