Dental Gadgets

Gadgets have a very wide world and have entered every field. Including dental care gadgets that are designed and made to help people maintain and care for their teeth. Fortunately, it is possible to get many of them from Dubai markets and they can be imported into the country.

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The best teeth whitening gadget at home

Teeth always affect people’s beauty and having white teeth adds to their attractiveness. One of the useful tools for teeth whitening is a whitening pen or varnish. This device consists of a small brush that is connected to a magic reservoir. This tank contains “Carbamide Peroxide” or “Hydrogen Peroxide” with a very low percentage, which has the ability to “remove color“.

The working method of this pen, which can be called one of the teeth care gadgets, is that the above-mentioned materials pass through the tooth enamel and reach the dentin and reduce its color a little.

Because the tooth enamel is transparent, the color of the dentin can be seen, and for this reason, when the dentin becomes lighter, the color of the tooth appears whiter. To use this gadget, just drag the pen on your teeth after brushing and flossing.

teeth whitening gadget

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Buy the best electric toothbrush in Dubai

Laziness in brushing teeth exists in many people, which can have various factors. Using electric toothbrushes can be considered as a suitable solution.

These gadgets clean the dental plaques and food remaining in between the teeth in a more suitable and stronger way than regular toothbrushes, and prevent the rapid decay of the teeth. Some of the best electric toothbrush models are:

1. Agaro Cosmic Lite Sonic

This toothbrush uses 6 modes to clean the teeth, ranging from mild to deep. For this purpose, it has 3 brushes and an interdental series. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 25 days with a 3 and a half hour charge.

electric toothbrush

2. Oral-B pro T100 rechargeable toothbrush

The popular T100 toothbrush uses professional dual mode and its handle is ergonomically designed. Its battery is charged quickly through USB and it works up to 30 days with the same charge.

If you choose this model of dental care gadgets, you can also use the two-minute timer. The indicator light on the brush head also tells when to change the brush head.

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3. Colgate ProClinical 150

The toothbrush above has a replaceable brush head and advanced charcoal bristles and 20,000 strokes per minute to remove plaque and food particles. Its handle is ergonomically designed and is assisted by a 2-minute timer. The brush of this waterproof and rechargeable toothbrush is always ready for service.

Types of electric toothbrushes

There are different types of electric toothbrushes, which include:

  • Fixed head toothbrush: This model uses a fixed head and cleans the teeth with circular movements.
  • Toothbrush with rotating head: These toothbrushes are made of silicone and by using their rotating head, in addition to rotating movements, they also use impact to clean the teeth.
  • Toothbrushes with a vibrating head: it is clear from the name of this model that its head has a vibrating state and removes dirt from the teeth with shock movements.
  • Toothbrush with round brush: the common and common model of electric toothbrushes that are very visible in the market.
  • Toothbrush with a wide brush: The designers of dental care gadgets think about people with different characteristics. One of the designs related to the electric toothbrush is made for people who have bigger teeth, and the toothbrush with a wide brush is one of them.
  • Toothbrush with a V-shaped brush: Some people have uneven or crooked teeth that should use a toothbrush that fits this situation. Brushes with V-shaped brushes are made for these people.

Buying a water flosser gadget (dental water jet) in Dubai

Water Flosser is a gadget for maintaining oral and dental hygiene that cleans teeth using high water pressure and has three main parts: “water tank“, “motor with pump” and “special nozzle for spraying water“.

Buying a water flosser gadget (dental water jet) in Dubai

In this device, the motor and pump create a high pressure of water and with the help of the water sprinkler, they make it flow in the space of the mouth and teeth, which destroys the particles left between the teeth with great power.

Types of water flosser for cleaning teeth

If you intend to prepare a water fountain or water jet, you should be familiar with its types. These types are:

  1. Counter: A heavy and relatively large gadget that must be connected to the electrical outlet and used. They have a water tank.
  2. Wireless: Wireless or battery-powered models are designed to be small, slim and portable; But their strength may not be as strong as dental floss.
  3. Flosser: This device is attached to the shower head so that the person can floss before or after showering. You don’t need electricity or batteries to use this gadget.
  4. Faucet Flosser: Another dental care gadget is known as faucet flosser. This model is also similar to shower thread; But using a wire that connects to the water basins instead of the shower head.
  5. Rechargeable water jet: These types of portable devices use rechargeable batteries and are less powerful than counter models.
  6. Combined water jet: These types of gadgets try to combine the features of water jets with other toothbrushes to achieve a device with more complete applications.

Types of water flosser for cleaning teeth

Benefits of dental water flosser gadgets

Oral hygiene is not complete with simple brushing. The design and construction of water flossers have been done to solve this problem and help prevent the occurrence of tooth and gum diseases. These devices have many advantages, some of which are:

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Cleaning all parts of the mouth and teeth that are not possible with normal methods
  • It is possible to clean the spaces between the teeth that are not easily cleaned

Benefits of dental water flosser gadgets


Oral and dental hygiene is one of the most important factors of human health, however, many people do not like regular brushing and do not follow it. Fortunately, dental care gadgets have been designed and produced in different types to answer these concerns and be a solution for them.

FAQ – Dental gadgets

These devices are produced with the aim of making it easier to clean the teeth and provide oral hygiene and to clean all parts of this body organ and free from the remaining particles of food between the teeth.

One of the useful tools for teeth whitening is a teeth whitening pen or varnish, which has a small brush attached to the magic reservoir and receives the “carbamide peroxide” or “hydrogen peroxide” substance from which it can “remove color”.

There are several types of electric toothbrushes, which are: “fixed head toothbrushes”, “rotating head toothbrushes”, “vibrating head toothbrushes”, “round brush toothbrushes”, “wide brush toothbrushes” and “V shaped toothbrushes”. »

Water flossers are designed and manufactured in different types, such as: “counter”, “wireless”, “cotton shower”, “faucet flosser”, “charged water jet” and “combined water jet”.

Some of the benefits of these devices are: easy to use, cleaning all parts of the mouth and teeth that are not possible with conventional methods, cleaning the spaces between teeth that are stuck together that cannot be cleaned easily.