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  • Long Battery Life
  • Smart in a flash
  • Setup In 30 seconds
  • Tiny Body With Big Power

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The word can turn electronics, lights and even home appliances on and off. It’s time your curtains get good, too. From today 22nd October, You will receive the SwitchBot Curtain through the Kickstarter advertising campaign. This Switchbot Curtain U Rail 2 has a powerful motorized device that you can connect to your existing curtains in moments. After you’ve installed your curtains, you can use voice commands or an app to close and open your curtains.

Voice controls work with Google Residence,  Amazon Alexa , Siri, and HomePod. If you don’t have a smart hub or speaker, it’s fine. You can use the SwitchBot app on your smartphone to substitute for the distance between wi-fi. Using the machine, customers can set the time when they want their curtains to shut and open mechanically. For example, if you’d prefer that your curtains shut at sunset and then open in the morning, you can choose your preferred time in the application.

A built-in light sensor will detect when the sun is up and then go back for a mechanically shut and open. If you want to stay in bed and sleep, you can set the curtains to be opened later in the daytime. “The power to mechanically get up to sunlight whereas nonetheless going to mattress within the true darkish can do wonders for sleep, and now it’s straightforward to realize,” said SwitchBot the CEO Connery Lee at an announcement on the press.

Curtains, in general, are an immense expense, and it’s unwise to get rid of curtains if you desire to use motorized curtains.” Lee said Lee at the time of the press event. “At SwitchBot, we’re massive supporters of retrofitting homes to make them more effective instead of making changes to the entire thing.

This was a huge element of the inspiration behind SwitchBot Curtain — reaching an ideal lifestyle that is “good” without the need for additional products.” SwitchBot Curtain powers SwitchBot Curtain is powered by an energy-efficient battery that can last up to 12 months, depending on your frequency. If changing the curtains’ battery is a hassle, You can opt for a photovoltaic panels add-on.

Smart in a flash

SwitchBot Curtain is a tiny wireless device that turns curtains motorized after 30 seconds of its installation. After attaching to the rods or rails, you can manage and program curtains to close and open.

The idea was born to retrofit

In contrast to other smart curtain options, SwitchBot Curtain is coming to retrofit and automate your curtains. In just one step, attach it to the tracks and convert your existing curtains into smart ones in minutes.

The installation will never be as effortless.

You thought it would take more than an hour for the payment? It’s not! Please attach it to the rail of your curtain and let the curtain move for you.

In 30 seconds, you can set up.

With the unique layout of SwitchBot Curtain’s unique mechanical design SwitchBot Curtains, it will take less than 30 seconds to put it up. (For rod pocket curtains, clips are needed)

Unlock your curtains with just one click

Sometimes, we’re exhausted from pulling the curtains manually. From now on, you can move the curtains open and shut on your phone.  With your SwitchBot Hub Mini (sold separately) , you can control your curtains even when you are a thousand miles away from home!

Wake up in natural light

Are you struggling with your alarms in the morning on a weekday? Use SwitchBot Curtain SwitchBot Curtain will save you. If you set up a timer via your smartphone, your curtains will open automatically before the time your alarm sounds.

Long Battery Life

A rechargeable battery can last up to 8 months based on the frequency of use.

Energy savings throughout the day

With the aid of the built-in sensor for sunlight, the curtains can be shut during the day in summer, blocking sunlight to conserve cooling. If you set the curtain to open when it is daylight in winter, you’ll have a cozy space free of the hustle while saving money on heating!

Touch & Go

Even using SwitchBot Curtain, you’d probably be able to draw the curtains manually. If SwitchBot Curtain detects your tiny tug, it will begin to perform the rest for you, a process known as Touch & Go.

A Tiny Body With Big Power

Its palm-sized design can be concealed behind curtains and work as if no one else knows. In addition, the strength provided by the SwitchBot Curtain can push up to 8kg (17 pounds) of the curtain!

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Lithium ion

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Upto 8 months

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U Rail 2

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U-Rail-2, Rod-2


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