Minimalist Table Lamp Bedside Cordless Rechargeable Modern Nightstand

AED299.00 inc. VAT

  • Innovative magnetic LED for fun lighting.
  • Minimalist design, lightweight, and portable.
  • Adjustable touch dimming, warm ambience.
  • Fast USB charging for extended use.
  • Versatile for various settings and occasions.
Minimalist Table Lamp
Minimalist Table Lamp Bedside Cordless Rechargeable Modern Nightstand AED299.00 inc. VAT

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Introducing the innovative and stylish Minimalist Table Lamp by Auge Light. This cutting-edge lamp redefines traditional lighting with its unique features and modern design. Whether you need a bedside lamp, a portable desk companion, or a decorative addition to your table setting, this lamp has you covered. Discover the perfect blend of form and function with Auge Light’s Minimalist Table Lamp.

Innovative Magnetic LED Technology

The Auge Light Minimalist Table Lamp is the first of its kind to feature magnetic LED technology in its light fixture. This groundbreaking design breaks away from conventional LED shapes, infusing a playful and fun element into your living space. With a magnetic LED, you can easily adjust the direction of the light, making it suitable for various tasks and occasions.

Sleek Minimalist Design

Crafted with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, this lamp seamlessly integrates the light source and vacuum design within its sleek frame. This not only adds a sense of modern technology to your home but also makes it incredibly lightweight and portable. Take it with you wherever you go, from your bedside to your outdoor adventures.

Adjustable Touch Dimming

Experience customized illumination with the touch dim feature of the Auge Light Minimalist Table Lamp. Choose from three levels of brightness, all featuring a warm colour temperature of 2200K. Create the perfect ambience for any moment, whether it’s a cosy evening at home or a well-lit workspace.

Convenient USB Charging

Equipped with a 5V/1A Type C fast charging port, this lamp is incredibly convenient to power up. A single 3-hour charge provides up to two weeks of use with intermittent usage occasions. Say goodbye to constant battery replacements and enjoy long-lasting illumination.

Versatile Applications

The Auge Light Minimalist Table Lamp is not limited to just one use. Its versatility knows no bounds:

  1. Desk Lamp: Elevate your workspace with its minimalist design.
  2. Bedside Lamp: With a warm colour temperature and flicker-free performance, it’s perfect for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  3. Gift for Festivals: A thoughtful present for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, New Year, or Christmas.
  4. Esport Companion: Enhance your gaming experience by customizing your gaming environment.
  5. Dining Table Decoration: Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your dining experience.
  6. Camping Light: Lightweight and long-lasting, it’s an ideal companion for outdoor adventures.


The Auge Light Minimalist Table Lamp reimagines lighting with its innovative features and sleek design. From bedside use to gaming enhancements, this lamp offers a wide range of applications to suit your needs. Elevate your space with the perfect blend of modernity and functionality. Illuminate your life with Auge Light.

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