The Floating Megi Dimmable Voice-control Floating Lamp

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World’s First Dimmable Magnetic Levitating Lamp with Voice Control. Megi adds magic to any room! Megi is a unique levitating lamp that hovers using magnetic levitation and powers its light by induction. It is a home smart device with voice commands capable of 3 adjustable levels of brightness while floating like magic in mid-air. Its powerful integrated voice-control system lets users turn on/off the lamp or brighten/dim the light with simple commands. The lamp becomes a convenient part of a smart home system that gives users the power of voice commands for times when hands are full or the lamp is out of reach.

The stunning, award-winning lamp has a modern minimalist design that perfectly fits the décor esthetic of contemporary living spaces. Megi’s impressive floating lamp head design works on the same concept that powers maglev trains. It uses powerful superconducting magnets to keep the lamp arm and the lighted shade invisibly tethered near each other in perfect position. The LED light is powered by induction as floats in mid-air without wires.

“Levitation is a magic-like effect that fascinates people and evokes a feeling of wonder. However, it is, after all, a scientific technique that uses the power of magnets. We wanted to combine the intrigue of levitation with a modern take on a contemporary lamp design that would be both functional and awe-inspiring. After over a year of design, development, and craftsmanship we succeeded with our latest invention, the Megi Floating Lamp.” Joe Su, CEO of Megi.

In addition to its pleasing light, Megi provides 18W wired fast charging for mobile devices through a USB-A port. It also has a 15W wireless fast charger built into the base that is perfect for charging smartphones wirelessly. As a bedside lamp, it’s a convenient way to recharge phones and electronics overnight.

With comfort and safety in mind, Megi uses a patented eye-safe anti-blue light that reduces eye strain when reading and avoids the issues of other screen devices that cause eye fatigue and insomnia. By imitating natural sunlight, Megi projects soft and comfortable eye-protecting lighting for bedrooms or offices. It is the perfect lamp for reading, relaxing or working. The device is also safe around kids or pets with a failsafe system that gently returns the light to its base in the event of a power outage or short circuit.

Megi is a next-generation intelligent home device that adds convenience and style to any home. It is available now with special discounts and deals for early adopters.

Note: Available in White color.

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Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 24 × 47 × 16 cm



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