Gimbal Stabilizers

The stabilizer gimbals are the best tool for professional-looking, smooth videos, and a good choice if you want to avoid unstabilized footage looking amateurish and shaky. Find here the best gimbal stabilizers for vlogging as per your needs.

For sure, it has happened to you many times that you like the cozy atmosphere and want to take a video from that place with the camera, unfortunately, due to walking while filming, the recorded video is very shaky. Undoubtedly, one of the best choices to reduce the shaking of a moving camera is a gimbal and mobile stabilizer.

You can find these devices in the market with other names such as video gimbal stabilizer, steady cam and glide cam. This tool will be accompanied by two or three axes and the smartphone will be installed on them. In fact, instead of holding the camera while moving the camera, the videographer can hold and move the gimbal (stabilizer).

But the question arises, will the camera shake when moving with the gimbal? With this tool, there will be no more shake or blur in your videos! This tool eliminates camera shake and records videos or images more attractively. In the past years, all kinds of brands in the world tried to produce and supply gimbal and stabilizer, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages. To buy mobile gimbal and stabilizer, you can follow our text until the end.

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4 Tips for buying stabilizer gimbal

The variety of gimbal and stabilizer may confuse your loved ones, in order to make a better purchase, it is better to pay attention to the following points before buying:

1. Sufficient budget to buy gimbal and mobile stabilizer

If you are buying a gimbal and stabilizer for the first time, the price is undoubtedly very important to you. The gimbals available in the market have variety and different brands, but naturally you are looking for quality gimbals, so you should look for it among the reputable brands.

If you want to choose the best option according to your budget, it is recommended to take a look at the available samples. With this, you can easily find out about all the strengths and weaknesses of gimbals and buy the best one with peace of mind.

2. Choosing a 2-axis or 3-axis gimbal?

One of the other criteria that you should pay attention to is the number of axes of a gimbal. 3-axis gimbals generally perform better, but they can be more expensive.

Two-axis gimbals can only control horizontal and vertical vibrations, but cannot do anything in the field of rotational axis. For many users, 2-axis gimbals are a good option, but before buying, you should choose one of these two models according to your needs.

Choosing a 2-axis or 3-axis gimbal?

3. Compatibility with your mobile phone and camera

The compatibility of the gimbal with the camera or phone is very important. For example, if an application designed for a gimbal is not compatible with the iOS version, you may encounter many problems using it.

Also, if you are planning to buy a gimbal for a camera, you should check whether you will be able to use the gimbal in the future if you change the camera.

In addition, we must also mention the weight tolerance of the gimbal, which is very important for gimbals for cameras. If the gimbal is not able to support heavy weight, you will probably face problems using different lenses.

4. Suitable application for mobile gimbal and stabilizer

If you are looking to buy a gimbal for your phone, you should pay special attention to the features provided by the application related to your desired gimbal and do not ignore this issue in any way.

Brands like DJI offer attractive and advanced applications for their gimbals that you can use to shoot videos using the various features of these applications.

Gimbal Stabilizer Models For Different Applications

ApplicationRecommended ModelDescription
Smartphone FilmmakingDJI OM 5Compact and portable, offers 3-axis stabilization, built-in extension rod for dynamic angles, and a magnetic phone clamp for easy setup.
Action CamerasGoPro Karma GripDesigned specifically for GoPro cameras, provides smooth stabilization, compatible with various GoPro mounts, and easy to handle.
Professional FilmmakingDJI Ronin-SIdeal for professional cameras, offers 3-axis stabilization, high payload capacity, advanced control features, and long battery life.
VloggingZhiyun Smooth 4Features a control panel for quick access to settings, 3-axis stabilization, dedicated modes for vlogging, and compatibility with smartphones.
Travel and Lightweight UseFeiyuTech VLOG Pocket 2Lightweight and foldable design, 3-axis stabilization, quick setup, and ideal for on-the-go use and travel vlogging.
Mirrorless CamerasZhiyun Weebill SCompact and lightweight, 3-axis stabilization, high compatibility with various mirrorless cameras, and long battery life.
DSLR CamerasMoza Air 2Supports heavy DSLR setups, 3-axis stabilization, intuitive controls, multiple shooting modes, and robust construction.
VersatilityHohem iSteady MultiCompatible with smartphones, action cameras, and compact cameras, 3-axis stabilization, easy to switch between devices, and user-friendly design.

Types of mobile gimbal and stabilizer

Nowadays, the use of gimbals in filming has become very common. These devices eliminate camera shake and the images produced are smooth and blur-free. These products are produced in different types and are made especially for Android and IOS mobile phones.

With the development of mobile phones, mobile stabilizers were designed and produced by famous brands such as DJL and Zhiyun-tech. Using these products will help you to have smooth and smooth images and videos while filming.

Gimbals are divided into two general categories:

  •  Mobile gimbal
  •  Camera gimbal

Types of mobile gimbal and stabilizer

are divided Due to the expansion of the use of mobile cameras and the increase in the video recording quality of these devices, mobile gimbals have received more attention than before and the manufacturing companies also attach great importance to these products. The Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal is one of the most important and top mobile gimbals.

Camera gimbals are produced in single and double types. Dual gimbals are mostly used to carry heavier cameras with larger lenses. But single handles are more portable and give the user more freedom in choosing the angle and way of filming.

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3 Factors affecting the mobile gimbal price

We all take beautiful photos and record high-quality videos using our smartphones. To improve the quality of images and videos, it is necessary to use a mobile gimbal and stabilizer. But the price of these gadgets depends on what factors?

1. Tolerable weight:

One of the important factors in determining the price of a mobile gimbal is the weight it can support. With the ability to support more weights, these gadgets will usually have a higher price.

Therefore, it is suggested to determine the weight of your device and the camera used before buying, and then choose a gimbal whose weight is compatible with these values.

2. The amount of quality of the stabilizer:

the use of quality parts in gimbals will also be effective in their final price. Since gimbals consist of a large number of parts, choosing high-quality parts in accordance with relevant standards greatly contributes to the final quality of the product and increases their useful life and better performance.

3. Product brand:

A reliable and well-known brand can have an important impact on the final price of the product. Famous brands usually use high-quality materials and use advanced technologies, which can increase their prices.

The reputation and reputation of the brand can also affect the price of mobile gimbals. Brands that are known and trusted in the market usually have higher prices. The reputation of the brand can gain the trust of consumers and ultimately have a positive effect on the price of the product.

Popular models of gimbal and stabilizer

Gimbals come in a wide variety of models and brands. It is obvious that choosing each of them means more features, but the user should choose it according to his needs and budget. In the following, you can see the most popular models and brands of gimbal and stabilizer.

  • DJI gimbal model OM 6
  • Achavan gimbal model Smart X
  • 3-Axis Gimbal model
  • Gimbal model Smooth 5 Xion
  • Xion Smooth XS gimbal
  • Snoopy gimbal model Atom 2

FAQ – For Buy video gimbal stabilizer

some of the important factors that impact on gimbal price are: tolerable weight,  quality of the stabilizer and Product brand.

DJI gimbal model OM 6, Achavan gimbal model Smart X, 3-Axis Gimbal model, Gimbal model Smooth 5 Xion, Smooth XS gimbal, Snoopy gimbal model Atom 2 are the most popular models of gimbal.

  1. Sufficient budget to buy gimbal and mobile stabilizer
  2. Choosing a 2-axis or 3-axis gimbal?
  3. Compatibility with your mobile phone and camera
  4. Suitable application for mobile gimbal and stabilizer