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8 reasons Wireless mic cuts out

Why does my wireless mic keep cutting out while?

Sometimes microphones that are wireless have problems. Knowing the reasons for the wireless microphone disconnection will help you find a solution faster. The expansion of the design and production of different types of these devices causes the formation of different parts in them; Therefore, there is a possibility of problems in each of these sections.

Getting to know the structure of wireless microphones

Wireless microphones, sometimes called radio microphones, can connect to recording sources and other amplification equipment without the need for cables. Their performance is based on the frequencies that are used instead of cables. Some of these microphones follow a fixed frequency and some have the ability to change the frequency, this feature does not allow frequency interference and provides conditions for the simultaneous use of several microphones.

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Wireless microphone components

In order to be able to send audio signals without the help of cables or wires, the devices need two main components, which are sometimes considered as the reasons for the wireless microphone disconnection. These two parts are:

  •  Transmitter: The microphone is connected to this part
  •  Receiver: Connects to the microphone input

Different types of these devices with different functions can be seen; Like many entertainment programs, television, lectures and spaces where a person needs more freedom of action and mobility.

Why do wireless microphones drop out?

All microphones, whether wired or wireless, may not work for some reason; But what is the cause of problems in wireless microphones and how can they be fixed? In the following, we introduce some of the causes and solutions to fix them:

1. Problem: It does not receive enough sound

Transmitters need a receiver; So if you use two receivers, you will be able to use two microphones. If you need more microphones, just increase the number of your receivers. Perhaps one of the reasons for the disconnection of the wireless microphone is related to this issue.

Why do wireless microphones drop out?

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✅ Solution: For not having enough wireless microphone volume

Anticipate the number of microphones needed. Get models that work with a receiver. Get help from the manufacturer. Before the ceremony, check the needs, equipment and facilities available or required. It helps to have a few inexpensive microphones.

2. Problem: Other wireless systems are interfering

The space of some areas is crowded in terms of radio waves and frequencies, or many phones (mobile and landline) are active or different wireless devices are working there. These cases can be among the causes of the wireless microphone disconnection by causing disturbances in the operation of the device.

✅ Solution: For other systems disruption

When buying a microphone, it is recommended to make sure that the receivers used have the required frequency. UHF microphones are useful in these situations; Because they have less interference and noise. Finally, if the system suffers from multi-line disturbances, the solution is to find suitable receivers again; You can also get help from a remote antenna system that spreads signals and reduces extraneous sounds.

UHF microphones

3. Problem: You are in the blind spot or dead zone

The basis of wireless microphone operation is based on signal communication; Therefore, they are exposed to signal interference or annoying noise. Sometimes the desired space or area is faced with obstacles or distances that are blind or dead spots.

✅ Solution: Testing before the program

Test the microphone on site before the program. Research the previous ceremonies held there to see if they faced such problems or not. If you notice the presence of a blind spot, coordinate with the relevant authorities so that they consider another suitable area for connecting the device.
Another solution to fix these causes of wireless microphone disconnection is to use another system that establishes a relationship between frequencies and prevents severe interruptions.

ِ4. Problem: Battery life is over

These devices work with the help of batteries. Batteries also have a limited life. A low or empty battery will cause the microphone to lose signals; Therefore, noise and additional sounds are formed or create distorted sounds.

✅ Solution: charging the night before

The easiest way is to charge the batteries the night before. Be sure to take the tools and equipment necessary to charge the battery with you. Buy an extra battery so that you don’t have more serious problems in case of emergency.

test your mic

5. Problem: Wireless microphones are also disconnected without hands-free

These types of devices that are placed in people’s pockets may also be turned off and block all communication paths of signals. Although many manufacturers have tried to minimize these problems in their new products, problems still exist and are known to cause wireless microphones to stop working.

✅ Solution: Use appropriate microphones

Use microphones that are placed in front of the mouth. They produce higher sound quality and don’t turn off suddenly.

6. Problem: The microphone wires have produced extra noise

Microphones that work wirelessly have a separate transmitter that is connected through a wire. To establish the necessary communication of these devices, the transmitters are attached to a clothing belt or placed in a person’s pocket; Because they produce sharp sounds like bells.

✅ Solution: Set the receiver frequencies correctly

It is sometimes possible to fix the reasons for the wireless microphone disconnection by performing actions on the transmitters. In the above matter, the problem can be solved by moving the receivers of wireless microphones to the backstage of the performance. Setting the receivers so that other frequencies are not passed is also one of the necessary measures to solve these types of problems.

Another thing to do is to do the necessary consultation and inquiry about choosing the right range where the best frequencies can be obtained. In this context, the frequency analysis program of wireless microphones will be very helpful. Pay attention to the quality of the microphones. Inexpensive devices are often associated with problems such as generating frequencies and redundant signals or delaying the passage of sound from the source to the destination.

Despite this problem, as one of the reasons for the disconnection of the wireless microphone, you can connect it to your clothes (pants) with a microphone strap to reduce the unwanted noises of the microphone so that it does not make annoying noises along with your movements. Fixed and fixed the microphone so that it does not move, for this purpose it can be attached to the clothes with glue.

7. Problem: The desired space returns the sound

Another problem that sometimes arises when using wireless microphones is the feedback and return of the sound in the desired room or hall. The movement of the person using the microphone prompts the device to react harshly. Its cause is the formation of stray sounds in the microphone due to the user’s extra movements.

✅ Solution: Make sure your microphone is working properly

Do not neglect to check and test your wireless microphones before the start of the program or event and take it seriously.

8. Problem: Antennas not working properly

One of the possibilities and reasons for the wireless microphone disconnection is related to the antennas. This part of the device acts as a receiver that receives radio waves that carry audio signals and can also send them. If this part is damaged, loose or blocked, it will affect the performance of the microphone and will not allow it to work properly or prevent it from working at all.

✅ Solution: Check the microphone antennas beforehand

By checking the condition and health of the antenna, make sure that its orientation is done correctly and that there are no special physical or metal obstacles in the way of radio waves that cause them to be blocked or reflected. Getting help from an antenna amplifier or using directional antennas also plays an effective role in improving the strength and quality of signals.

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The reasons for disconnection of the wireless microphone include several things that can be determined by examining them and solving the problems if they are correctly diagnosed. Apart from the external factors that may be the reason for the microphone not working, the quality of the device itself is also very important. You shouldn’t expect much from wireless microphones that are manufactured and sold at a cheap price.

FAQ – reasons Wireless mic cuts out

Wireless microphones connect to audio recording sources and other amplification equipment without the need for cables. The performance of these popular devices is based on frequencies that are used instead of cables.

These devices have two main components, which are sometimes the reason for the wireless microphone disconnection, and they are: the transmitter (connects to the microphone) and the receiver (connects to the microphone input).

There are several reasons for this problem; Such as not receiving enough sound, being disturbed by other systems, being in a blind spot, running out of battery, producing extra sound by wires, returning sound, and having problems with antennas.

If one of the reasons for the wireless microphone disconnection is the malfunction of other systems, the solution is to find the receivers again; Also, using a remote antenna spreads signals and reduces noise.

Yes. These devices may be turned off completely, thus blocking all communication paths of signals. The use of high-quality microphones that are placed in front of the mouth are more suitable for this purpose.

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