Customized AirPods 3

Airpods 3rd Gen is only available in white, but you may have wanted black, pink, red, or any other color. Spice up your AirPods 3rd Gen with some color! Customize these fabulous little headphones with your favorite color.

Customized Airpods 3
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Showing all 12 results

AirPods 3rd Gen has a new contoured design with force sensor control and a shorter stem. Adaptive EQ automatically tunes the music to your ear. AirPods 3rd Gen comes with 6 hours of listening time and a wireless charging case that is MagSafe compatible.

We personalize the Apple AirPods 3 with your image, company logo, tagline, text, and more. The customized AirPods 3 are available in multiple colors like Black, Blue, Brown, White, and more, making them suitable for all situations. Personalized Airpods 3 can be delivered to all countries in the world.