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The world of mobile accessories is often geared towards iPhone users, there are many gadgets and accessories that can be used with Android phones. These accessories make great gifts. It is important to sort through the clutter and find those worth your time.

Choose from the widest range of Mobile Accessories like Mobile cases & covers, Screen protectors, Custom painted Airpods, Gaming Controllers, Car accessories, Earphones, Power Banks, Gimble Stabilizers, OTG pen drives, Selfie Stick, available at great offers.

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Buying Mobile Accessories

Undoubtedly, a mobile phone cannot be imagined without accessories. Many mobile accessories have a complementary aspect and optimize the efficiency and performance of the mobile phone, while some accessories also have a protective aspect, and without their use, the mobile phone is exposed to danger and damage. Therefore, sometimes choosing and buying mobile accessories is even more than the phone itself.

Mobile Accessories Types

Mobile accessories include many equipment and devices, but most people only know Glass, protective guards,s and hands-free or AirPods as accessories. Although these items are among the main and most important mobile accessories, mobile accessories or mobile phone accessories are far more than these items. The most important mobile phone accessories that can be mentioned include the following items:

A) Glass (Screen Protector)

It can be argued that the most important accessory for mobile phones is glass. Glass is a protective and transparent layer that protects the mobile phone screen.

Although most of the new cell phone models have Gloria Glass screens that protect them from external factors, glasses are the best choice for screen protection in all kinds of models with diverse applications. Glasses can be divided into glossy, full-cover, prismatic, nano, etc.

mobile accessories types

B) Mobile Phone Guard & Cover

Another well-known mobile phone accessory is a cover or frame. This device is used to protect mobile phones from impact and pressure and also to beautify them.

Mobile phone covers or frame or guards is produced from different materials, including silicone, elastic, plastic, carbon fiber, fabric, etc. When choosing a phone cover or guard, you should be careful to choose items that have the highest level of protection for the mobile phone.

C) Smart tags

People who keep losing their cell phones should definitely use a smart tag. These tags have Bluetooth which helps the user to find the mobile phone very quickly if it is lost. In fact, these smart tags act as an automatic tracker.

D) Stand & Phone holder

Other mobile accessories include the holder stand. This device helps the user to keep his mobile phone in a fixed place. This device can be very useful in content production, photography, filming, cooking, reading and watching movies.

E) Car Charger

Along with all kinds of normal chargers and fast chargers, using a lighter charger can be very practical. In cases where the user does not have access to city electricity, this device is the best choice for charging a mobile phone. You can connect this charger to the car cigarette lighter port and use it to charge the mobile phone.

F) Power Bank

Another useful mobile accessory is a power bank. A power bank is actually a power source that can be used anytime and anywhere to charge a mobile phone. The possibility of easy transportation of the power bank and the high variety of models available in the market help the user to never worry about his mobile phone turning off.

G) Hands-free

All kinds of Bluetooth and wired hands-free are among the mobile accessories. This device helps the user to be able to listen to music, answer essential calls when it is not possible to pick up the phone, and…

H) mono pad

Monopod is one of the most used accessories for people who are very interested in selfie photos and videos. The monopod includes a length-adjustable rod and a shutter button attached to it, which keeps the mobile phone at a fixed distance from the user and allows him to take selfies.

I) Tripod

A tripod, like a monopod and a stand, is a means of keeping a mobile phone steady. The difference is that the tripod is not portable and keeps the phone fixed at a specific point.

J) memory card

RAM or external memory card is another mobile accessory. Although most mobile phone models today have adequate internal memory, it is still common to use a memory card in many models.

K) Other mobile accessories

Airpods, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, OTG cables, USB cables, AUX cables, etc. are among other mobile accessories that play a significant role in meeting the needs of users in different conditions of using mobile phones.

The importance of original mobile accessories

A very important point that you should pay attention to when buying mobile phone accessories is to buy original accessories. Mobile accessories are among the products that are fake, and low-quality samples are in abundance in the market. This model of equipment not only does not meet the user’s need for accessories well, but due to the lack of acceptable quality, they break down very quickly and impose much higher costs on users.

Basically, in the production of fake accessories, the existing standards are not paid attention to, and only in terms of appearance, these items are similar to the original goods. At the same time, the quality and lifespan of counterfeit and fake devices are far less, and sometimes you may even notice that they do not work properly at the beginning of buying these devices.

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Buying Mobile Accessories Tips

There are some points that should be considered when buying mobile phone accessories. Paying attention to these points leads to a worthy and suitable choice for customers. The most important points that you should pay attention to when buying accessories are:

1. Manufacturer brand

One of the most important points in choosing accessories is to pay attention to the manufacturer’s brand. Currently, very famous brands such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, etc. have produced mobile accessories and their products are available in the market. It is better to choose a mobile accessory brand according to the brand of the mobile phone itself.

2. The originality of the product

Although you may have to pay more to buy quality and original mobile phone accessories, spending once to buy an original and high-quality product is far better than spending many times to buy fake and fake products, which impose high purchase costs. Repairs can cause damage to the internal components of the mobile phone. For example, fake chargers can damage the cell phone battery.

3. Suited to the application

The accessories you choose should be appropriate for your intended use. Each device is designed for a specific use and therefore the user can make the best choice according to their needs and budget.

What factors depend on the price of mobile accessories?

The price of mobile accessories is determined by various factors, the most important of which are the manufacturer’s brand, whether it is original or fake, the type of use, the quality of production, and the currency price. Since the original accessories are imported into the market, currency price fluctuations can have the greatest impact on the price of mobile accessories. On the other hand, these products are constantly updated, and their design, model, and performance are constantly changing, which makes the more modern and updated models have a higher price.

And finally

Mobile accessories are among the most useful products related to smartphones in the market. High diversity in products and manufacturers of accessories causes users to get confused when buying mobile phone accessories. In this article, while introducing the main types of mobile phone accessories, we discussed the guide for choosing and buying mobile phone accessories.

FAQ – Mobile Accessories in Dubai

Manufacturer or brand, Maximum and Minimum Height, Head Type, Material of tripods, Compatible Devices with your gadgets and some Special Features like: Heavy Duty are important factors for buy tripods. 

some of the newest Capabilities that are exist in the newest glass screen protectors are:  Dust-free, fingerprint-free, one-push super easily installation, bubble free.

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