BEBIRD D3 Pro Ear Wax Removal Otoscope 1080p With LED Light

AED275.00 inc. VAT

  • Gentle And Comfortable
  • 800W HD endoscope
  • IP65 level waterproof lens

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BEBIRD D3 Pro Ear Wax Removal
BEBIRD D3 Pro Ear Wax Removal Otoscope 1080p With LED Light AED275.00 inc. VAT
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Gentle And Comfortable

This ear wax removal tool is made of food contact grade purified silicone, matched with an intelligent directional gyroscope, no matter sitting and lying down can be consistent with the eyes and hands, easily enjoy the ear wax cleaning time, is gentle and comfortable, every pick is very reassuring!

Magic Munchkin Accessories Storage Box

Artistic munchkin shape, so that children will fall in love at first sight, no longer resist ear wax cleaning, Bebrid d3 pro contains 8 kinds of ear wax removal tools can be clean and refreshing to enjoy the removal of ear wax, child safety lock rotate the end to lock, storage accessories, simple and convenient.

Focus on creating a happy ear cleaner time

Exclusive research and development for love, 800w HD endoscope bendable light picking lens, truly fit the baby’s ear canal, teardrop lens, and mother’s gaze into the ear canal to give children a more secure and comfortable fun ear picking experience.

Technology upgrade

Bebird d3 pro using ip65 level waterproof lens, otoscope non-sensitive temperature 25 degrees to match the baby’s ear canal intimate temperature, cold when lasting constant temperature, hot when the rapid cooling, suitable for the more able ear canal natural temperature sensation.

What you get

ear wax removal, 8 kinds of cleaning accessories, a microscopic lens cover, a second electronic magnifying glass, open the magical microscopic world, but also to cultivate children’s curiosity, but also to give children a safer more comfortable, and fun visual ear cleaning experience, so that the ear cleaning in and out of the degree, explore the secret space inside the ear.

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