SkyView 2 Pro Table Lamp: Illuminate Your Space for Wellness and Productivity

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  • Uses NASA’s SkyBlue circadian technology for wellness and natural light indoors
  • Attuned to biology by design, stimulates melanopsin response and syncs with the circadian rhythm
  • Promotes daytime alertness and productivity, and calms circadian response for better sleep
  • Mobile app for seamless customization of experience

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Introducing the SkyView 2 Pro Table Lamp, a wellness lamp that merges beauty, science, and wellness with SkyBlue circadian technology. With this revolutionary NASA technology, you can harness the healing properties of natural light and accomplish more each day while sleeping better at night. The lamp is designed to stimulate melanopsin response and sync with your circadian rhythm, bringing the biological benefits of natural light indoors.

SkyView 2 Pro Table Lamp

Tap into Biology with SkyView Technology

Unlike circadian LEDs that rely on color tuning, SkyView is attuned to our biology by design. By stimulating melanopsin response and syncing with your circadian rhythm, the patented SkyBlue circadian technology brings the biological benefits of natural light indoors. This means that you can experience the benefits of natural light in any environment, from your home to your workspace.

Revitalize Your Daytime Energy

SkyView emits wavelengths in the “sky blue” region of the light spectrum, which has been proven to strengthen circadian rhythm, increase alertness and productivity, and brighten your daily mood. With SkyView, you can start your days energized with a soothing sunrise, and experience the cozy vibrance of sunset indoors.

Seamless Customization with the Mobile App

With the SkyView 2 Pro Table Lamp, you can customize your experience seamlessly with the mobile app. Whether you’re working, studying, or parenting from home, light up the spaces that matter most with a table lamp that’s tuned to your biology.

Experience Brighter Days and Sleepier Nights

With the SkyView 2 Pro Table Lamp, you can wake up with positive energy, work through your day with steady focus, and get the sound sleep you deserve every night. Put morning grogginess to bed and experience the biological benefits of natural light indoors with SkyView.

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52cm / 20.7 inches


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