Hohem iSteady XE Kit Phone Gimbal Stabilizer (2023 Version)

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  • iSteady XE: Lightweight 3-Axis Gimbal
  • Upgraded Stabilization for Smooth Shots
  • Magnetic Fill Light for Versatile Lighting
  • Easy Controls and One-Tap Templates
  • Securely Holds Large Smartphones

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The Hohem iSteady XE Kit is a revolutionary smartphone gimbal stabilizer designed to elevate your mobile videography and photography to new heights. This 2023 version is packed with innovative features that make it stand out in the market. With its lightweight design, upgraded stabilization algorithm, magnetic fill light, and user-friendly controls, the iSteady XE Kit is the perfect companion for content creators on the move.

Quick and Easy Setup

The iSteady XE stands out for its user-friendly setup. Unfolding and setting up the gimbal is a breeze. Simply tighten the knob, place your smartphone in the central clamp, and power it on. You’re ready to capture steady and professional-looking footage in seconds.

Upgraded Stabilization iSteady 7.0 Algorithm

One of the standout features of the iSteady XE Kit is its advanced stabilization technology. The iSteady 7.0 Algorithm takes smartphone shooting to the next level by delivering incredibly smooth footage even while on the move. It boasts a 30% improvement in anti-shake performance compared to the previous generation. The powerful motors operate efficiently to ensure steady shots in various scenarios.

Lightweight and Secure

Weighing in at just 259g, the iSteady XE is the lightest 3-axis smartphone gimbal available, making it an ideal choice for creators who are constantly on the go. Despite its featherlight design, the gimbal offers improved motor torques, enhancing its stability and ensuring your phone stays securely in place, even with larger smartphones.

Independently Magnetic Fill Light

The iSteady XE Kit includes an independently magnetic fill light with three types of light colors and 10 brightness levels. This versatile fill light can be easily attached to the gimbal to highlight subjects with excellent lighting. Remarkably, it can also function independently without being magnetized to the gimbal, allowing you to illuminate your shots wherever you go.

Simplified Control

Controlling the iSteady XE Kit is intuitive and efficient. Quickly switch between landscape and portrait mode with a single press of the function button. You can also switch between gimbal modes (PF/PTF/L/POV) by pressing the M button once. Additionally, the Inception Mode (spin shot) is just a three-time press of the function button away, enabling you to capture dynamic and creative shots effortlessly.

One-Tap Blockbuster

The iSteady XE Kit includes diverse shooting templates in the app, making it easy to create captivating videos with minimal effort. Whether you’re capturing travel adventures, street scenes, or sports events, this gimbal helps you achieve professional-quality results.

Magnetic Fill Light Options

The magnetic fill light included in the kit comes in three colour options:

  • Warm light: Creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Natural white light: Yields more realistic photos and videos.
  • Cold light: Provides an energized and exciting feel to your shots.

Compatible with Almost All Smartphone Sizes

The iSteady XE Kit is designed to accommodate smartphones of various sizes. Its impressive motor torques ensure that your phone remains securely in place, even when using larger devices.

Compact and Portable

With a weight of only 259g and the ability to fold to the length of a smartphone, the iSteady XE is exceptionally compact and can easily fit in your pocket. This portability makes it the perfect companion for any adventure, ensuring you’re always ready to capture smooth and professional footage.

In conclusion, the Hohem iSteady XE Kit is the best budget smartphone gimbal for creators who demand exceptional stabilization, ease of use, and versatility. With its advanced features and lightweight design, it empowers users to capture stunning videos and photos with their smartphones, making it an essential tool for content creators and enthusiasts alike. Elevate your mobile videography and photography game with the iSteady XE Kit and unlock a world of creative possibilities.

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