Yoobao Multi Functions Portable Power Station 48000mAH


  • Brand Name: Yoobao
  • Model Number: 150C
  • Output Interface: Micro USB, Triple USB, USB/DC, Type C Input
  • Interface: USB Type C
  • Supports Solar Energy: No
  • Type: Fast Charging, With Plug, High Capacity,
  • Battery Type: Lithium iron phosphate battery

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A performance-enhancing high-energy storage power supply is undoubtedly a huge plus if it is also smart, multipurpose, durable, safe, and portable. This is what the Yoobao 150C Power station is all about and we recommend our customers as one of the best mobile accessories. It has a massive 48000mAh battery capacity which makes it capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously without needing to recharge intermittently making it quite handy to blackout-proof your entire family during load shedding.

It comes with an inbuilt 220V AC inverter capable of up to 150W which can be used outdoors to power many small household appliances like drones, car refrigerators, projectors, and other equipment. It has an emergency 12V car jumpstart start function with 100A start current and 200A peak current plus EC5 cables capable of starting cars up to 3.0l capacity…a feature which is very practical and handy for those who love outdoor adventure.

It has four USB output charging ports, 3 x USB-A  and 1 x USB-C with QC3.0 fast charge for simultaneously charging up to 4 mobile devices on the go android or iOS alike. The USB-C interface has a 30W PD two-way fast charging capability which means in addition to charging devices such as laptops it can also be used to power the device itself. The fast charge capability saves half the time to charge devices like your MacBook.

As if not enough the power station has multiple inputs charging options, you can charge it using an adapter, car charger, or even solar power. In addition to the charging function it has an illumination LED light ring with SOS light mode which comes in handy should you need to send a distress light signal when stranded outdoors. It is also equipped with a digital display unit which makes it easy to keep track of how much power is left and how soon you need to recharge it. This high ingenuity quality power station has Lithium-ion batteries encased in a solid robust metal case with a glossy elegant finish.

The Power Station undoubtedly proves that it is quite a smart multipurpose companion hence the manufacturers added a very handy and durable brown leather belt handle attached on either side for portability which makes it easily carry it in one hand or hang it by where it is needed. Its base has an anti-slip rubber ring which keeps it snug on flat surfaces to keep it steady even in a moving vehicle. These amongst many other features and benefits are reasons enough to add it to your home utilities especially as we face unpredictable load shedding schedules in South Africa.

  • Battery Capacity 48000mAh/3.2V
  • Battery Power 150Wh(TYP)
  • Total Input Power 30W
  • USB-C Input: DC 20V-1.5A / 15V-2A / 12V-2.5A / 9V-3A / 5V-3A
  • Total USB Output: 30W
  • USB-A1 Output: DC 12V-1.5A / 9V-2A / 5V-2.4A
  • USB-A2/A3 Output: DC 5V-2.4A
  • USB-C Output: DC 12V-10A(Max)
  • Car Charger Interface Output: DC 12V-10A(Max)
  • EC5 Output: DC 12V-200A(Max)
  • Power of Light 5W
  • Weight:1650g
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 12cm
  • Package Contents:
    • 1 x Yoobao 150C 48000mAh Power Station
    • 1 x EC5 Jump Start Cables
    • 1 x USB-C to USB-C Cable
    • 1 x Carry Bag
    • 1 x User Manual

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