Trangjan Finder Anti Lost Bluetooth Smart Finder For Kids Pets & Things

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  • Trangjan Finder is an anti-lost Bluetooth smart finder for locating lost items.
  • It uses GPS navigation and APP control for accurate location tracking.
  • The device is Apple-certified and works with Apple’s Find My network.
  • It has a thin design, long battery life, and a powerful anti-tracking function.
  • Trangjan Finder is versatile and can be used to track various items.

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The Trangjan Finder is an anti-lost Bluetooth smart finder designed to help locate lost items such as kids, pets, and personal belongings. It is an Apple-certified device that uses GPS navigation and APP control to help find lost items. This article will provide a detailed description of the Trangjan Finder, its features, functions, and specifications.

Design and Material

The Trangjan Finder is made of durable plastic material, making it lightweight and easy to carry around. Its compact size of 38.5X38.5X7mm and weight of 8g makes it convenient to attach to various items without adding bulk. The device is designed to be thin enough to fit into a wallet or attach to a keychain.

Features and Functions

The Trangjan Finder is packed with advanced features that make it a valuable tool for tracking lost items. Its GPS navigation and APP control allow for accurate location tracking, and its call reminder feature enables users to locate lost items easily. The device’s location history feature provides a record of where the item has been, making it easier to trace its movements.

Positioning Mode

The Trangjan Finder uses IOS positioning mode and does not require a separate APP to operate. It works seamlessly with Apple’s Find My network, enabling users to locate items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the network.

Battery and Power

The device uses a CR2032 240mAh @3V battery that lasts more than one year, making it ideal for long-term use. The Trangjan Finder’s low power consumption and powerful anti-tracking function help conserve battery life.


The Trangjan Finder works with Apple’s Find My app, eliminating the need to download a separate APP. The device can be found as long as there is an Apple network nearby, and users can turn off notifications for privacy.


The Trangjan Finder boasts six innovative and advanced advantages that make it a standout device for locating lost items. Its precise global positioning allows users to track items to within a few meters, while its powerful anti-tracking function prevents it from being tracked. The device’s one-touch call function enables users to retrieve lost items easily, and its super battery life ensures long-term use. The device’s encrypted design also helps protect user privacy.


The Trangjan Finder is versatile and can be used to track a variety of items, including wallets, suitcases, keys, sports equipment, e-cigarettes, and cameras. Its thin design makes it ideal for use with small items, such as wallets and keys.

The Trangjan Finder is a powerful and versatile anti-lost Bluetooth smart finder designed to help locate lost items easily. Its advanced features and functions, coupled with its long battery life, make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to keep track of their belongings. Its compatibility with Apple’s Find My app and global positioning capabilities make it a must-have for Apple device users.

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GPS Navigation, APP Control, Find My


Call Reminder, GPS Location, Location history

Type of Battery

CR2032 240mAh @3V

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Wallets,Suitacases,Keys,Sports equipments, E-cigarettes, Cameras


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