SwitchBot Door Alarm Contact Sensor | Smart Home Security Door Sensor

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  • SwitchBot Contact Sensors detect movement on windows and doors with a range of up to 16.4 feet.
  • They can send notifications to your phone via SwitchBot Hub Mini when someone enters your home, if windows are open, or if your pet is out of its cage.
  • SwitchBot Contact Sensors work with intelligent voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home to keep you informed of home events.
  • They can detect the opening and closing of windows and doors, as well as people leaving or entering the home.
  • SwitchBot Contact Sensors are easy to install, wireless, and part of the SwitchBot ecosystem, allowing them to work with other SwitchBot products.
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SwitchBot Door Alarm Contact Sensor | Smart Home Security Door Sensor AED130.00 inc. VAT

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SwitchBot Contact Sensors are two parts attached to things like windows and doors. With a distance of up to 16.4 feet (5m) and 90deg horizontally and 55deg vertically, every movement the window or door makes will be detected and inform you of contact. Align the magnet’s area to the bottom of the SwitchBot, the contact sensor’s main body, and you’ll be good to go.

Receive notifications around the time.

Connected via SwitchBot Hub, Mini SwitchBot Contact Sensor can send notifications to your phone whenever someone comes into your home if windows are open or your pet is released from its cage. Put the Contact Sensor in any window or door. Your home’s security will be protected by this first line of defence that will be alerted in a matter of seconds, even when you’re away from home.

Use audio alarms.

If linked via SwitchBot Hub Mini, your intelligent voice assistant will inform you of events like when someone comes into your home or a door is open—staying on top of home affairs regardless of whether you’re inside a separate space around the house or if you’re on the go. Alexa and Google Home currently do not support Contact Sensor’s light-level sensor or motion-related features. However, the quality is being supported by IFTTT.

Window & Door Alarm Sensor for Home Security

SwitchBot Contact Sensor can detect the opening and closing of windows and doors and windows, ensuring the safety of children, the elderly, and pets. With its integrated light sensor, it can automatically initiate it to activate the lights when someone is moving, or the area becomes dark. The magnets have to meet at the lower part of the body. Also, the distance between them must be less than 1.2 inches (30mm).

Detects People Leaving or Entering the Home

With its built-in motion sensor in the device, Contact Sensor can tell whether you’re going away or coming home, allowing it to trigger the various actions you define inside the “Scene” in the SwitchBot application. The appliances will immediately shut off when it detects that you’re leaving your home. When it determines you’re returning home and you are home, the devices will start to turn on. (SwitchBot Hub Mini is required)

Easy to Install & Place It Anywhere

Due to its compact and wireless design with an extended battery time, you can set up Contact Sensor tool-free and install it in just a few minutes. Please put it in an empty medicine container to see the health of your elderly patients taking their medications or on your pet’s cage to determine when your kitten is slipping off.

Part of the SwitchBot Ecosystem

Connect the Contact Sensor to the other SwitchBot products and set up a “Scene” in the SwitchBot application. When windows are open, then SwitchBot Bot will be triggered. SwitchBot Bot can be activated to shut down the Air purifier automatically.

Voice and Remote Alert Alarms from Alexa

The door will be opened the alert message on your mobile when a suspicious person is in the home when you’re away. Alexa will activate a sound alarm to scare away any thieves, assuring your apartment’s security.

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Weight 0.2 kg



2 AAA batteries required


‎Contact Sensor


‎1 Inches

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‎Battery Powered

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