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With the increasing development of technology and the increasing need to maintain security in different places, the importance of using security and CCTV cameras as one of the main tools in protecting property and people’s safety has become more and more apparent. These cameras act as invisible and effective supervisors for monitoring and supervising activities in places such as; Homes, companies, business centers and even government organizations are known.

But, before we go into the category of buying security and CCTV cameras and its related points, it is necessary to get acquainted with the features of different types of CCTV cameras and their applications. Obtaining this information will help you make an optimal choice and make a smart purchase.

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Showing 1–12 of 21 results

Introducing Security & CCTV Cameras features

Security and CCTV cameras are electronic devices that are used to record images and monitor activities and events in various places, including homes, companies, stores, commercial centers, public environments, and even government organizations.

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The security camera system generally includes image recording cameras, storage and playback systems, as well as image management software. These cameras come in many different types and are usually connected to a central system using different cables (such as network cables or COAX cables).

This system captures and stores images and allows users to view and manage them. In the following, we will introduce you to different types of CCTV cameras.

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Security and CCTV cameras Types

Security and CCTV cameras are generally divided into two main categories, analog and digital. Each of these categories and the cameras in it have their own characteristics and applications, which are generally as follows:

1. Analog cameras types

  • IP Cameras: These cameras use the network to transmit images and usually have high resolution and features such as pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ).
  • CCTV Cameras: These cameras are often used for closed circuit systems and are directly connected to a DVR or NVR.

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2. Types of digital cameras

Fixed Cameras: These cameras are fixed and cannot change the imaging direction.

Moving cameras (PTZ Cameras): This type of security and CCTV cameras have facilities such as pan, tilt and zoom and can also change the direction of imaging.

Hidden Cameras: This type of security cameras are secretly placed inside equipment such as lamps, clocks or other objects and are used to take care of places that need secret surveillance.

Wireless Cameras: These cameras are set up without the need for a direct video connection cable and connect to the network via Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies.

Each of these types of cameras has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is better to choose and purchase security and CCTV cameras based on the needs and according to the conditions of the used environment.

wireless security camera

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The most practical types of security cameras

Some of the most useful types of security and CCTV cameras are as follows:

1. Night Vision Camera

The night vision camera with its high technical features and the wide range of features it offers is suitable for monitoring in low light and dark conditions. The small dimensions and 1.54-inch color display of this CCTV camera allow you to record and save high-quality images in various formats. Equipped with a 1100 mAh battery, the night vision camera can record videos continuously for up to 5 hours.

Also, this camera supports an external memory card with a capacity of up to 256 GB, so it can save a large amount of images and videos with high quality. Having these features as well as the wide operating temperature range of this camera (65 °C to -20 °C), allows a person to use it in different environmental conditions.

night vision cam

2. The most practical CCTV camera: Video call Voip camera with baby monitor

The VoIP camera is one of the types of security cameras that can communicate with you and your beloved child easily and with high quality at any hour of the day or night. Featuring a 2.8-inch HD display with a resolution of 5 megapixels, this camera offers high-resolution images and full colors.

Also, with the ability to display the image in low light conditions, it is able to provide you with a good view even at night.This type of security camera supports two-way video calls and has two silicone microphones with a range of 4 meters, which allows you to communicate with your children live and hear their voices well and in high quality.

voip camera

This camera also warns you if needed by using artificial intelligence system and the ability to detect the sound of a child crying, and you can control the camera remotely through a special program.

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3. 4K Dual Lens Ultra HD Wi-Fi Solar Camera

Ultra HD Wi-Fi solar camera with dual lens 4K is one of the advanced and modern types of security and CCTV cameras for outdoor use. This camera has two lenses equipped with a 4K/8MP quality sensor that can record 180-degree panoramic images and give you a comprehensive and clear view up to 40 meters away from the surrounding environment.

The battery of this CCTV camera is continuously charged through a 6-volt solar panel and an extension cable. This feature allows the camera to work continuously in standby mode for 8 months. The Ultra HD solar surveillance camera also has the ability to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Therefore, you can access the settings and live broadcast of the camera anywhere in the world through a special program.

sola camera

4. Wi-Fi lamp camera with night vision, high resolution and PTZ

Lampi Wi-Fi camera equipped with night vision is one of the most modern types of security cameras. The 4 megapixel resolution of this camera offers you clear and accurate images even in the absolute darkness of the night. This camera also has features such as; Two-way sound playback, horizontal rotation of 355 degrees and vertical rotation of 110 degrees.

These features allow you to monitor any part of your home and easily communicate with your children, pets or guests. Also, this surveillance camera, being equipped with a motion detection system, quickly detects and informs you of any unusual activity.

In addition, the Wi-Fi lamp camera has the ability to store images in the cloud and TF card. Therefore, you can easily review the images even when you are not at home.

5. Multi-purpose CCTV camera with wireless charger and alarm – 1080P

This example of a variety of security and surveillance cameras with features such as Wi-Fi charging, alarm and night vision surveillance camera, offers the functionality of an alarm clock, wireless charger and surveillance camera in one device.

This camera also has a delicate design in the form of a Wi-Fi charger and features such as; The ability to detect movement, send information through the program and the possibility of night vision can provide hidden surveillance without attracting attention.

In addition, the possibility of simple setup, recording images and videos with p1080 quality and fast wireless charging make this model of security cameras an ideal option for monitoring homes, offices, warehouses or babysitting.

Buying Security and CCTV cameras Essential Tips

It is better to pay attention to the following points when choosing a model and buying security and CCTV cameras in order to make a smart purchase:

  • High image resolution: to capture clear and detailed images
  • CCTV camera waterproof and dustproof: if you need to install it outdoors or in special environments
  • Strong night vision: for monitoring at night without artificial light
  • Having a wide viewing angle: to cover more area
    PTZ capability: for multi-directional movement and zooming
  • Adequate storage capacity: If you need to store images.
  • Security and Encryption: To protect surveillance data
  • Having the ability to detect motion and alert: to notify when motion occurs

FAQ – Security Cameras

AS2 provides a range of security cameras, including dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ cameras, and thermal cameras.

AS2 security cameras offer features such as high-definition video quality, night vision, weatherproofing, motion detection, and remote access via mobile apps.

AS2 ensures the reliability of its security cameras by using high-quality components, rigorous testing, and providing professional installation services.

 Yes, AS2 security cameras can be integrated with other security systems, including alarm systems, access control systems, and home automation systems.

AS2 offers support services including technical support, maintenance, and warranty services for their security cameras.