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China Claim Breakthrough in ‘6G Mobile Technology

Researchers From China Claim Breakthrough in ‘6G’

This might imply that 6G technology, when it arrives, would be up to 100 times quicker than 5G, the fifth-generation wireless mobile network, which is still being rolled out in most areas of the world. China claims to have made a breakthrough in 6G mobile technology, according to a South China Morning Post story. According […]

Apple Plans for an iPhone Without a SIM Card Slot

Apple Plans for an iPhone Without a SIM Card Slot?

Apple could launch a physical SIM-free iPhone with its iPhone 15 series, suggests a report by BlogDoiPhone. Since iPhone 13 is the latest in the series, the iPhone 15 is expected to arrive in 2023. As per the report, iPhone 15 could become the first iPhone model to ship without a physical SIM card slot. […]

First SMS Sold for Over 100 000 Euros

First SMS Sold for Over 100,000 Euros in Paris Auction

The first text message ever sent, reading “Merry Christmas,” was sold on Tuesday for 107,000 euros ($121,000) as a ‘Non-Fungible Token’ at a Paris auction house. The text, which was sent on Dec. 3, 1992, was put up for auction by the British telecoms company Vodafone (VOD.L). Vodafone engineer Neil Papworth sent the SMS from his […]

Best Decoration Lights For Home

Best Decoration Lights For Home & Office in UAE

Portable projectors are equipment that is compact and smaller in size. The portable is handheld devices. Portable projectors are lighter in weight but they are not enough light to be placed in the pocket. A projector can project the image of the object onto some screen or surface. They are used to play videos, movies, […]

Best Portable Printers

5 Best Portable Printers You Can Buy In 2021

A printer is equipment that transfers information to a sheet of paper. Portable printers are of different types and are of different sizes. These printers are easily be transferred from one place to another and can be moved anywhere. Whenever you want to print, you can do it immediately. The price of a printer varies […]

afordable powerbanks

10 Best Affordable Power Banks in UAE

We all know that the most important gadget for our daily life is a power bank and we want to keep it with us. Either we are going to the office, school, college, or going on a trip, we always want a power bank for our laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, and other gadgets that are chargeable. […]

Stinger trigger flydigi

7 Gadgets Every Mobile Gamer Should Buy in 2021

We all know that nowadays, smartphones have become gaming devices and support too many big games, and many of us also become real mobile gamers. It doesn’t matter you are going to play PUBG or other shooting games, but you must have some mobile accessories and gadgets that every mobile gamer should have to improve […]

Bellrobot Mabot Robot Kit

5 of the Coolest Electronic Gadgets for Kids in 2021

We all know this thing that raising your kids is very difficult that’s why we have decided to make your life significantly more comfortable with the help of the latest gadgets. If you are looking for some coolest gadgets for kids, you are in the right place because we have prepared a list of the […]

Best Flashlights

The Best Flashlights For Hunters | 2021 Collection

Flashlights are simple to just forget about. However, in case a natural disaster or storm strikes the ability, as is the case now of year, even a lasting flashlight is a vital tool for the relaxation and reassurance and in more extreme cases, maybe your own survival. A high-quality flashlight is beneficial in all types […]

Best Smart Water Bottle For Traveling 2021

Best Smart Water Bottle For Traveling | Ultimate Guide

Perhaps you have ever envisioned going a day? Undoubtedly that you might deal with it first. However, after a few hours, your thirst would become unbearable. After all, they say you could live without food for weeks, but without water, you will not survive more than a day or two. In other words, water is […]

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