SKG F7-E Fascia Gun Muscle Massager Mini Massage Gun
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SKG F7-E Fascia Gun Muscle Massager Mini Massage Gun

AED420.00 inc. Vat

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Good Shape Mini Massage Gun:

  • Streamlined sports car shape, metal body, and colorful flowing light belt bring a sense of science and technology and visual impact;
  • The weight is 350g, which is half that of an ordinary fascia gun. The fuselage is the size of a palm. It is small but has a strong performance;


  • Large area 3-level hot compress, Hot compress before a massage can quickly relieve muscle stiffness, and accelerate blood circulation and lactate metabolism, in order to reduce muscle injury.
  • 10mm high-frequency amplitude and appropriate deep hitting depth make the massage not only stay on the surface but also quickly relax the muscles and roll away the pain and discomfort;
  • Select high-end brushless motor, high power, explosive, quieter, noise less than 45dB.

Convenient to use:

  • 23-day endurance (minimum strength 8min / time/day) App tutorials and professional tutorials provide perfect use services;
  • Use the scale roller at the tail of the fuselage to adjust the strength, and 5 gears of speed can be operated at will.
  • Hidden display panel. Levels of strength are clear at a glance It is atmospheric and beautiful and not afraid of being scratched.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg